Essay: concept, topic choice, writing tips

An essay is a fairly common form of current or (less often) final control of students' knowledge in a variety of subjects. Officially, nowhere, in any regulatory documents, is it stated that it is necessary to give students an essay as a task. You will not find (with rare exceptions) in official regulations and the definition of this concept; at best - a mention, and even then not always. Nevertheless, a significant part of university teachers very willingly uses this form of quality control of the material learned by students. So let's figure out what "writing an essay" means. Also learn more about essay writing service online. What is an essay? On the Internet, including even Wikipedia, you will find a fairly large number of definitions and interpretations of the word "essay" in relation to different situations. But we will not go into these details, but say right away that, according to established university practice and even tradition, writing an essay is free-form reasoning on a given topic or a free presentation of some material covered (for example, what distinguishes one scientific concept from another). It is fundamentally important here that you do not need to retell a textbook, a scientific article or a monograph, and you will not be given a good mark for an essay, even if you learn it all by heart. The main thing when writing an essay is the expression of one's own thoughts, considerations and sometimes even emotions about the proposed problem or question. And in order to encourage students to be creative in writing an essay, teachers often formulate the task in such a way that searching the Internet for information or trying to download a finished essay on a similar topic is simply a waste of time. For this reason, essays are usually not even subject to anti-plagiarism requirements - anyway, there will be nowhere to “plagiarize”. It should be noted that in addition to writing an essay, teachers have a fairly large number of various creative tasks in their "arsenal": laboratory, practical, problem solving, etc. In what cases do you need to write an essay? Agree, it would be rather strange to require, for example, a mathematics student to write an essay on mathematics. analysis. Or a future doctor - writing an essay, say, in clinical pharmacology. Why is reasoning and the student's own considerations needed here? Answer: they are not needed at all, but only a clear system of knowledge of existing algorithms for solving typical problems and / or the ability to apply them in practice is required. Hence the conclusion: it is advisable to use writing an essay where, firstly, there is no way to solve problems or complete a laboratory, and, secondly, it is required to reveal the students' skills of reasoning, competently and logically building their speech and argumentation.

Types of tourism in Armenia

Travelers are offered tours to Armenia for every taste and age. What makes this country unique? Of course, a variety of experiences! For example, families with children can soak up the beaches of Lake Sevan, older people will like medical tours to Dilijan or Jermuk, and young people will get a lot of impressions at numerous ski resorts. Learn more at https://onewaytour.com/. Active and extreme tourism Active tourism in Armenia is represented by locations for extreme and skiing sports. Thanks to the mountainous terrain in Armenia, it was possible to build and organize the work of several resorts, which won love and popularity among both local residents and tourists. The resort of Tsaghkadzor, the pride of ski tourism, enjoys high popularity. Six lifts will help skiers quickly get to the desired slope. Getting to Tsaghkadzor is easy: it is located just 40 kilometers north of Yerevan, at the foot of Mount Teghenis. Translated from Armenian, this name means “valley of flowers”, and this name is quite justified: the resort is located in a picturesque area among valleys covered with wild mountain flowers. On the territory of the resort there are tracks of different difficulty levels, cabin and chair lifts, as well as comfortable hotels with rooms for different budgets. The resort is located high in the mountains, and from the upper platform for skiing in clear weather, you can see the measured waters of Lake Sevan. Active tourism in Armenia is one of the leading areas of tourism business in the country. Thrill-seekers from all over the world annually come to Armenian ski resorts to test their strength in descending from the most beautiful mountain slopes. Embark on an exciting journey through Armenia, giving yourself the joy of active recreation and real extreme sports! Pilgrimage tourism

Как карма рассматривает благословения и проклятия

Даже в наше время удача, полоса везения и долгие попытки успеха рассматриваются благочестивыми и богобоязненными людьми как священный знак. Проклятие – это слово вызывает сильную реакцию. Никто не хочет быть проклятым, не так ли? Мы живем с мыслью, что, когда мы, наконец, попрощаемся с этим миром, мы должны быть свободны от любого проклятия, в этом вам может помочь маг в спб к примеру. В детстве мы слышали много историй о непредвиденных обстоятельствах и проклятиях (вардаан и шраап). Даже священные писания превозносят мудрецов и святых, которые накопили чудесные силы благодаря самоотверженности и покаянию. Говорят, что если они были чем-то раздражены, они могли проклясть этого человека на долгие страдания, а если они были кем-то довольны, они благословили его. Но в 21 веке возникает вопрос, действительно ли эти благословения или проклятия влияют на нашу жизнь? Действительно ли мы, люди, обладаем такими способностями давать блага и проклятия? Могут ли блага превратиться в проклятия и наоборот? Проще говоря, благословения даруют особую силу или защиту тому, кто благословлен. Они всегда связаны с благочестием, преданностью, покаянием и благородными делами. Некоторые благословения действуют вечно, некоторые одноразовые или на несколько раз, некоторые работают только в момент большой нужды, а некоторые абсолютно условны. Множество мифических историй повествует о королях, воинах и мудрецах, подвергающихся суровой аскезе, постам, медитации и аскезам, чтобы получить пользу от божественности и святых людей. Даже в наше время удача, полоса гениальности и долгие попытки успеха рассматриваются благочестивыми и богобоязненными людьми как священный знак.

How to quickly and easily exchange cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, and today a huge number of people use digital currency to calculate and earn money. This is evidenced by the fact that the average daily volume of transactions with cryptocurrency is about $200 million. Given the interest of citizens in buying and selling cryptocurrency, many people are interested in the issue of exchange. That is, you need to know the most convenient ways to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, as well as ways to quickly exchange electronic money for real money. Despite the fact that with the help of cryptocurrency on the Internet you can buy goods or services, such money is far from being accepted everywhere, and you won’t be able to hold it in your hands. Therefore, the issue of their exchange for dollars and other real currencies will be relevant for a long time. Learn more at https://fast-change.net/. Cryptocurrency exchange methods First of all, it should be noted that to work with cryptocurrency, you will need a special virtual wallet (it can be desktop, mobile or online), as well as an international-class bank card, which can be obtained at any bank. Several tools can be used to exchange cryptocurrencies: special exchanges, payment systems and online exchangers. All these tools work online, so you don’t have to leave your home and go somewhere to complete the operation. How to exchange money on the stock exchange?