Is The Vegan Diet Healthy?

If you were to ask the general population "Is the vegan diet healthy or unhealthy?" you will likely get one common response: unhealthy! Most people believe that vegans are deprived of important nutrients and cannot get enough protein without the consumption of meat and dairy, and their health will therefore suffer. Is this true? What studies indicate: Scientific research and studies on the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle indicate that persons who consume mostly plant-based foods live longer, look younger, eliminate skin disorders (including acne and psoriasis), reduce their risk of developing diabetes and cancer, eliminate early stage prostate cancer, reduce their headaches, migraines and allergies, prevent obesity and a long list of other amazing health benefits. Studies time and time again have led to the same conclusion concerning the many miraculous benefits of the vegan diet. So based on scientific evidence, is the vegan diet healthy? What vegans say: Many people who have made the decision to adopt veganism have agreed to its amazing healing abilities. If you Google 'vegan diet success stories,' you will find an endless number of vegans proclaiming their newfound health and well-being after adopting veganism. For example, many have cured their chronic acne by eliminating all meat and dairy products from their diet, whilst they proclaim that nothing else worked prior to their vegan lifestyle. Also you will find in your research that many vegans attest to developing a youthful complexion and looking more beautiful and healthy after adopting veganism. Hair and nails for example, are known to get healthier and stronger on the vegan diet. So based on what vegans say, is the vegan diet healthy? What most folks say:
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