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Yay! Thank you to @AimeeH for starting this again and tagging me! I seriously missed doing this! and yes I know I'm late on doing this. So I'll try and do a little story for you all. like I used to do. Story Time - It was a Sunday afternoon and me and my best friend Mino were chilling at his dorm room. Mino was a Korean idol and was in the group Winner under the company YG. Their group consisted of Mino, Seunghoon, Seungyoon, Jinwoo and Taehyun. I had met the guys before and always supported them. The first time I met the guys I was instantly attracted to the guy called Seunghoon. He was beautiful and those eyes of his captivated me and I knew he was my new crush. I hadn't known until Seunghoon himself told me that he lived right next to me. My crush was my neighbour!! (insert pervy thoughts). Ever since I had known that Seunghoon was my neighbour he has become very protective over me... sometimes he would be a little bit over protective. Sometimes he would protect me like a brother but other times he would treat me as if I was his and he would get very teritorial. *A week later* I had been woken up by my doorbell constantly ringing. I tried to ignore the ringing but it was starting to get on my nerves. I got up out of my bed and felt the shock of the cold air hitting me. I quickly put on my jumper and dragged my body downstairs. I opened the door and saw no one there. I walked back into the house and put some shoes on. I walked outside to see if there was anyone hiding trying to suprise me. I walked out the door and tripped over a big box. The box had heart wrapping paper over it with some ribbon and a note attached saying 'we've known each other for a while. Little do you know is that I like you. I will reveal myself to you soon. -Your Secret Admirer.' I took the box inside, closed the front door (as it was damn cold outside) and set the box down on the table. I opened the box and saw a heart shaped box of chocolates and some other cute stuff. I kept getting this type of thing every day and I was starting to wonder who the hell it was. The Friday came and Mino had invited me over to his dorm. When I got there all the guys were there and were all sitting on the sofa watching TV. They looked my way and all said Hi in unison. I noticed that not all of them were there... Taehyun was missing. Before I could sit down a hand tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and Taehyun was standing behind me. He leant over and asked if he could talk to me alone. We walked over to Taehyun and Seungyoon's bedroom and sat down on Taehyun's bed. It was silent at first until he suddenly asked me whether or not I'd liked the gifts I received everyday. I said yes but didn't understand why he was asking and how he found out. Then it hit me! It was Taehyun sending me the gifts all along! He was my secret admirer. He told me face to face that he liked me but I couldn't return his feelings. Taehyun was more of a little brother to me and it would feel weird if I were to ever pursue a relationship with him. I rejected him and we agreed to stay friends. We walked out of the bedroom to be met by my one and only best friend Mino. I greeted him as we usually would but there was something strange going on with him. I let it slip and went to sit down with the boys. After a while I could feel a pair of eyes on me. I turned my head ever so slightly and caught Mino staring at me weirdly. It wasn't in a friend type of way either. I stood up and asked if I could have a word with him for a minute. We went into his and Jinwoo's bedroom and I confronted him. He told me nothing was wrong and that he was fine. Me being his best friend could see through his act and kept asking him what was wrong. He eventually cracked and told me that he had something to say that may ruin our friendship. I reassured him that nothing would break our friendship. He cleared his throat and paused.... He then confessed to me. I thought to myself 'What is with everyone confessing to me today?' He said he knows I have a crush on Seunghoon but he has got a girlfriend already and it would never happen between us. I told him to give me some time to think about it and I would give him an answer in a couple of days. We opened the door only to find that Jinwoo was standing right against it with his ear pressed to it. He fell inside the room as the door opened and we both gave him the 'what are you doing?' look. He quickly stood up and looked at me. He told me he was jealous of me. I asked him why and he said that he was jealous because I had been confessed to and he had never been confessed to by the girl he liked. I told him to make the first move and confess to the girl instead of waiting around. Before Jinwoo left he told Mino that manager hyung had called and said they were going on tour in a few days. He also said that they would be bringing me along to just to help the staff get the boys ready! I was so darn excited I just screamed!
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