Free Things to do in Lisbon.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is famous for its narrow streets with trams, melancholic fado music, rich colours and the longest bridge in Europe, named after the great traveller Vasco da Gama. Is it worth going there? Of course! What's worth seeing? First of all, there are some great places to visit where you won't pay a single euro. 1. Belem it is one of Lisbon's most attractive tourist districts. There are many attractions and monuments here, including the Hierominite Monastery, the Presidential Palace, the Carriage Museum, the Belem Tower, the monument to the Explorers and the magnificent gardens. The architecture of this place – floors, fountains, avenues-is especially beautiful. In addition, it is here that the most famous Cookies in Portugal are produced – Pasteis de nata (Pasteis de Belem). Cookie baking is associated with the Hierominite order, and the origins of the production date back to 1837. Today we can try these delicacies at Casa Pastéis de Belém. The well-known Patisserie is located near the Hierominite church and, despite the crisis, is thriving, you have to wait in a long queue to find a table. To get to Bele'm we can choose Tram No. 15 or buses (714, 729, 743) 2. Jerónimos Monastery one of the most valuable monuments in the entire country. Its origins date back to the 16th century, when King Manuel I The Happy ruled Portugal. No wonder, then, that the building is considered a pearl of the Manueline style, which is characterized by numerous decorations and Moorish ornamentation. In 1501, the king ordered the construction of a monastery in place of the former chapel of Ermida do Restelo. The gesture was meant to be a gesture of thanksgiving to Vasco da Gama, for a happy trip to India. Until the mid-20th century, the monastery was under the care of the Jerónimos order, and in 1983 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 3. Electricity Museum