What is the best travel porcelain coffee mug in the world?

There are thousands of travel coffee mugs offered by different suppliers in the world. In case if you are looking for some exclusive handmade and hand-painted by famous artists designed porcelain travel porcelain coffee mug we will help to chose one. Travel Coffee Mug “Blue Buttercup” This is a glamorous handmade porcelain coffee mug from Gzhel with pretty rich blue buttercups that have been hand-painted around the porcelain coffee mug. Firstly, these graceful buttercups have a child-like persona which gives the mug a touch of delight. The top half of the mug has a rich royal blue background where the lighter more vibrant buttercups are exposed which enhances the delicate flowers, whilst the other half is a stunning pure white background where the soft and delicate green leaves are complimented. Of course, every coffee mug needs a lid, this cup contains a dark blue silicone lid that covers the top without concealing the artwork. Lastly, this whole gift set has excellent thermal insulation to ensure quality. https://youtu.be/aLAEiCZ4mzI Travel Porcelain Coffee Mug “Green Touch” Traditional handmade porcelaincoffee mug with hand-painted graceful falling flowers. Firstly, gorgeous blue floral flowers with vibrant green glorious leaves are branched around the top of the mug and let go of the small vibrant green and blue petals that gently fall to the bottom of the porcelain coffee mug. Furthermore, the bottom of the mug has a lovely grid pattern that swirls around the mug giving it a comfortable feel. Of course, every coffee mug needs a lid, this mug contains a dark blue silicone lid that covers the top and prevents any spilling from the small border. This whole gift set has excellent thermal insulation.
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Designer hand-painted Tea and Coffee sets from Gzhel porcelain Factory

History of Gzhel, the true wealth of the nation is its culture: values, traditions, creativity, folk art. They will always be the sources of modern culture: colorism and design, decorative urban design and household always draw ideas from folk art. Talking about the variety of types of Gzhel products, it is necessary to turn to history, because their appearance has changed many times under the influence of the country and the craft history. You will learn about the history of Gzhel: the emergence of craft, its development, especially items making process, and historical figures that have had a significant impact on the creation of a worldwide famous brand. Bestwonderstore is an official distributor of Gzhel Tableware, Drinkware, Sculpture. Here we present a great collection of Most Famous in Russia Porcelain Handmade and hand-painted Tea and Coffee sets from the factory. https://youtu.be/BOtg-2boUEM This Finest Tea set “Navy” of Gzhel porcelain consists of 31 items that are designed for 12 people. The most ancient type of folk painting developed more than seven centuries ago is used now at the highest level and this creates the world-famous brand “Gzhel”. This unusual design is revealed in detail by unique hand-painted patterns. Every detail will immerse you in the wonderful world of Gzhel art with its unique technique. Lids of tea and coffee pots, sugar bowl as a top part of the milk pot are decorated with funny hand-painted birds, down part has wonderful fish in its wavy sea. The incredible Navy is in the center of each story, surrounded by cities, mountains, and other fabulous drawings with overglaze colors and gold. All the saucers, pots, cups, plates, as well as the large sugar bowl and tray, have amazing golden and blue patterns surrounding the main plot in the center. This wonderful set will bring an atmosphere of adventure and excitement to your kitchen.

What is the best Whisky Tumblers of 2020. Luxury and Exclusive.

Exclusive luxury and most probably the coolest whisky tumblers of 2020. Drinking whisky is the Process, no doubt about it. Drink whisky from designer tumblers which are made using an artistic vacuum foundry or casting technique is the pleasure. Whiskey tumblers are made from crystal glass and designer bronze base in a form of surprisingly realistic hunting, fishing, construction work or even spider-net scenes. Tumblers come in leather or nice carton gift box with velvet fabric inside. Whisky Crystal Tumbler Hunting This is an art cast whiskey crystal tumbler. The bronze holder is cast in hunting design presenting various kinds of animals like elk with branching horns, sever boar, and formidable furious bear among weapons in a wild forest. The whiskey tumbler set can make a perfect gift for wildlife lovers. Every element of this tumbler is carefully crafted so all cast components interact with each other forming a replete plot. Whisky Tumbler Builders This is an art cast whiskey crystal tumbler set that can make an excellent gift for professionals in the construction industry. The art cast bronze holder is representing the plot of the construction work with hard-working engineers and heavy construction machinery. Every element of this piece is carefully crafted so all cast components of the tumbler holder interact with each other forming a meaningful scene.

What is the Best Cognac or Brandy Glass Gift Set?

What is the Best Cognac or Brandy Glass Gift Set you may ask? Well, it depends on whom you want to gift it. To friend, yourself, colleges or may be to your Boss? We selected different sets which made from Bohemian Crystal glass and designer artistic foundry themed stem. Stems of our glasses and snifters represent a kindsdifferent kind of scenes such as hunting, fishing as well as themes like a Doctor, Oilman, Scorpion. So you can chose the snifter you like by profession or by hobby. Every Cognac and Brandy glass in Bestwonderstore is a true art and an excellent gift for any occasion. https://youtu.be/yCjCcAyL7KE This is a designer bronze cognac glass with a realistic golden/silver scorpion design. The scorpion tale holds the crystal glass bowl, which gives an elegant and splendid touch. The scorpion has a fabulous rich design and how it crawls waiting to attack its precious prey. It is hand-made with vacuum art casting and crystal glass. Vintage Crystal Cognac Glass Oilmen. Cognac is a noble drink for strong individuals. Professionals in oil and gas industry definitely fit into the category and will appreciate this “Oilmen” cognac snifter made of brass and Paşabahçe crystal glass. Scenes of oilmen working hard in the oilfield is a striking art cast brass work by a skilled master. Every element of this piece is carefully crafted so all cast components interact with each other forming an intricate design. Brandy, cognac or liquor will play and smell beautifully in this amazingly graceful cognac glass. The set for one or two comes in a gift leather case with rich black fabric inside. Art Cast Cognac Glass Bonanza

Designer Travel Coffee Mug Bullfinch by Bestwonderstore.

Coffee is one of the most famous and most respected drinks in the world. Coffee utensils nowadays are not necessarily the common cups and coffee sets, but also original handmade and hand-painted travel coffee mugs of different kinds. People often prefer buying not the traditional snow-white coffee sets in the form of cups with a thin handle, but different types of mugs with variable design. Due to its properties, porcelain is a classic material to produce high-quality coffee mugs. It retains heat for quite a long time, looks aesthetically pleasing and allows you to create a variety of patterns and shapes on its surface. The coffee mug Bulfinch is made from high-quality porcelain in the famous Gzhel Factory in Russia. The white inner surface of this cup guarantees an excellent color contrast, whereby the coffee always looks rich and strong. The mug is hand-painted by Famous Russian artists with a blue masterpiece of an exotic Eurasian Bullfinch accompanied by plump berries on an exquisite floral bush. Additionally, the mug is covered with a circular artistic piece with every intricate detail to be viewed as a pure rich blue perfect painting. Furthermore, the mug also includes a dark blue silicone lid which compliments the colour scheme. The mug has excellent thermal insulation to protect your hand while enjoying coffee. This designer coffee mug will definitely become a handy and stylish accessory that will turn a simple coffee drinking process to a brighter and more enjoyable experience. In addition to said above Travel Coffee Mug Bullfinch could be a nice light gift to your friend or colleague.
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