Inspirational Journeys of Well Known Lawyers

Hillary Clinton Hillary clinton is one of the best examples of inspiring law journeys by a female. She is a graduate of Yale law school and also a former partner at Arkansas Rose law firm. Though she was only behind Barack Obama by a narrow margin, the fact that she is the first lady to have run for public office is quite an achievement. Clinton was passionate about children’s law and family policy which is evident from a number of articles published by her. Nelson Mandela A lot of us are not aware that Nelson Mandela was also a lawyer. He was in fact responsible for establishing the first black law firm in 1952.He studies law at two universities. First at the Fort Hare University and after that at University of Witwatersrand. Infact he was the only native african in his class at the university of Witwatersrand. He was having a good law career which was stopped only in 1952. Goolam Vahnvati Goolam Vhanvati was an attorney general of India and was the first muslim who was able to achieve this highest law post in India. He used to have a lot of influence over the politics of the country and was part of a lot of high profile cases in India som eof which you can find on his website. Goolam vahanvati came from a humble background and his life journey was not very comfortable. He was a middle class family and there were several financial hurdles while he was growing up. In Spite of the hardships he managed to achieve success in the field of law quickly.

Can career success be determined by your height and weight

There are reasons to believe that success of a person depends on how tall he is and how much he weighs. In fact recently there has been a study which has been published in the British Medical Journal which bags the above statement. In this study hundred and twenty thousand people from Britain were involved. It was found that people who were shot were less successful compared to others who were taller. among women it was observed that those who were heavier but not as successful as their slim counterparts. Our height and weight are mostly based on genetics. In spite of the fact that we don't have a lot of control in how tall we are and also how much we weigh, the appearance of a person leads to his success in the workplace. For this reason a lot of people are trying to achieve that optimum height and weight. They are going to use long lengths to fix their body type. In some cases people are even opting for surgeries. More and more people are now enquiring about height surgery which could be painful and risky in order to make themselves taller. similarly a very popular surgical procedure known as liposuction has been gaining popularity Another study that was carried out on 6815 people bi a team of researchers at Edinburgh University found that shorter people were not as intelligent as the ones who are taller. This means that there is a correlation between IQ and height. The reason for this could be that the thyroid hormones which are responsible for making a person taller could also have an impact on the development of neurons so while these thyroid hormones help you grow taller they can also have a beneficial effect on the neural development. This can result in a higher IQ. among the CEOs of fortune 500 companies it has been observed that a majority of them are over 6 feet tall. while among the US population only about 14.5% of Are over 6 feet tall. Less than 3% of short people under the height of 5 feet 7 inch are CEOs Height and weight can also influence the amount of money a person earns. researchers at a University have realised that a man's annual income can increase by as much as £ 1600 4 every 2.5 inches gain in his height
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