We are going to be talking about now is two really great streaming alternatives for you. ROKU see ESPN as you are likely aware, is a option for streamers which lets you find cable channels for the net with no subscription. There's a lot of options available that you can add for a variety of costs, most remarkable is for $20 you can get ESPN, together with having ESPN through ROKU. And you may wonder, what does that matter. However, here is what it will. By having watch ESPN, all set up through ROKU, you access to all ESPN network content easily. It's all right here, easy to locate, including custom seminar station for watch ESPN content which is not available anywhere else. They do so through the ESPN three links that our net loses. So watch ESPN has a great deal of demand content as clips specials, as well as live feeds of their entire TV lineup. You can not any TV network that you actually subscribe to so for, for example, every single ESPN channel you would need to have ROKU's $5 extra sports bundle. But what We do get is whatever you see here's ESPN three right now it is just showing replays of other contests that you see it includes, you know, football, you understand, and other sports it's not all something such as , table tennis or something that, you know, maybe the majority support friends don't wish to see. Plus it also has a great deal of soccer and international sports, and it is not realized it's live when it's live. This is just a chance to catch up on something in the event that you missed it like that. Really great contest between Clemson in Miami, We think it was 58 to nothing Clemson or something, said coach got fired But hey, if you would like to rewatch it to Clemson fan. Hey, you got it. But this is a really cool alternative for sports lovers. What we like about it is due to the way it organizes items be a conference, you can zoom in on you know your favorite teams. Openness or. We think it will be very helpful, going into the NCAA Tournament. So far as its choices so as to sign in and go ahead and deactivate it. Alright, so We gonna reset this that we are not signed up in. If you are already thinking TV customer. You go to watch ESPN.
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