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I’ll let you know everything you need about each of these organic foundations because it doesn’t really matter if a million people call it perfect, there can always be that ingredient we are allergic at, or we just don’t want to put on our face. The FDA recommends understanding the ingredient label and says "There is no list of ingredients that can be guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions, so consumers who are prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin”, further warning that there is no basis in fact or scientific legitimacy to the notion that products containing natural ingredients are good for the skin”. These days, cosmetics have been chemically enhanced and their "not so good" effects far outweigh the positive. Brand names are fighting to highlight the natural ingredients and are turning back to history to make their products most organic cosmetics available in the market. Public knowledge has increased regarding harmful ingredients, the link between sun exposure and photoaging, women become interested in both, preventing and treating the adverse effects of UV radiation and pest chemicals, are now trying to find the best and natural products to treat or heal their skin. There are lots of outstanding reasons to choose organic makeup, so I did some digging and found so many amazing natural and organic foundations that were also cruelty-free and/or vegan. I hope you will find what you are looking for! Our skin is the body’s largest organ, absorbing nearly everything we put on it. We are all about the new wave of skincare that is nutrient rich, organic, natural, and effective for all types of skin.
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