This is my entry for the B.A.P. FanFic contest. Tagging the Matoki Team: @MaeLyn, @ChaErica, @XxGummybear92xX, @yehetmyohorat97, @Starbell808 You and Yongguk had been best friends for as long as you could remember. Your parents joked that you were best of friends since you were in the womb. Both of your mothers had been best friends since kindergarten and just happened to get pregnant with you both at the same time. From the day the two of you were released from the hospital as newborns, your moms had set you up on play dates, so it was no surprise that you two became inseparable. You could tell each other anything and knew everything about one another. You couldn’t remember going even one day without talking to each other. Growing up, everyone referred to you as the two peas in a pod, or as your mothers said two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. That was why nobody was surprised when you two decided to move to Seoul in order to pursue the dreams you had discussed since you were young children. You hoped to become a renowned actress, and Yongguk was planning on pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper and music producer. After moving to Seoul you both went through many challenges on the path to achieving your dreams, but luckily you had each other. Any time you faced a challenge, Yongguk was just a phone call or text away to help you get through it, and you repaid the favor whenever he needed it. Before you knew it both of your dreams were realized. You started getting cast in TV dramas, and Yongguk became the leader, main rapper, and producer of the idol group B.A.P. You both became increasingly busy with your schedules, but that didn’t stop you from talking everyday or seeing each other whenever your schedules would allow. The rest of the members always joked that you were the honorary member of the group, since you spent so much time with Yongguk, and the rest of the boys. Over time, you started to count them as some of your best friends as well. Although it was wonderful having great friends that made being away from home easier, getting close to them meant they were able to discover your deep dark secret that you were in love with Yongguk. You had a crush on Yongguk since you were five. Pretty much everyone back home, and now his fellow members all could tell how you felt about him. He seemed to be the only one oblivious to your feelings. You were okay with that however, because you were never going to tell him how you really felt. You didn’t want anything to destroy the friendship that the two of you had cultivated over the years and which meant so much to you. Despite all the teasing you had to endure at the hands of the boys of B.A.P. when you were alone with them, they had sworn never to divulge your secret. You knew you could count on them, because they knew how much damage could be done, if your relationship with Yongguk fell apart. Ever since you were young, Yongguk suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Growing up the attacks were relatively infrequent, but you had witnessed a few episodes. Whenever Yongguk was having a tough time, he would turn to you and you were usually able to help him through it. After moving to Seoul, you noticed that the episodes of anxiety and panic attacks started to get worse and would happen more frequently. It was clear that the busier Yongguk got, and the more responsibility that he had to take on as leader really affected him. The guys were really good and accepting of Yongguk and would try to help him, if they could tell he was having a tough time, but the truth was you were the only one who was really able to pull him out of his funk when his anxiety hit at full force. Anytime the group was making a comeback, or was busy with promotions you expected a call. You knew that B.A.P. was planning a comeback, it was all the guys would talk about whenever you saw them, so you were expecting there to be another episode since you knew how much stress Yongguk would be under, but you weren’t expecting it to be as bad as Himchan described when he called you late one night. “Hi Y/N.” “Hi Channie, what are you doing calling so late?” You asked. “We need your help. Yongguk is a mess. He hasn’t slept or eaten in days, and has barely left the studio. When we try to get him to leave, he just gets mad at us and locks us out. We don’t know what to do. We met with PDnim and he is thinking of forcing him to take a break and go away for a while. We know Yongguk would never do it willingly, so we were wondering if you could maybe talk him into it.” Himchan explained. “When was PDnim planning on sending him on the trip?” You asked. “As soon as possible. He wants him to get better quickly.” “Himchan, I’m scheduled to start filming my drama in a few days, could you go with him?” You asked. “I tried suggesting that to Yongguk before calling you since I knew you had your own schedule, but he refused. PDnim wants someone to go with him so he gets distracted from work. Do you think you could maybe see if filming could be postponed just a week? We really have no other options right now.” “I will call my manager and see what I can do and let you know.” “Thanks Y/N, we really owe you.” After getting off the phone with Himchan, you had a lot to think about.

