Story teaser! (Late Inseong Thursday)

Hey guys, sorry for always being late to Inseong Thursday, with work and almost starting school, I've been really busy! This week we get to choose our own theme of what we want to do so I thought it would be nice to make a little teaser for a story I've been wanting to make for all you Inseong lovers! I really hope you enjoy! "The first day of autumn has always been so beautiful yet so hurtful. Every day it gets harder to remember everything up until now. I remember the night of the accident, but I can never remember who that person was next to me. Had I once met them before? Or could it be that they just happened to be there at that exact moment? Even after being hospitalized and discharged, I haven’t seen them since. But why do I still wish to see them…? “Hey (Y/N)! What’s taking you so long, you’re going to be late to school if you don’t hurry up!” I nodded my head and started making my way to school. Trying to clear my mind by playing my music and trying to take in every note. Knowing I would be late to school, I decided to start running, if I end up late again I won’t be getting out of this easily. After 10 minutes of running I had finally made it to school, I went straight to my classroom only to be greeted with everyone staring straight at me. I quickly took my seat and closed my eyes, I wanted to just absorb the lyrics in and let myself get distracted from reality. I opened my eyes once again and saw that the teacher had stated her lecture. I got my notebook and pens out, and started to write the notes. Each subject was written in different color. Because to me, that’s the only way I can study, but being able to remember all this makes me feel so stupid for still not being able to remember anything else.
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