Let me tell you about my experience as an art student

The lead teachers of my school decides who gets what in the small school. They place you in your classes and everything. The main lead teacher, Ms. M, welcomed me to the school as my photography teacher. She's not intimidating thankfully, but she does kind of have eyes and ears on the art scene. My classmates on the other hand. Well.. we didn't trust each other much in the beginning. Just a group of students who vaguely know each other. Thrown in a class and forced to deal with each other for 4 years! Finals were kind of a battle for the better project. Picking the wrong person to work with lead to a humiliating project everyone mocked No one outside of this new community I was thrown into would believe me. Some of us were viscous art students. Yes really! The first year I almost left because I could only write and take pictures. Not that well I would say. Meanwhile, I'm in a class of dancers, musicians, singers, actors, and illustrators. Most of them have three talents, I barely had one. What was l doing in this school In the beginning there was one teacher, Ms. C. She always tried to convince us to get along. Ms. C did all she could with the other teachers. Field trips, retreats and so many group activities. This woman would not stop until we were family or close enough. Then she was engaged and moving away. That got to us a bit.