Female Crush Friday: Park Shin Hye

For female crush friday, I have to go with my girl Park Shin Hye! She is literally my favorite korean actress. I will admit she isn't the best actress in kdrama land but she is still my fav. She is my ultimate bias! She was in the first kdrama I ever watched back in 2003 or so, Stairway to Heaven. She was only like 13 when she was in it and she was sooooooo adorable! It was my freshman year of high school when I watched it and I still remember my first thought, "omg... she is so adorable!!!!" lol I didn't see her in a drama again until You're beautiful. She was in other dramas such as Goong S, Tree of Heaven, and many more small roles but I didn't watch those until later. You're Beautiful was the drama that made me fall for her and made her my ultimate bias. I was going through some personal issues and lost interest in pretty much eveything. But You're Beautiful helped me get though it. It was just a coincidence that I happen to watch You're Beautiful during that time but I'm glad I did. it helped me a lot and cemented my love for Park Shin Hye and kdramas! She is so beautiful and on top of that, she is kind, nice, and an awesome person. All her co-stars compliment her on how down to earth she is and how easy she is to work with. She treats the staff amazingly well too! And you can't forget how amazing she treats her family to. She even helps out at her parent's restaurant when she has some time. Here are a set of PSH being cute and stuff! :) Her smile just captivates you and you just want to be friends with her. Her interactions with her fans at fan meets is just so adorable! I want to go to one of her fan meets some day!
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