Under the Christmas Tree

Hi Everyone! This is my entry for the Holiday Fanfic Contest. I hope you all enjoy my story! Tagging the Moderators: @Bangtanss @resavalencia @Junhwanbae92 @MattK95 @BBxGD @MelissaGarza @JiyongLeo @Isolate @MonAnnahiX @BrennaTran @Helixx @AimeeH @royalpandajedi @Qilin94 @Storiamom426 @KaiLuhan4ever @JordanShuler @ChaErica @StefaniTre @KokoroNoTakara Christmas time had always been your favorite time of year. The decorations, the food, and the music always made you so happy. Ever since you were a little girl, you looked forward to Christmas Eve the most. Your family always had a Christmas Eve party, which you looked forward to every year, and the anticipation of waking up on Christmas Day, to a tree surrounded by gifts made it even more magical. This year was going to be different though. It would be your first Christmas away from your family. You had moved to Seoul to be with your boyfriend, whom you had met when you were interning abroad two years ago, for Cube Entertainment. Although you were so happy to be in Seoul with your boyfriend Hyunsik, you couldn’t help but miss your family especially this time of year. You had expected to spend the holidays with your boyfriend, but unfortunately, he had last minute overseas promotions for his group BTOB and would be away for the holidays. It was always tough when he had to go away for work, but you knew what your were getting in to when you started dating an idol. And when he was around, you knew that you made the right decision to be with him. You had never been so happy in your life, as you were when you were with him. It was Christmas Eve, and your apartment was decorated, you had baked some delicious sugar cookies, and you were about to sit down with a glass of wine and your favorite holiday movie, ‘Love Actually’, when you heard your phone going off. You saw it was Hyunsik Facetiming you, and picked it up right away. “Hi Jagiya. Merry Christmas Eve!” Your boyfriend greeted you. “Hi Hyunsik oppa. Merry Christmas Eve to you too! How is everything going?” You asked. “Everything is going well, we finally have some down time so we are all at the hotel. I thought I would call you before I went to bed.” “I’m glad you did, I’ve been missing you!” You told him. “I know Jagiya, I miss you too.” “Hyunsik-ah do you want to see the apartment, I finished decorating?” You asked. You and Hyunsik had bought the Christmas tree together, but he had left before you had a chance to decorate together. “Of course, I can’t wait to see it,” he said. You took him all around the apartment to show him everything that you had done. “Jagiya, it looks wonderful,” he said after you finished your tour. “I can’t wait to see it when I get home.” “I can’t wait for you too see it either.” “Who are all of the presents for?” Hyunsik asked. “Most are for you, and some are for the boys,” you answered. “If you could have anything under the tree, when you wake up tomorrow, what would it be?” Hyunsik asked. “Hmmm, if I could have anything under the tree, I think I would want it to be you, so we could spend Christmas together.” You answered. “I wish I could be there.” Hyunsik responded. “Although I can’t be there tomorrow, I will be home to spend New Years with you, and I can’t wait!” Your boyfriend told you. “I can’t wait to see you then,” you responded. “Now I will let you go so you can get some sleep, you must be tired.” You told your hardworking boyfriend. “Goodnight Jagiya, saranghae, and Merry Christmas.” “Saranghae Hyunsik, Merry Christmas to you too!” After hanging up from your call with your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but miss him even more. You settled in to watch your movie, and before you knew it the movie was over and you were ready to go to bed. You were exhausted from all of your decorating and baking, so as soon as your head hit the pillow, you fell into a deep sleep. Before you knew it however, you were awoken by the smell of coffee. You rolled over to look at the clock and saw that it was only 8:00 in the morning. You didn’t think you had set your coffee maker to make coffee before you woke up, since you had been planning on sleeping in, but you figured if the coffee was made, you might as well get up. You put on your fuzzy slippers and robe, and started to go to the kitchen, when you stopped. Right in front of your Christmas tree was Hyunsik. “Hyunsik-ah what are you doing here?” You questioned as you ran into his arms, for one of his magical hugs, which you had been longing for over the past two weeks. “Well Jagiya, I couldn’t imagine being away from you on Christmas, so I came back a little early.” “I’m so happy you are here!” You exclaimed. “Why don’t you open your presents, and then I will make us some breakfast.” “Okay, Jagiya.” The two of you sat down by the tree, and Hyunsik opened his gifts. Luckily you knew him so well, that all of your gifts were a success. “Jagiya, I’m sorry I don’t have many gifts for you. I didn’t have much time to go shopping.” Hyunsik told you with a sad look on his face. “Don’t worry, you being here is all I ever wanted for Christmas anyway.” You told him. “I was able to get one gift, while I was away, but you have to close your eyes.” Hyunsik told you. You closed your eyes, and waited patiently to see what the gift was that he had in store for you. You heard Hyunsik go into another room, and when he had settled back in to his spot near you, he told you to open your eyes. As you opened your eyes, you couldn’t believe the sight in front of you. Hyunsik on one knee, with a black jewelry box in his hands. “Jagiya, ever since the day I met you I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. When I’m with you there isn’t anywhere else I would rather be, and when I’m away from you I look forward to coming home to you. Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and be my wife?” He opened the box in his hands and your eyes fell on the most beautiful diamond ring you had ever seen. When you had gone to bed the night before, you never expected that you would wake up on Christmas Day to see you boyfriend, and to get a proposal. “Yes, of course I will marry you,” you squealed in excitement as you threw your arms around him, and sealed your future together with a kiss. As the two of you cuddled on the couch in front of your beautiful Christmas tree, and with the beautiful ring on your finger, you couldn’t imagine a greater Christmas. Everything you had ever dreamed of had been under the Christmas tree, just like you had wanted.

