Servant Vampires? I smell yaoi...

Alright, well Servamp isn't actually a yaoi... Yet. I mean, it all started with poor little Mahiru who only wanted to save a cat off of the streets. No harm in that, right? Wrong, said cat just so happens to be a vampire. The two form a contract by chance, and now they're stuck with each other, even if they don't get along at first. Mahiru, also known as Shirota, which can be shortened to Shiro, which translates into white, named the cat Kuro, which translates into black. How mysteriously ironic. Coincidence? I think not. Sakuya is Mahiru's best friend and, unfortunately, probably my favorite character right now. The joker who loves to spread rumors about the vampire sightings around town, he's got a big secret that I refuse to spoil for anybody. In all honesty though, I had my suspicions from the start, but never really expected to be in tears after only episode 4. Misono is another 'victim' who has ended up with a Servamp under his control. The brat is quickly becoming one of my favorites too, and even his vampire, which truthfully scared the living hell out of me at first, is pretty okay as the show progresses. Really should have been more cautious about a vampire that's supposedly known as freaking Lust.