A Comprehensive Guide on How To Develop an E-Learning App Like Byju’s

In this technological world, there is a need for education to be accessible in every hand. For this to occur, and E-learning app is to be developed which provides every kind of knowledge an individual needs. Generally, there are kids and children who are needing these sorts of applications. This app assists in many ways, such as providing topics for the exams, e-book, previous exam papers, Mock-test series and much more. There are many E-learning apps that are developed for all types of age groups. BYJU’S is one of the best E-learning apps which is known for its best classroom communication and interactive learning models. Education through these applications is easy and everyone can access apps easily anywhere, anytime on their devices. Developing these types of apps requires a lot of guidance and help from the expert of different technologies knowledge required to create these kinds of applications. Byju's, E-learning app is utilized to create a virtual classroom environment in which you can study watching videos and tutorials, take tests on different topics. The E-learning has changed the education making your smartphones your classroom. The e-learning applications provide assortment in teaching. E-learning applications have great earning potential, In 2016, a report published for the e-Learning industry was $107 billion, and Forbes suggests it is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. The major factors promoting e-Learning apps incorporating: - Cost-effective
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15 Things To Consider Before Developing A Food Delivery App

In this modern world, most of the world's population don't have time to prepare meals at home. Thusly, they search for an alternative that is very convenient and in their reach. This is where food delivery apps enter the market to make life easier for busy people. Technology has changed the way for working, an ever-increasing number of individuals depend on mobile apps for every small or big work. From online ticket booking to sending money to online shopping, everything can be done with the assistance of mobile applications. Food delivery app use is skyrocketing as more and more customer around the globe gets the benefits of online food ordering, greater convenience, time and money-saving driven by food delivery apps. The number of mobile users is still augmenting every year. The number of mobile app users is a lot higher than desktop users. Accordingly, more than 60% of the total traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. Are you deciding to develop a Food Delivery App or Food Ordering App? Well, in this article we will familiarize you with some vital factors that you have to remember while building a food delivery app. Read more: 15 Things To Consider Before Developing A Food Delivery App