Midnight Masquerade

My entry for the Halloween One Shot Event Tagging: @resavalencia @Junhwanbae92 @Bangtanss @BBxGD @KwonOfAKind @MelissaGarza @luna1171 @Storiamom426 @JiyongLeo @Isolate @MonAnnahiX @lovetop @VixenViVi @KaiLuhan4ever @SugaKookieV @BrennaTran @IsoldaPazo @ChaErica @Helixx @StefaniTre @Tigerlily84 @VKookie47 @Qilin94 @AimeeH @royalpandajedi @DayDaySMDC @KokoroNoTakara You had been working at Starship Entertainment now for almost a year, and you couldn’t believe how fast time had flown by. When you had first received the job offer to work as an International Marketing Associate at a Korean Entertainment company, and you decided to accept the job offer, everyone thought you were crazy. You would have to leave behind your family and friends and start fresh in a new country where you knew no one. At first you thought that taking the job wouldn’t be the right decision, but as soon as you arrived in Seoul, you knew you were right where you belonged. It didn’t take long for you to settle in to your new job and new life. Although you did miss everyone that you left behind in the U.S., you loved your job, and you had quickly become friends with several of your coworkers. For your work, you assisted in creating marketing campaigns for the comebacks of the several idol groups at Starship Entertainment. Recently, your boss had told you that the next campaign you would be working on was MonstaX’s. You were excited to work on this campaign, because although you weren’t really supposed to have a favorite group within the company, they were by far your favorites. Since you started your job, you thought it would be important for you to get an idea of the music and artists that you would be creating campaigns for, and their music definitely captured your attention the most. You also happened to run into the members of MonstaX at the office, most frequently. Even though you were new and not supposed to interact with the artists outside of a professional capacity, if you walked by them in the hall they were always sure to greet you. You really couldn’t wait to create an amazing marketing campaign for their comeback. As you were sitting in your office working on some ideas for the new marketing campaign, you heard a knock on your door. Before you could tell the person on the other side of the door to enter, your best friend came flying in. “Y/N-ah, you will never guess what was just announced!” “Hye Jin, what was announced?” You asked, curious as to what the big news would be. “The date and theme of the Starship Entertainment Halloween Party has been announced”. Ever since you had started at the company, you had heard about the infamous Halloween party. Everyone within the company, from employees to the artists, were usually in attendance. Although everyone else had been looking forward to the Halloween party since the day after last year’s, you didn’t share the same excitement. You had never been a fan of Halloween. You always felt as though it was a holiday that gave adults an excuse to act like fools, and every Halloween party you had ever been to was a major let down. “Y/N, guess what the theme is,” your friend Hye Jin said, barely containing her excitement. “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me.” “It’s going to be a masquerade ball, and it’s this Saturday! We are going to have so much fun!” “I don’t think I’m going to go,” you said in response. “Why wouldn’t you go, it’s the best party of the year, and the theme is the best ever. You have to go, and I’m not taking no for an answer.” After going back and forth with your best friend about attending the party, you realized that you would not get her to let you skip it, so you reluctantly agreed to go. “Yay! We can go shopping for it after work,” Hye Jin decided. “Alright, I will see you after work,” you responded before ushering her out of your office so you could get back to what you were supposed to be doing, which was your job. The rest of the day flew by and before you knew it, you were meeting Hye Jin to go find something to wear to a party you didn’t even want to attend. Before you knew it, 5:00 pm had arrived and it was time for you to go shopping. You met Hye Jin outside of the office. As soon as you excited the building, Hye Jin was grabbing your arm and dragging you to the nearest store. By late that evening, it seemed as though you had been to at least 20 stores and still hadn’t found