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Christmas is a Christian holiday and is celebrated worldwide on December 25. During Christmas, everyone shares Christmas gifts with their friends and relatives. The gift-giving tradition is linked to the story of the biblical wise men who gave gifts to the baby Jesus; Christmas gifts are the gifts given by Christmas celebration. Christmas gifts are generally an ancient tradition that is associated with the Christian holiday of Christmas. The main attraction in Christmas gift baskets is a gift that includes wine and chocolate. For centuries, gifts were given on December 6, around the feast of Saint Nicholas, or in early January, after New Year's Eve. The custom became popular after the good events of his song "The Night Before Christmas" in 1823 and his story "A Christmas Carol" in 1843. January is the most common date for gift-giving in Western culture. Giving gifts to our loved ones has become synonymous with Christmas these days and has become the main event of the holidays.. Usually these gifts were handmade items or food. Today, one of the most popular parts of Christmas is the annual gift exchange. Happiness is not only for the recipient but also for the giver. For many people, Christmas is the only time they can show others how important they are to them. Giving gifts is another way to spread the love and joy of Christmas.
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