The Las Vegas Show: What? Where? When? How much?

Despite the fact that Las Vegas is famous all over the world for the officially allowed gambling here, it is not the only casino that it lives and there is still something interesting to see here. After wandering around and looking at different beautiful hotels and in the continuation of the free entertainment of Las Vegas, you should not forget about all kinds of street shows, which are all held with the same purpose - to lure more people to your casino. Almost all Vegas Shows are held daily, several times a day and each has its own schedule. Free Las Vegas Street Shows: Musical fountains Bellagio - to be honest, at first I was very skeptical about this event, because I had seen something like this several times and did not even count on enthusiastic impressions. But since the show takes place right on the street and quite often, it is very difficult to miss it. What a surprise it was when I really liked it! After watching one performance (I remember exactly, it was a song by Michael Jackson - "Billy Jean") I was completely delighted and decided to stay for one more, and then another and ... more ... The fountains are really great, I don't know if the fabulous sum is justified money spent every day on this show, at the expense of passers-by attracted to the casino, but it collects the people more than anyone else. The show runs Daily, Mon. - Fri. from 3 pm to 8 pm every 30 minutes, from 8 pm to midnight every 15 minutes, Sat. and Sun. from 12:00 to 20:00 every 30 minutes and from 20:00 to midnight every 15 minutes. The volcanic eruption in Mirage - I won't say that this is something out of the ordinary, but you can still see it. It is especially great if you manage to stand in the first row right in front of the volcano and feel the heat of the flame, which makes it even scary.

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Game Development

The key to making your business successful is deciding which tasks to do yourself and which to hire out. It can be different for every industry and can even change during the course of your business. In the beginning, most entrepreneurs do all the work of the business themselves, especially if they are short on capital. However, as the company grows, it’s usually cost-efficient to outsource some work to other sources. If you work in the gaming industry, you may have heard about outsourcing game development to offshore software companies. Is this a good strategy? Of course, the answer depends on the exact details of your unique business situation, but it can be a good option for many small business owners. Read on to learn some of the most important benefits of outsourcing so you can decide if it’s right for you and your company. 1. Financial Savings & High Level of Efficiency Cost-efficiency is one of the most commonly cited advantages of outsourcing a portion of a company’s work process. Hiring an offshore company to develop part or all of a game can be significantly less expensive than hiring full-time in-house developers. By using our services at Starloop Studios, you can save 40% or more compared to the cost of in-house development. Minimize your overhead costs and administrative hassles. If you have a team of in-house developers, chances are they will be working on numerous company projects. This can lead to inefficient work processes, confusion, and redundant effort. However, outsourcing your development means your offshore team can work on your project without distraction from other aspects of your company. You can easily organize your projects so you have dedicated teams for each section, minimizing potential errors and delays.

Need a fake passport? Easily!

To buy fake passport, you need to have a couple of "trifles": a good acquaintance in the criminal environment and a lot of money. Because only a few can afford such a "pleasure", for example, those who robbed a bank, business partners or a drug lord ... Approximately this opinion is formed through the cinema. They also say that almost every politician has a couple of "additional" passports - just in case. In reality, almost everyone can acquire fake documents, even without leaving the apartment. All it takes is your photo, a thousand dollars and a week of time. And most importantly, your new personality will appear in all databases of the country, and if necessary, you will be given a birth certificate, residence permit, registration and all other stamp papers that turn a rootless person into a proud carrier of citizenship. In fact, it was not always possible to buy documents without problems. This business has started to develop rapidly in recent years. Previously, there were certain points (they say that the largest was in the capital near the Kiev railway station, and allegedly still exists on the Petrovka market) where you could meet the right people, tell them your contacts and wait for a connection. Now the market for fakes has moved to the Internet, which provides unlimited opportunities, including ensuring the security and anonymity of both the customer and the manufacturer. It is easy to make sure that the "document" business is flourishing. We drive the phrase "buy a passport" into the search engine. The result is surprising - 1,090,000 links. Having visited several sites offering to buy documents, you are simply amazed. It seems that we are not talking about illegal products, but about the sale of household appliances or soft toys. It would seem, where are the law enforcement agencies looking? But first things first. Some sites, without further ado, lay out prices for different types of services. For example, a new passport - $ 1000 (filling - $ 200, posting, according to the database - $ 800), plywood - $ 1000. Registration: Kiev - $ 200, Dnepropetrovsk - $ 150, Odessa - $ 250, other cities - $ 100-150. By the way, each such site is also engaged in the purchase of documents. They offer $ 200 for the passport you find or even your personal one.