End it by Style!

Giving gifts can be a daunting task for many people.. especially for those who have little to no social life and absolutely no idea about the likes and dislikes of their loved ones..so what gifts can be given that is universally liked by people? In such situations, it is better to give something practical-something that can be used in general..something that is used on a regular basis..so that it is not a waste and can be easily put to use. Watches- Watches can be a perfect gift for males, females.. young, adults..for anyone generally..because watches help people know about the time and they make a wonderful accessory. You can choose a watch according to your budget, according to a particular style or in a good color.. as they are available in a lot of different varieties, styles, and formats. Chocolates- Chocolates are a wonderful gift because they usually mean that you care. Usually, people like receiving chocolates as they are sweet, decorative and delicious. Even if you give someone chocolates who don't eat it, they can give them to their family members or whoever they like. Chocolates are usually liked and relished by everyone. Flowers- Flowers are the perfect way to congratulate someone..they look beautiful and smell heavenly..and are usually liked by everyone. It is a treat for the eyes and flowers can be used to decorate..they can be used generally in a home. Perfumes: Perfumes can make an absolutely wonderful gift for anyone..they come in beautiful bottles and obviously, smell divine. It is a perfect gift as almost everyone uses it..as people obviously like to smell good. Hair straighteners/Blow Dryers : Blow dryers and hair straighteners are the need of the hour for everyone..hair grooming has become a must for every person who cares about their appearance.

Happy Birthday Photo Editing Online for Lover

So, are you in trouble? Do you tend to forget birthdays or anniversaries? Do you fail to pick up hints from your lover about you forgetting your special dates? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely pay my friend(at least your partner would want this). But the question is, how can you pay? How can you make this horrible memory fade away from your lover’s memories? Is there something that can redeem your mistake? (1) Regular dates: If you tend to forget special days such as birthdays, so make sure that you schedule impromptu dates in small intervals..in this way, your lover will feel special on these days and would not crib you much about forgetting special days. This is a full-proof method to keep your partner happy and the relationship working (and would ensure that you are not being scolded or yelled at) (2) Assign friends to remind you: If you feel that you really cannot skip important dates and you are forgetful enough to remember them, then you can assign a trustworthy friend with the heroic task of sending in a reminder for wishing your loved one. In this way, you will be able to present your loved ones with your warmth and wishes at the appropriate time and day. (3) Set reminders on different gadgets: Gadgets are also very useful this way, you can set reminders about important dates on your phones, laptops, and smartwatches. You can even set reminders years in advance..so, they are one of the most reliable and efficient reminders of all. (4) Gifts: If in case you forget important dates, then gift your loved one with gifts time and again to cover up(an expensive one after you have forgotten the date, though). In this way, your loved one will know that you think about your loved one time and again and love to spoil them with gifts. (5) Wishes: One of the best ways to tell your loved one you care, is to shower them with super sweet, thoughtful, and heartfelt wishes..this way your loved one would know that you took the effort to express your love for them. You can make happy birthday photo editing online for lovers in beautiful formats and different designs. It is a very expressive and great way to convey your wishes.

Love At First Click

So, Bella was mindlessly scrolling through her Bumble profile..all she could see were boys obsessed with their looks or desperate studious ones..she wanted to match with someone who was funny, had an amazing sense of humor, was humble, into adventure sports, and was handsome. She was just bored, tired and disappointed..but as she was about to delete her profile, she spotted a boy named Timothy..he had a beaming, big and beautiful smile..so Bella opened hiss profile..she saw that Timothy was a dog parent, he was a big brother who took care of his little sister..he was tall and handsome(bonus). So, Bella got quite interested in his profile and sent him a request on Bumble. Then, she put her phone down and started studying. Two days had passed, but Timothy never accepted her request, so Bella assumed that Timothy was not interested..but then she heard a ping from Bumble..Timothy had accepted her request! Bella was elated..so as soon as her request was accepted, Timothy sent her a meme that was very funny..Bella got even more excited because she always wanted to be with a man with good sense of humor..so Bella also thought of sending a meme back to him..she opened Imgur and checked the downloader for recent memes..she found one for the perfect introduction..so she sent it and received smiling emojis from Timothy. Bella and Timothy then started talking to each other daily and they found each other very interesting. Both of them decided to be friends first..so, they started talking to each other on phone for hours everyday..both of them loved each other’s company and loved that they had so much in common. Both of them are very particular about their studies..both of them do not compromise when it comes to studies. Both of them have lived in the same district..since they were kids. Both Bella and Timothy have younger siblings that they love to death..they love to spoil their respective siblings.

