4 months ago
Chapter 6: Time to Travel
With Chen's scream everyone started to get up from their bad and get out of their rooms. D.O grabbed his glasses of the table next to his bed, ruffled his hair then started to head out of the room to check the commotion outside. He turned around with a confused looked in his face and looked Chanyeol. He had seen the tall boy do many weird things in the years they had to work together, but "why is he staring at me now" he though as Chanyeol stood there with his both his mouth and eyes wide open. "What is wrong, Chanyeol?" D.O asked already regretting starting a conversation with the happiest person in the world this early in the morning. "I...," Chanyeol wishper then looked down. D.O was going to ask again what was wrong, but then they hear Xiumin yelling "GUYS COME HERE!!! COME LOOK AT CHEN!" "Oh God, what did Y/N do to Chen's body?" asked D.O as he headed out. Kai hopped out from the top bunk and walked staggering towards the door. You also get yourself together and start to head out also, "what if Chanyeol is inside of Chen now? Or what if Chen is back?" you rush pass the members that were doing the zombie walk and ran inside the room were you had falled asleeped in last night. There you see Chen and Xiumin hugging and jumping around the room like teenage girls. "Guys I am back to normal!" screamed Chen and ran to Suho to give him a hug. "I was just about to call you guys to pick me up from the airport too. I have never been so happy to see you guys before!" He turns around to see you and runs toward you and hugs you. "Thank You Chanyeol!!! I was so worry about what to do, but you handle everything so smoothly and even have me step by step to follow!" He looked at you with the biggest smile ever, it almost seemed liked his smile was stretched out from ear to ear. You had to say something now, you cannot let this ride like you did last time. Last time you looked bad just letting things happen and fall inplace.

Update to my bio I'm now 22 soon 23 I have a year into college for my teachers degree. Maybe I should have card purely for updates on my lifeless life....