4 Easy Ways To Whitsundays Scuba Diving

When we speak of travelling, we all make a wish list or a bucket list. Everyone will have a unique list but the fact remains that every bucket list will have some common elements. One such common element that you could see in everyone's bucket list is Scuba diving. Now that travelling is getting back to normalcy, if you are upto complete your scuba diving wish, then Whitsunday is your destination. Whitsunday located 55 kms away from Queensland, Australia, is a perfect destination for scuba diving. Whitsunday is a house for 74 tropical islands and thus a vast water expanse that promises a perfect scuba diving experience. A lot of tourists choose Whitsunday sailing and include scuba diving in it as it proves to be the best combo to explore the waters and marine life. So, here are some points that you need to follow to ensure smooth Whitsundays scuba diving Get the look: When you are going underwater, you need to have the right clothes to ensure complete safety. When you choose scuba diving, the charter is not responsible for the scuba kit. You should hire the same from a local store. There are many stores that offer the perfect scuba kit with the gear and all the other accessories that ensure you have a safe underwater experience. Get the certification: You may know how to swim, but that doesn't mean that you can just dive underwater. You need to get certified. Don't worry, you can get the certification by taking a few days of training before you actually scuba dive. There are certified agencies and trainers who offer this service. The certification can be taken at any of the beaches around Whitsunday. The certification includes some theory so if the trip is pre-planned you can finish the theory online and do the practical training after you reach Whitsunday. Choose the location: Completing the above two points prove that you are ready to take that leap under the water. However, as you are ready, the next crucial aspect that will define your diving experience is the location where you will scuba white. A random Whitsunday sailing would let you know that there are many places where you can dive. You can choose between blue pearl bay, Alcyonaria point, Eaglehawk reef and Great barrier reef. Each of these islands is rich in rare marine species.

10 Tips for sailing the Whitsunday islands

Whitsunday Islands are found between Australia, the northeast coast of Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef. There are hiking trails and white sandy beaches making the area an ideal holiday destination. Once there you can: Learn how to sail the 74 island wonders; the area offers pristine sailing, hence a better place to enroll in a sailing course and learn how to do it yourself. See the Heart Reef; the best way to see the Heart Reef is to go on a scenic flight. A scenic flight can last approximately an hour. Visit the Whitsunday Island; Go for the purest silica sand and pristine crystal clear waters. You can also go to spot rays gliding from Hill Inlet Lookout while catching a glimpse of the swirling sands. Go snorkeling and diving; Whitsundays is one of the gateways to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, the largest living thing on earth. For snorkeling, you can bring your own equipment or rent some beforehand. Diving in the Whitsunday is one of the spectacular underwater activities. Getting to see the unparalleled coral diversity and reef life is also one of the activities you can engage in. While there you can also visit the Whitsunday iconic dive scene; The Stepping stones and the cathedral. Get a picnic or lunch on a deserted beach; Heading over to a deserted beach gives a break from the hustle of the crowded beaches. One can enjoy peaceful picnics and amazing scenery. Sail over with your own boat or catch a water taxi for the ultimate experience.

7 perfect Whitsunday Adventures for Group Fun

Whitsunday is one of the highly sought-after tourist destinations in Australia. People love to enjoy the sunny beach and warm ocean water with their group of friends and family members. If you're too planning to hit the Whitsunday on your next adventure trip, we would like to recommend you some activities. Add them to your to-do list and explore them to maximize your group fun like never before. Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef is a great group activity that involves a lot of fun, adventure, and underwater excavation. If you start your boat ride from Cairns, you will get more than an hour to cruise. In favourable weather, you can get the best on-the-water experience at your favourite mooring from six reef locations. We recommend visiting the Saxon reef or Norman reef in the morning and continuing with north Hastings reef in the afternoon. The great barrier reef has spectacular marine life filled with colourful fishes and corals. Make sure to carry your snorkelling equipment with you. Relax at the Sunset Sail Don’t miss out on the crimson sunset while sailing the Whitsundays. Pull back your arms chair and watch the sunset painting the sky with crimson. Surrounded by the crystal blue water of Hamilton Island, this leisure sunset sail at the Whitsundays is a great way to unwind and drench yourselves with the stunning location surrounding you. Your fun will surely multiply with some complimentary drinks and light snacks.