Tao and a Korean Member RUMORED to be Leaving EXO in 2015

BEFORE READING THIS: This is a RUMOR and there is no confirmation from SM or any for the EXO members. Please do not panic - this is TOTALLY a rumor, and you can take it how you will. I did none of the translating, this is all from another source. Thank you. Taken from One Hallyu: "Today, there are rumours of Tao and a Korean member soon leaving EXO, rumours first started circulating over Weibo and later in the day escalated to Sina. The original post was at 9:46 am today (I don't know what time zone maybe China). It said that Tao is leaving EXO posted by: http://www.weibo.com/pungentbitch Poster is a verified entertainment critic account, 500k followers, I don't know if that number of followers is big in weibo context. The post itself was popular: it has been reblogged 7730 times with over 9000 comments in less than a day.