Self Sustained Outdoor Clocks For Your Golf Course And City Streets

A golf course needs 3 primary types of time pieces to run play efficiently. The clocks required in golf course will include post or pole clocks for the green, clubhouse clocks and pace-of-play clocks. The last mentioned clocks are important for golf play because the help players to know the exact status of the game and the time they have in their hands. Players tend to play slow will increase the speed with the help of pace of play clock as it will show how much time is remaining out of the stipulated time in a course. The latest model golf course clock for the greens is mostly post mounted clocks as they need to be visible to far distances. A golf course occupying an area of 120 acres will need such clocks by dozens. The best feature of the latest model golf clocks is that they are self sustained for time and power. They derive time from time satellites via GPS and generate power from solar energy to run the clock machinery. These clocks are given adequate protection by a tough aluminium façade which is absolutely leak and weather proof. Clocks other than these may need separate electric connections and will have the golf course digging underground tunnels for laying electric cables. The same is applicable to city clock which is now self dependant for time and power. You can install clocks with GPS and solar batteries and save time and energy required to maintain these clocks manually. Post clocks are the most sought after clocks as they can fit in to any outdoor ambience. Whether it is a pavement on the roadside or front entrance of a building, a park or school, a golf course or shopping plaza the clocks fit nicely like gloves. They hardly need space to install as the post will be screwed into the grouting on the ground and that may not need more than 2-3 square feet of space. Post clocks can be obtained with two faces, four faces and road junctions or parks can sport a 4-faced canister clock which will cover all directions with its 4-faced dial. The modern day clocks unlike yesteryear clocks are self reliant which saves you time, energy and bother and custom made clocks are offered by manufacturers who can provide you with a number of contemporary and classic model clocks to fit your requirements and economy. Internet has enabled the clock manufacturers to make them IP based clocks which opens up many possibilities for the users.

What Is The Purpose Of A Golf Clock In A Golf Course?

What is the function of a golf clock in a golf course? The game of golf is played in groups and when a group is not keeping with other groups usually a hole behind other groups ahead, they will be conveyed that they are on the clock. And that there is little or a certain amount of time to play their strokes to pass the hole. The golf clock is essentially installed to speed up play because players tend to take their time in executing their shots which obviously consumes time and wastes it. In this way, the group may lag behind other groups and end at the bottom. The first player who consumes more time than allotted for playing the shot will be given a warning and the second time a one-stroke penalty and the third time a two-stroke penalty. It has to be done or the game will become slow and uninteresting. Schools have a timetable and classroom schedules have to be followed strictly. A school bell system is required to maintain punctuality and decorum and advanced time technology has come up with automated bell systems that will work on their own. We have wired and wireless bell systems that are supported by a master bell system that is programmable. The system essentially depends on wireless relays to operate. Wireless relay is the component that acts as the intermediary between the bells and the master control. Radio signals are used to activate the bells and it is done by closing a contact point and allowing power to trigger the bells. It is actually like the light switch and it turns on and turns off the bells and even used to turn off lights. If you have a master bell controller you can control almost everything that is installed on your school campus. By installing the systems you enjoy hand-free operation and accurate bell timings thanks to GPS or computer networking timing. Time is precious and everybody has the right to know the actual time when they are up and about. Whether it is an individual hurrying to meet an appointment or a market that is abuzz with activity clocks are needed to tell the time. These are outdoor activities that need a post clock to answer the need. The latest model post clocks are elegant looking, self-sustaining for time synchronization and power hence are versatile for street operations. The clock is easily installed and occupies less space on the streets or any outdoor area and they enhance the streets with their classic looks and elegance.

