Why Are Original Paintings Expensive?

People think original paintings are so called because they are painted with unique ideas. But, the fact is that the original paintings are created directly by the hand of the artist and they are one-of-a-kind. The original paintings usually come with limited editions and are signed by the artists as opposed to usual prints that are produced in unlimited volumes. One major point that differentiates original paintings from mass-produced paintings is the cost. The original pieces are suspiciously affordable and there are many reasons for the same. But, many people think that original paintings are unnecessarily charged higher. And thus, they end up buying machine-printed versions of the original paintings. In this post, we will discuss the reasons why original paintings are expensive. So, next time, when you buy an original painting, you don’t have any confusion in your mind. The time and effort of the artist The artist spends hours completing a painting with his/her thoughts and emotions. For every stroke of the brush, the artist thinks twice and thrice so that the result comes out to be perfect. The effort of the artist to paint a single piece is incomparable. On the other hand, printing an original painting using a machine produces multiple copies within an hour. There is no need for extra time or effort to produce machine-printed copies of the original painting. This is why they are cheap.
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Important tips to buy painting online

Exploring and understanding the art world is a complicated task for everyone. Not only those who have never been close to artworks in their lives but people with little understanding and knowledge about the art can also find it difficult to choose artworks for the decor of their house. We are here today to help you in finding and choosing the right artist and artwork. This guide will make it easy for you to buy painting online: Gain knowledge and collect information If you are already planning to buy painting online, then it is important to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge about the different artists in the industry and their styles of artwork as well. Collecting information and conducting some research can help you better understand the different aspects related to the artist and his artwork. This includes the influences on the artist, the unique touch they add to their work, and more. If you actually wish to feel related to the painting you buy and get influenced by it, then the research is highly vital. Gathering information and knowledge is also vital to talk about the painting and tell interesting facts about it to your visitors. Keep the interiors of your home in mind Adding paintings to the interiors of your house can instantly enhance its aesthetic value. However, it does not mean that any painting can add to the beauty of your home. The piece of art you choose to add to your home decor must be matching best to the theme you have already chosen for the decor. It must seamlessly blend with the walls of your house. For instance, if your home has a traditional theme then oil painting can fit in right in the ambiance; however, if the decor is minimalistic then it would not be a wise decision to choose oil painting for it. This definitely does not mean that choosing something out of the box is going to be a bad decision every time.

Why Buy Original Paintings for Home Decoration

When you check out the home décor section online or in stores, you get many items. There is nothing wrong if we say that home décor options are multiple, suitable for all kinds of homes. Also, they are available in different price ranges. It means every homeowner gets something for his/her house. People tend to pick common home décor items. They don’t try something new or do something unique. They feel uniqueness will not be impressive. But, truly speaking, unique items are attractive as well as impressive. So, you should buy what others don’t buy. We don't know which home décor will be unique for you and your home. But, we have an idea, which is considered unique. You should buy original paintings as home décor. Even if you are not an art lover, you should pick an original painting for your home. We guarantee it will add uniqueness to your home. Also, you and your guests will love it. Other reasons to buy original paintings Good return on investment - Initially, you will find original paintings expensive. And the truth is they are more expensive than other paintings. But, later, you understand the importance of original paintings. The paintings will give utmost satisfaction and their values will go up with time. Original paintings are like gold and real estate. Just like gold and property price increases, the value of the painting increases.

Why Original Paintings Are Expensive Than Other Paintings?

If you are an art lover, you might have heard terms like original paintings and reproduced paintings. You might have also experienced the difference between the costs of the two paintings. Usually, the original paintings are expensive than reproduced paintings. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever thought about why there is a cost difference if the paintings are the same? Don’t be surprised. You are not the only one. Many people don’t think about this difference and pick the cheaper option. They think only the look matters. And it’s the same in both. But unfortunately, they commit the biggest mistake of their lives. As the name suggests, original paintings mean original. These paintings are originally painted by painters and everything is real. But when it’s about reproduced paintings, they are not painted originally. The reproduced paintings are produced in large quantities by a machine. There is a personal touch in the reproduced paintings. It’s just like a photocopy of the original paintings. Now, let’s know why original paintings are expensive. Scarcity of original paintings As already said, original paintings are original. There are no other versions of the original paintings. It will only be possible if the painter paints different copies of the same painting, which rarely happens. A painter is a human being and it’s not possible to paint the exact painting. There will be some changes in every version. One more thing, a painter won’t paint one painting several times. So, they are often scarcity that increases the cost.
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How To Buy Your First Online Painting? – Best Tips to Acquire the Best One

Paintings are meant for all kinds of surroundings and you get different kinds of paintings for varied occasions. Normally, people like to visit art galleries to buy a suitable painting but online mediums have grown in popularity in recent years.https://www.artworksbytiffany.com/ at affordable rates and also check into all the items in the store on a timely basis. If you’re planning to start your art collection then the time is right to buy online paintings. Be confident of what you’re buying and take some time out to do the research work. The famous painters and art galleries have shifted their collection to online platforms and thus searching has become easier for buyers. Make sure you are able to get the right collection of paintings online and place it in the right corners. Here are some tips to simplify the online painting buying process – · Figure out what suits your choice. It is important to decide the purpose of buying the painting and it will help in the selection of relevant pieces. If you have a fascination for a specific kind of art form, then consider that too in your buying decision. · Determine what kind of paint you buy. At the time of shopping online for paintings, you’ll encounter different kinds of art forms. Be sure of the kind of paint you buy and thus make the decision based on relevant choices.