What are your prized possessions in life?

What is your most prized possession in life? The dictionary meaning of possession is – something you own. Out of these possessions you may value a particular one more than another. The one which you value more would be something that you will never like to lose, or things that make you feel pleased, fortunate, unique, and superior, right?  So before we move forward let’s first try to define prized possessions. Prized possessions Possessions which are biggest thing in your life, the one thing you couldn’t imagine your life without.  Something you care for deeply above all else. Such valued possessions are something important; which are valued over everything else. It could be anything you cherish close to your own heart and can be worth millions or worth nothing. It may even sound irrelevant to someone else because it has no value for them. Why we treasure prized possessions? These prized possessions have emotions attached with them; and these can’t be bought by money. Some people treasure things passed on to them by their parents (rings, wrist watch, jewelry, cars, jackets, house etc.). While some other value relationships more than material objects. Like, a mother may consider her daughter or son as the most prized possession or a wife may consider husband and kids as precious possessions. The relations which you love more than yourself. Couples in love relationships looks towards each other as a prized possession. These possessions are close to heart. Those have meaning to you. Human beings’ hearts are not accountants like brains. Heart chooses the meaning, not the monetary value.