Where Toronto Girls Go To Get Their Skin In Shape

If you are living in Toronto, you will find a fact that getting a good facialist is kind of like finding a good partner. Usually, most of us have to shop around before we settle on a ideal facial spa in Toronto. Of course, some experience is much like bad relationships: bad facials lead to dissatisfied, upset and could be a little emotionally scarred from the experience. Therefore, friend referral will be the most effective way to find a Toronto facial treatment, becuase you would like to make sure you are in a trusted facial spa. Let's see a few beauty-obsessed Toronto girls share who they can trust with their flawless faces. LaBelle Cosmetic Clinic For many Torontoists, LaBelle Cosmetic Clinic might be the first place they ever experienced premium facial in Yorkville, the iconic local brand known for making science-heavy skin care kind of sexy, and making an exfoliating liquid that smells like years-old vinegar a must-have for every in-the-know beauty enthusiast. You will walk out of this massive Yorkville location with glowing skin that's better than any filter. And with a service menu several pages deep, every single option will leave you feeling like you just got a bespoke treatment... even when you didn't. Address: 26 Bellair St #2N, Toronto, ON M5R 2C7 Phone: (647) 545-6299