Kyuhyun Has a Crush on SM trainee?

Recently, a new interest has been pouring on a female SM trainee dubbed as the second Taeyeon. The public knows her as Seulki, and she has come under the light ever since last night’s episode of “Radio Star.” On the August 21 episode of “Radio Star,” Kyuhyun mentioned that he found Seulki to be the most favorable trainee in his eyes at the moment. Of course, the other MCs and guests Krystal and Sulli of f(x) jumped at the chance to tease Kyuhyun, saying that he has a crush on Seulki. Krystal and Sulli revealed that Seulki is very nice, pretty, a great singer and has a cute voice. The girls suggested that Kyuhyun leave a video message to Seulki and while sincerely blushing with embarrassment, Kyuhyun said, “Dear Seulki, I hope you are training hard. I’ll cheer for you so you make it big. But don’t become too famous.” The last line “don’t become too famous” was added by the MCs and guests since Kyuhyun previously revealed that he didn’t like celebrities who were too famous. After this episode aired, the Web was hot with searches on the SM trainee. Photos and information on her began circulating on various online community forums. Seulki was born in 1994 and her full name is Kang Seulki. She was accepted as a trainee through SM’s open auditions and is called “the second Taeyeon” among fans. She has been training for about five years and has even practiced with Krystal and Sulli, who are the same age. What do you think >.< Do you think they might actually start dating? T.T
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