School Bell Software Driven Bell System For Automatic Control Of Bell Schedules

These three types of golf clocks are installed in a golf course and are namely, clubhouse clocks, outdoor post clocks, and pace-of-play clocks. Without these clocks, a golf club or course cannot function properly. It is important for golf courses to have timepieces installed at various junctures to let know the time so players and organizers conduct play accordingly. Time is recorded once players tee-off from a particular hole and players should know that how much time they have before they accomplished the task of putting balls into the cups. Outdoor golf clocks of the present are self-sustained clocks that can generate electricity via solar power and obtain accurate time from GPS. Golf clocks can also be obtained in 2-faced models or 4-faced canister clocks for the clubhouse. The pace of play clocks reverses count time to display the remaining time to the players so they speed up their play. Clubhouse clocks are mostly decorative purposes besides announcing time but the outdoor post clocks installed at vantage points throughout the course are important timepieces that provide accurate time. Computer program-driven school bells The school bells have progressed appreciably and now we have school bells that take command from a bell commander and ring according to a schedule. Earlier manually operated bells proved inadequate in terms of being inaccurate in ringing and manmade error creped into the system to schedules go awry at times. But with the school bell software in place, this won’t happen because school management can program the software to activate physical bells according to a timetable fed into the software. The new software integrated school bell systems are now in vogue throughout the country and world and a school will prove to be lacking if it has not installed the system already into its functioning. Here the bell system will use the existing Ethernet network or Wi-Fi internet to receive signals and power. This makes them completely autonomic and the school management does not have to bother about keeping an eye on the bell schedule. Decorate streets with Rolex model post clocks A street clock is very much like a golf clock that is mounted on a post. Street clocks need to be special because they should complement the beauty of the street’s ambiance. We have classic model street clocks like the Rolex model which is evergreen and never goes out of fashion timepieces. Integrated with new time technology these clocks can be the ideal choice for streets as they won’t need time synchronization or power outlets.

Install Handcrafted Post Clocks To Beautify Your Streets

Are you looking for street clocks, clocks that will tell time to traffic accurately and without any assistance from manual help? The post clock especially designed for the streets will fit the requirement like glove and you can expect the clocks to be elegant and thematic. Street clocks are available in Rolex models that are elegance personified and exquisitely crafted by expert hands. The clocks will sit pretty at the end or beginning of the street, in the park or in front of town hall or a public building, clubhouse or shopping plaza. They won’t need any human assistance for functioning as they are fitted with GPS for time update and solar batteries for power from sunlight. You can get the clocks customize according to your street theme and make a style statement for people coming from other localities or town. The street clock prices can be expected to be economical if you go online and order them. There are online manufactures that provide latest technology digital and analog clocks that look elegant and efficient. These are ornamental clocks that will enhance the looks of your streets and raise the popularity of your city streets. When you order in bulk the manufacturers will make considerable amount of concession and you can save on the price. Most of these orders are handcrafted hence can expect to be different from run off the mill products. Digital technology has touched every aspect of life and it has now smeared on to time technology thus producing large outdoor digital clocks that will shine in the night with brightly lit LED display. The clocks can be installed on buildings, hung from ceilings, installed on walls and any place you want to display time in a big way. These are electric operated digital clocks that will show a bright and big display and show real time unlike analog clocks. it will also show information like temperature, day, date, and time, weather etc and prove highly useful to the public and owners. If you are in need of lone standing post clocks or building top digital clocks call the expertise of Chomko LA, on phone numbers 404-334-0202 or 800-964-5749 or send mail to Info@chomkola.com.
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Replace Old Golf Clocks With Self Sustained Solar Clocks To Save Energy And Time

Overhauling a golf course time management system is a big task if you are planning to replace your old golf clocks with new ones. The old clocks though oozing with classic style and charm may prove inadequate to meet the demand of modern golf play and audience. One of the primary aims of installing clocks in golf course is to provide players and spectators with accurate time, which is only possible if they are updated with daily synchronization. Even then not all clocks will be showing accurate time because of human error. What your golf course need is golf clock which will update time on its own and also sustain for power independently. Self synchronization is the hallmark of latest model golf clocks because they are fitted GPS time tracking. The clocks throughout the golf course are thus able to show uniform time and prevent discrepancies of any kind related to time management. Soar outdoor clocks supported GPS device are the new time technology that golf courses across USA adapt, and you can go that way by installing elegant looking post clocks, clubhouse clocks and speed inspiring pace-of-play clocks for slow play. You can find the in bulk and get them customized to suit your golf course theme and you will certainly find the right price for them from the sellers and save money in plenty for your golf course. Clocks towers are associated with authority and strength, regality and grandeur besides being time tellers to thousands in a town or wherever they are installed. These towers are the appropriate publicity grabbers for your institutions if you are aiming for that or create a new landmark for your town that people will be proud to talk about. Advanced technology in time management devices have introduced digital and solar technologies to produce highly sophisticated tower clocks with self sustaining qualities. By installing one such tower in your premises you will raise the esteem of your organization or town as it will be referred by one and all as an important landmark. Tower clocks are custom built and they can be part of an existing structure or a lone standing edifice. You wil not find a better clock builder for your clock tower than Chomko LA as it has hundreds of them in the USA towns that are given the best time technology available. To build thematic clock towers call our numbers 404-334-0202 or (412) 482-3822.
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