KNK Giveaway M.A.S.H SSG! *Results*

The KNK community has a giveaway contest going on right now. All you have to do is make a card with your screenshot results and tag the KNK team. Simple and fun! Mods: @tinytreeleaf @XxGummybear92xX @StefaniTre @IsoldaPazo @InfiniteKiss @awkwardjazzy Who will I marry? Inseong I got my bias wrecker. I would've loved to marry Seungjun but I have a better chance with Inseong. I would be happy with any member, honestly because they are all so gorgeous and sweet.

Gaara Drawing!

I haven't posted here on vingle in a long time and that's because I've been active on Kdrama Amino. But since I drew and colored this today, I decided to share since some still enjoy looking at my drawings. Gaara is my favorite Naruto character and I drew a chibi version of him and added some extra stuff to it to give my own style. I added all the symbols of each village. Let me know what you think! Till next time, bye-bye! @AimeBolanos @AnimeFan4Evr @DamianWalker @ThiaLightleaf @kouvarisb @AlexisCortez @Colonellinguis @ZethZetsway @Tylor619 @CarolinaSmith @funspot @earthly @pirateking47 @Esthela @AdrianDean @cecily1ylicec @TinaDang @hantam97 @SymoneBelcher @KatieSaldivar @ButterflyBlu @poojas @NerukaWong @SunnyV @merryjayne13 @RosePark @DanRodriguez @JessicaChaney @JustinaNguyen @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @AkiraCondry @VixenViVi @Arellano1052 @animelord @RaquelArredondo @corinazurk @KhrystinaLee @ashleykpop @VinMcCarthy @BambiGray @bribarbour99 @ASatterley @Yuki136989 @MarkKibe @amberpuck95 @Namrow @Namrow @NinaBina12 @FaithSchild @chris98vamg @JessicaChaney @WilsonRivera @Akberg @shantalcamara @sherrysahar @BluBear07 @littlemaryk @CheniseLewis @KennyJohnson @shannonl5 @XavierLopez @Rosezavala @MaribelMota @jasminetimple @mymi @CassondraSteven @MidnightBeauty @PrincessRosey09 @KassiIverson @Crosszeriazess @Jak91 @NikkiT92 @amberpuck95 @kimberlyr @CosmicCassidy @JadeTejada @Queensweets @Osakasmallfry @Remeleen @assasingod @hikaymm @Gibbous1992 @KurosakiJess @hanetama @ToniPyoGibbons @trustfundkid @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @AliceTetsuya

What I'm Watching?

It's that time again! To update everyone on what I'm currently watching. So, right now I'm watching 6 dramas. I was only watching 5 until I started another one this morning.. Sungkyunkwan Scandal PLOT: Set during an era when society does not allow females to be educated nor employed, Kim Yoon-hee (Park Min-young) disguises herself as her brother, Kim Yoon-shik, in order to make ends meet for her family. She goes through a series of odd jobs, mainly at a local bookstore, before she gets offered a chance to increase her earnings by becoming a substitute test-taker (an illegal act) for the upcoming entrance examination in the prestigious Sungkyunkwan, the Joseon Dynasty's highest educational institute. She gets caught by the upright Lee Sun-joon (Park Yoo-chun), who later acknowledges Yoon-hee's talents, and even encourages her to enroll in the university. There, she must bear with the endless mischief of upperclassman Gu Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki), put up with the constant mood swings of roommate Moon Jae-shin (Yoo Ah-in), avoid getting in trouble with the strict student body president Ha In-soo (Jun Tae-soo), keep her secret from being discovered, all the while trying to hold her growing feelings for Lee Sun-joon at bay. Voice

Favorite Medical Drama! 💉

Since it's Medical drama week, I will be sharing my favorite medical drama with everyone! Also I haven't posted much since this new update. I can't make cards on my laptop because pictures don't load and I can't open my drafted cards. That being said I'm making this card on my phone and sorry if it might be all over the place, I'm still not used to to it yet. "I miss the old format... TT_TT" Emergency Couple PLOT (Source: Wikipedia) While in their early twenties, a medical school student, Oh Chang-min (Choi Jin Hyuk), and a dietitian, Oh Jin-hee (Song Ji Hyo), fall in love and marry despite his family's strong opposition. Chang-min comes from a family of wealthy, successful doctors who believe Jin-hee isn't good enough for him, which thus prompts them to cut him off financially after he marries her. In order to earn money right away, Chang-min gives up his dream of becoming a doctor, and instead becomes a pharmaceutical salesman. He is miserable at his job, while Jin-hee's inferiority complex deepens as her husband's family continues to look down on her. They begin to fight constantly and eventually get a divorce. Six years later, Chang-min has gone back to med school to pursue his dream, while Jin-hee has also put herself through med school. They end up as interns at the same hospital, where they'll have to work in the emergency room together for three months.