My fitness journey

So I thought I would share my fitness experience and hope it helps others. Starting in my early teens I began worrying about weight, so I started trying every yoyo diet I could find. I tried different kinds of diet pills and differentt work out routines. But none of them stuck. After depriving myself for days I would always end up binging on my favorite junk food. Then after the birth of my 2 daughters I put on a little extra weight and just felt tired all the time. So a couple years ago I decided I needed to find a permanent solution. I picked a work out and told myself I would stick to it. I started by doing the 'walk at home' DVD's with Leslie sansome, and I started seeing a difference really soon. But I still hated having to work out, I could never imagine wanting too. But I kept pushing through and started getting great results. Not only in how I looked but how I felt also. I would feel so good after a good work out, it's a natural high from all the endorphins. I also had a great feeling of accomplishment. And somehow I actually began looking forward to exercising and pushing myself further. Its not something I thought I would ever enjoy doing but now I love to push through the pain. Im probably in the best shape of my life at 28 yrs old! And I don't binge diet anymore at all. I hope this helps motivate anyone that has felt the same way and struggled with weight loss and eating right. Getting started is the hardest part, once your in that routine and seeing results it becomes more enjoyable. Not too mention how much more energy it gives you the rest of the day. I found it to be true that working out in the morning helps you stick to it, I get it out of the way as early as possible. Plus drinking lots of water, sometimes people confuse thirst with hunger. And having healthy snacks on hand, starving yourself just saps your energy and that's when it's hardest to avoid tempting unhealthy snacks. Well I hope my experience helps someone else :)
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