2 years ago
Exo Member Card :)
So I decided to do a full card about the exo members! Each members' section has a question. Type your answer of the question of your bias. :D Let's start with Exo's grandpa and leader, Suho! Personally, I love his name. Suho in korean means guardian, so in a way he is the guardian of exo. (: I read somewhere that he was really good looking during his teenage years, so anticipate a card with exo predebut pictures soon. If Suho wasn't the leader, who do you think it would be? Every time I see Kris' face, I get so sad because I miss his cool city guy concept and him in general. But I am really relieved that he is acting and modeling now. Although I'm not a huge fan of his bald hair style, if it makes him happy, I'm happy. What do you think about Kris' new hair or new career? Next is the maknae Sehun! He's really serious and has a straight face many times, but he acts so cute the other times. YEHET ~
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yo so ARMY, VIP, EXO-L, AND IGOT7 here(: also Jimin is my ultimate bias~