How to Use JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking Option: AirTravelPolicy

JetBlue Airlines offers the ability to manage your bookings. This page allows you to change or cancel your booking, as well as provide other information about your trip. The JetBlue Manage Booking Page is accessible by logging into your account and clicking on “Manage Booking” under the “My Flights” tab. You can also access this page by clicking on the blue “Manage Booking” button on the top right-hand side of the flight booking page. Once you are on the Manage Booking page, you will see a list of all current bookings in your account with JetBlue Airlines. If there are multiple flights associated with one booking, then each flight will be listed individually under a separate column heading (i.e., 1st Flight, 2nd Flight, etc.). You can use this section to cancel or change any part of your booking by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu for each flight listed under that column heading: Cancel Flight, Change Flight Date/Time, or Make Changes To My Reservation (for those who have already paid for their ticket). JetBlue Airlines allows you to manage your booking options through its website. If you have already booked a flight with JetBlue, you can make changes to that flight by visiting the JetBlue website and logging in. Once logged in, click on "Manage Booking" on the left-hand side of the screen. An update window will open up where you can make changes to your flight.