Benedict School And More, Pomigliano d’Arco

The Benedict Schools in Italy have run for some time. They did have excellent reputation, but one of their branches is terrible and should be avoided. I am referring to Benedict School in Pomigliano d’Arco (near Naples). It is a small school which has falsely advertised for TEFL teachers, offering them support which does not even exist. It is one of the worst schools in Naples. The school has very limited resources and not enough books for teachers. There is no teacher resource room and no computers for teachers to use. There is just a Wi-Fi connection which is not even stable. Teachers have to use an empty classroom as a place to prepare lessons and often get moved around or told to leave unless they have a lesson. The receptionist, Valentina Buonavolonta, is forced to take care of many things, so she is rather pathetic. The poor girl is over-worked to do reception, admin, cleaning and more. So she can get hard up and bitter. Benedict School has a low number of staff. They have a high turnover of staff and they do not look after their teachers well. The owner, Carmen Elsa Clemente, is a thief who has stolen money and also lied about courses of English. The school is disorganized and a bit chaotic in management. Some of the staff are clearly incompetent. I would not recommend this school and they are unprofessional. Benedict School is run by a senile and stupid woman. She is supposed to be the general manager of the school but she is hardly ever in the school itself. She never stays in any office during the day and only pops in sometimes. If you have any issues to deal with then she is very difficult to speak to. She would always claim to be ‘busy’ or ‘in a meeting’ or she would refer you to somebody else. She is rude and she even hangs up the phone on you. Carmen Clemente is a useless and pathetic person. She claims to run a school which she thinks is amazing with fake reviews. Benedict School is a chaotic place with incompetent people who don’t know anything about management. The owner has stolen money from people to fund her luxury summer holidays. It is a terrible working environment. The school has lied to teachers about the work they offer. They claim to offer teachers a perfect working environment. But this is not true. The school claims to teach courses for everybody, from kids to adults and business courses. But this is a lie. They only offer courses for children and young learners. There are no courses for adults and no courses for companies or business English. The owner has lied about this for many years. She does this to get teachers to travel to Naples and work at her school. She then forces people to teach only children and very young learners. This school is a family run school, but managed with lack of resources and lack of professionalism. This is because the ageing owner has brought in her stupid daughter into the business as a director. Her name is Elsa Carmen Leone and she is an unprofessional woman and quite rude. She has no real interest in teaching because it is the family business and she is born into it. She is not qualified as a teacher but works as a director for her stupid mother. She just gives orders to teachers and is very unfriendly. Elsa walks into classes randomly and never tells teachers. On many occasions she has taken money from the school account to enjoy herself and go out drinking. She only cares about the money and spending it to get drunk and enjoy herself. Elsa is a savage little slut who likes to insult and criticize other people. But it is OK because she is drunk and she is also the daughter of the stupid owner of this school. She tries to flirt with male teachers so that they buy her drinks. She is desperately looking for a good guy to treat her right, but it is so hard for her because she is ugly and not so charming as she thinks. She needs a lot of make-up just to look a bit normal. Elsa needs to realize that she is rather ugly and needs to stop being crude!! She wants to be queen of English, and yet she needs to learn the language right. She is a director, but she needs to know about teaching. She flirts with men who are out of her league, as she is crude and ugly. The only time she is nice and pleasant is when she wants something from you, and you are definitely in her social circles if you suck up to her. But Elsa is a degenerate woman and she normally behaves like a common whore. She offers herself as a prostitute to men so that she can get money and free drinks. Elsa has also been a prostitute to some male teachers so that they are happy and stay at the school. The school working environment is so poor and pathetic that so many young male teachers wanted to leave. So, they were offered sex with Elsa at a special discounted price. It is a special loyalty scheme and “staff retention policy”. So, to sum up, this is a small school with a serious lack of resources and rude staff. No computers for teachers, no direct access to printing, no dedicated room for teachers to prepare classes, not enough books and resources for teachers. It can be difficult to get materials and books for teaching. Teachers are forced to share books and other materials with low quality. There is no library for teachers to use. You must use your own computer in lessons. There is a company car to drive but you must always pay for parking and the school will never pay. The owner, Carmen Clemente, is a very selfish woman and she does not allow teachers to have a holiday or go anywhere in the weekends. She forces teachers to work over weekends, while she enjoys herself on holidays. She likes to exploit and manipulate teachers and then she does not pay properly. A complaint has been filed against this school. There is very little social life at the school, because the owner is too selfish to organize events. The director, Elsa, is a rude and selfish bitch and that does not help. The school uses ‘fake’ reviews on Google and Facebook, just to look good. But, the owner is very dishonest about the school and what she offers. Benedict School is an unfriendly school, where teaching staff have little chance for socializing. This school is in an urban industrial area of Naples with dirty streets and hardly anything nice to see. Elsa Carmen Leone