Why People Are Moving To Vancouver, Canada: Why People Love To Live There.

As far back as 1990, thousands of people have moved to Vancouver from America, Asia, Europe, and Canada east. This trend has kept the real estate market booming for the past 20 years. These days, Vancouver real estate Investors analyses why this city housing market can keep getting hot, they tend to focus on classic marketing issues. Yet, they ignore the unique factor in Vancouver – which is a healthy life. Vancouver boasts the lowest number of heavy drinking, the lowest number of overweight residents, a tight smoking ban, best community care, and privileged people to have the highest number of general and family physicians per 100,000 people. Vancouver has 2 ambitious plans for sustainability: · The Greenest City Action Plan (Ecological) · Vancouver Economic Action Strategy (Economic) The city of Vancouver is now in the process of developing the third, which is “The Healthy City Strategy (social).” They aspire to become the “the world’s greenest city” and list “improved health” as one of the top results expected from a more intelligently designed landscape. Families living in the city are provided with health services through a medical services plan. As long as they pay their premiums regularly, they are eligible to receive free medical services. There are around 30 to 50 hospitals in the Greater Vancouver area serving approximately 2.3 million people.
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