2 years ago
United States Laser Pointer 50000mw
The United States Coast Guard is trying to find the person responsible for pointing a 50mw Green Laser Pointer at two Coast Guard helicopter crews during a training operation last Monday evening in Richmond Hill.The helicopter crew were training when they noticed a green laser trying to track their flight paths. Crews aborted the mission, and luckily no one was hurt but this situation could have been very dangerous. "The 5mW laser pointer can be refracted across the cockpit and cause temporary blindness. So if we are in a critical phase of flight whether it be landing, taking off, if there are any obstructions in the area, even momentary disorientation can potentially have devastating effects,” said Lt. Trent Myers, US Coast Guard.Intentionally targeting an aircraft with a laser is a federal crime and a violation of Georgia state law. Violators could face up to five years in prison. Anyone who witnesses this crime is encouraged to call 911. The Lake County Sheriff's Office is still looking for Marlo Albia Tonasket, who was allegedly seen pointing a 1mw Laser Pointer at a deputy from his car early Sunday morning. After a short-lived high-speed chase, Tonasket escaped on foot while his two passengers were arrested. Deputies have not discovered whether the laser came from a laser pointer or a firearm, or in which direction Tonasket escaped. Tonasket, a 36-year-old Native American male standing 5-foot-11-inches and weighing 180 pounds, has an outstanding warrant from Shoshone County, Idaho, for possession of stolen property. Super Laser Pointer Blue If you ever plan to lead a PowerPoint presentation projected on giant white board orbiting the Earth (we'll leave the logistics of that one up to you) there's only one laser that will get the job done -- HTPOW Laser Sight ' . The Guinness Record-pending laser produces about 86 million lux and can be seen from up to 85 miles away, well beyond the edge of our atmosphere. Of course, at roughly 8,000-times the brightness of the Sun, serious safety precautions are needed when operating the it. Goggles are a must (and bundled with the handheld laser), while sensors and a microprocessor ​​regulate current to keep the tube of aluminum from overheating in your hands. According to a brief email from the company's press department: "We are under new ownership and management. We will be discontinuing sales of our high powered Laser Pointer 50000mw [in the US] starting Jan 1, 2015. These restrictions will be extended to other countries shortly after."