To-Do List

Rain is quite a dedicated student..she has high hopes for her future, so she was very studious and centered since she was a child..so, she had no social media accounts till she was twenty years old..she had a phone just to call her parents in case of an emergency and her friends used to call her on the landline if they needed anything..so when she turned 21, she decided somethings for herself. She made a list of things that she needed to do in her 21st year as she thought of amping up her life. (1) She thought of getting a driver’s license: As Rain is now eligible to get a driver’s license(3 years ago, though)..she decided to take driving classes and then practice with her father. She decided that she needs to learn how to drive as she has many places to go but taking cabs gets a little expensive. (2) Social: Rain thought of being a little more social and going out and having fun as beyond this age, she would be hustling to establish a career which would obviously restrain her to socialize with her friends and she wouldn’t get any time to enjoy herself. She wants to attend parties with her friends, go out to the movies, go to clubs like all other children of her age do. She just wants to have that carefree life(for selected days only, of course) (3) Social media: Rain decided to make her account on social media..but the poor girl was absolutely clueless about it..she then called her friend Nia to help her out..Rain was so lost that she couldn’t even figure out her birth year..she was just stuck and confused..she asked Nia ”What year was I born if I am 21?” to which Nia beat her head and opened the DOB calculator..they then carried on with the account making. Although Rain thought that Facebook was absolutely redundant for a girl like her, she still decided to keep the account just to connect with people. (4) Have a boyfriend: Rain never had a boyfriend..in fact, she had a crush on a guy for a year, but she had thrown away her feelings in the back closet just because she refused to be distracted..but now, she decided that it’s high time that she should know what is it like to be in a relationship.

Just Stop and Relax

The lifestyle we lead nowadays is nothing short of luxurious..the things that were considered as a luxury in earlier times are blatantly considered as commodities..be it a car, a mobile phone, a laptop or anything except food, water, clothes, and house have become an indispensable part of our lives. The pressure of having a high-class lifestyle has increased to great heights which has led to a substantial increase in pressure of earning a high income. In fact, despite having everything people feel the drive to compete with their peers and family members. This lifestyle chase has led people into a whole new world of depression, anxiety, and sadness as people are unable to live happy life because of this uncontrollable desire. Isn’t it better to live a life free of so many worries? Isn’t it better to relax a little while you earn your way through life? So what can you do to lead a happy, fulfilling, and decent luxurious life? 1. Manage money: The money you earn in a year should be diligently managed in order to have a decent life and savings or the future. Then, you need to prepare a monthly budget that includes groceries, daily items, EMIs or rent, bills, etc..then, the money left can be used to either make investments of your choice or it can go into savings or a fixed deposit. In this way, you will be able to figure out how much you need to save more and how much excessive spending you need to control. 2. Be satisfied: Always remember that whatever you do, whatever you buy..there will always be something better in the market or there will always be someone you know in a better position..so do not compare your lifestyle with anyone as it would only make you jealous and tense. You should always be satisfied with what you have because in this way you would be able to maintain your inner peace and would be able to truly enjoy your life to the fullest. 3. Do not hoard: You might need some luxuries to carry on with a smooth life, but every luxury your peers or your friends have might not be necessary..so, buy those things which are absolutely necessary..like, a car or air conditioner, a television, etc but certain things are not that important which should be avoided so that the money you can save is invested on something that loses value very easily. 4. Assets: Try to invest in assets that have appreciating assets like gold, property, etc rather than depreciating assets..like buying a car or furniture, etc if you already have one in a good condition.


Sometimes, life seems a little pointless..a little directionless..but why not see life from a completely different perspective? Learn to count your blessings, my friends! There are a lot of things in this world that make you see the dark side of everything..it might be your highly pessimistic thinking(I mean, why?)..it might be the unbelievable pressure on your mind(which is mostly built up by you and your unrealistic expectations from the world and mostly, the expectations from your own self)…it might be due to witnessing the ruthlessness of a few people around you(not everyone's the same..I might add). There are numerous reasons in this world to be negative..but what makes us special is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, you got fired from that job..it is awful,I agree..yes, it does hurt..it is devastating I agree..but you should remember one mantra: CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT! I know it is better said than done..but a person’s got to try..isn’t it? I mean I wish to help the people around me in my own sweet way..no matter how small my contribution is. So, I’ll tell you some sure shot ways to lighten up the mood and feel a little happy..because, why not? 1. Read a book..with some hot tea in your hand(maybe some hot fritters along with it) and if it’s a cold day, read it tucked in your blanket..I am sure this will change your mood. 2. Open Youtube and see some random funny videos..listen to happy songs..watch comedy sitcoms..dance like no one's watching..just go crazy! 3. Go to the nearby shelter and play with a furry, fluffy dog...I am sure you will feel elated.
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