7 Secrets to Look Great in a T-shirt – Mufti

No one will ever disclose their secrets of looking good always. All of us have wondered about those few friends or colleague who look cool given any day. But on the contrary, you might agree that there are a couple of common rules are to be followed to carry specific looks. One of those simple yet amazing looks is ‘how to look great in a T-shirt?’ because a T-shirt is simple wear which had nothing much to do in making you rock the appearance. Though it seems there is more to do with wearing a normal men's T-shirt. For instance, it is not possible that two people wearing the same T-shirt will appear the same for the simple reason because they are two different personalities. From hairstyles, body physique or even walking pattern makes a lot of difference to what you are wearing. Most of the times, clothes camouflage the personality of the person. If you are able to do that then you are hitting the right match. Let’s see what are the hidden secrets of the branded T-shirt for men: #1 Know your Physique Visiting a good online brand store would cut the deal to buy a good-looking t-shirt. In fact, the whole game lies in knowing your body type first. A slim-fit t-shirt would not look nice on you if belong to the heavier side of the body but on someone who has got a chiseled body. On the other hand, Polo T-shirt for men is one of the categories which generally works on multiple types of body type whereas if you have a friend with a long torso then a full sleeves t-shirt with round neck would work. Mufti brand offers varieties of t-shirts which could fit various body type. Try yours! #2 Go by the Occasion

Everything You Need To Know About Kota Saree

Rajasthan a popular textile hub is home to many renowned crafts like Gota Patti, block-printing, and bandhani that have been passed down for generations and passed across the country, securing the staple spot in every woman's wardrobe. Recognised for their breathable and lightweight fabrics, eclectic prints and ranging colours, Kota saree is amongst some Rajasthani sarees that makes for an ideal pick for your summer closet. The name Kota Doria saree, as the name suggests, indicates the origin of the craft. Kota, a town amidst the southern parts of Rajasthan, hosts several clusters which have been weaving delicate muslin sarees, called Kota Doria or Kota Masuria. The word ‘Dori’ literally translated from Hindi, means ‘threads’. The Kota weave—characterised by its checkered appearance i.e., tiny woven squares (khat) —is essentially cotton woven with silk threads which are to-date handwoven on traditional pit looms giving it a fine finishing while weighing very less. Silk is added to the cotton (20:80 ratio) to strengthen the saree while also providing the lustre and softness. At times, gold zari is used to make the weave more exquisite. In the mid 17th century, weavers from Mysore in Karnataka who wove a characteristic small squared lightweight cotton fabric that looked like graph paper and was suitable for turbans caught the fancy of Rao Kishore Singh of Kotah. He brought with him the said weavers to the land of Kotah. Since originally the weavers came from Mysore, the resulting fabric was called Kota Masuria. To make the traditional turbans that we are familiar with, narrow 8-inch looms were used while the gossamer-light sarees were made on larger looms. If you are looking for something simple, comfortable yet easy to experiment with, the Kota Doria saree comes with a certain versatility that makes it a choice fabric, especially during summers. These materials cascade nicely and due to their lightweight quality which also makes it easier to drape them avoiding unnecessary volume. They can be paired with more contemporary looking blouses and accessorize them with some statement jewellery or belt to jazz the ensemble. They normally don’t droop which is a plus if you are looking to show off those gorgeous curves.

5 Type of Blazers Men Should Own

Today, most of the things are trending. The suit is the basis of a man’s costume where it must be respected. It’s no matter what you are, the way of dressing tells you about yourself. Blazers are one of the outfits that you should have; when you buy you need to pick the perfect fit blazer that goes well with different sweaters, shirts and t-shirts. Practically blazer for men looks great and fit for your body type, shape and height. It effortlessly maintains your style. Here is a list of blazers that men should own which is required for a wedding day, your dream job interview and a business meeting etc. The standalone navy blazer: In the world of men’s fashion, every man should own a navy blazer. It is worth having this blazer where it fits any occasion and a classic staple that goes with everything. The navy blazer is an essential item which is a worthy reputation for style. Make dressing smartly a breeze with this closet item. Navy blue has the potential to style yourself; it is always an on-trend. Opportunities are endless and find the blazer that fits well. Completely you can go well by pairing a navy blazer with grey flannel trousers. Select the casual blazer for men and dress it in a way to rock yourself. Beige coloured blazer: Beige colour represents a cool, casual, chic appeal which never goes out of style and appeals that outdated. During the autumn or winter months, combining the beige with jeans or darker trousers is the perfect combination. Beige blazer with the navy chinos is the classic combination and it is one of your favourites. If you want a perfect finish, then continue down the casual route with some cream suede shoes. Beige blazers for men set the trend with patterned pocket square or contrasting blue jeans. If you want to impress, then top off your look with dark brown leather desert boots or a classic pair of brown brogues. This classic combination will never let you down from business lunch to date night. Lounge room linen:

How to Wear and Rock a Cuban Collar Shirt

The Cuban collar shirt is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the 20th century and it has made a huge comeback. The Cuban collar shirt is a must-have in men’s wardrobe as it is versatile. This retro button-down has become one of the favorites for many styles. It can be your best bet if you are on a vacation or heading to dinner with friends. The distinctive collar of the shirt makes it a perfect outfit for any casual event. In this guide let us see how you can wear a Cuban collar shirt to perfection. The history of Cuban collar shirt The history of the Cuban collar shirt goes back to the early 1900s as a uniform for the serving class man. Famously known as the revere collar or camp collar, this shirt came into prominence in the 1950s and went out of shape. In the 50’s it took the world by storm as a staple of men’s wardrobe. Though the followed years didn’t see much of this shirt, 2014 is a year to be marked. The retro button-down came into existence again and it became the favorite piece of current trends. Cuban collar with tailored trousers The Cuban collar shirt with a tailored shirt is a look from the 1950s. Though this look is dressed-down and archaic it is tailored to perfection. It is a rare outfit from the past that can be worn in the present, pretty much the same way. Go for a neutral palette. You can also choose a shirt that has piping detail on it. For legs, go for pinstripe trousers or plain pleated style. Tuck in the shirt for an unfussy look on summer evenings. You can also pin roll the pants to take them to the edge of casual. To give the 21st-century touches to the outfit, a pair of low-key sneakers can be your best bet.