anything, when Hye Jin brought you down a side street. You passed by several run down shops that were all closed, and were continuing on your way when you heard Hye Jin call your name. “Y/N, come back I found the store!” “What store?” you asked, unaware that Hye Jin had taken you down the desolate street for a reason. “I heard that there was a hidden store down one of these streets, which has been around for decades. They sell all sorts of masks and other artifacts.” The two of you entered the store, and you couldn’t believe what you saw. Unlike the outside of the building, the inside was clean and light, and filled with what seemed like hundreds of sparkling masquerade masks and other items. You and Hye Jin started looking at all of the beautiful masks. As you were looking at the masks and trying to pick the perfect ones for the Halloween party, the owner of the store appeared out of nowhere. “Annyeonghaseyo, may I help you two?” “Yes, my friend and I are looking for masks for a Halloween party in a few days,” Hye Jin responded. “I think I have just what you need,” the shopkeeper said, as she started leading you to the back of the store. She brought you to a glass case in the back that held a few of masks. The masks held in the case were the most beautiful masks you had ever seen and you assumed that they would be ridiculously expensive. The shopkeeper opened the masks and pulled two out. One of which was a gold mask that was bejeweled with beautiful pink stones, the other was a deep emerald green. The shopkeeper handed the green mask to Hye Jin, and handed you the gold mask. As soon as the mask hit your hands, a look came over the shopkeepers face and out of nowhere the shopkeeper uttered, “death tore you a part, but under the full moon, fate will reunite you. You must survive this time.” As quickly as the change came over the shopkeeper, she returned to her initial state. “What was that, you said?” You asked the shopkeeper. “Oh, I don’t know what you are talking about, but please take this mask it seems to be perfect for you.” The shopkeeper packaged up both masks for you and Hye Jin, and after thanking her for her assistance, you exited the shop. As you were walking back home with Hye Jin, you couldn’t help but think about what had happened at the shop. “Don’t you think the shopkeeper was a little strange, when she started talking about death and fate?” You asked Hye Jin. “I’m sure it was nothing, she was probably just trying to be festive, since we were shopping for Halloween. Maybe she thought if she started saying creepy things, we would be more inclined to buy something,” Hye Jin responded. You decided that you wouldn’t think about what the shopkeeper had said any longer, Hye Jin was probably right, it was probably just a marketing technique. As you arrived at your apartment, you and Hye Jin agreed to go shopping for dresses to go with your masks the next day at lunch, and parted ways. As soon as you entered your apartment, you pulled out the mask. You put the mask on and it fit perfectly, as though it was actually made for your face. You were exhausted from the marathon shop that Hye Jin had forced you to go on, so you put the mask back in its box and got ready for bed. You fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow, but that night you had the strangest dream. You dreamt that you were running through a grand mansion, which felt as though you had lived there your whole life. As you ran through the halls, you kept calling out to someone. You finally reached the end of the hall as a gunshot rang out. As you entered the room, you saw a man on the ground and another man holding a gun and standing above the dead man’s body. As the dream ended you let out a horrific scream and you awoke drenched in sweat with tears running down your cheeks. Although you didn’t recognize the mansion or the men in your dream, even though you only saw the face of the man with the gun, and you were wearing period clothes in the dream, it felt as though you had lived through it before. The fear and pain you felt had seemed so real. You looked at the alarm clock next to your bed and saw that it was 6:00 am. Since the dream had affected you so much, you decided to just wake up and get ready for the day, while trying to push your dream from your mind.

Imperfect Love (Leo One Shot)

It had been weeks since you and your boyfriend had broken up. You had quickly gotten over him, much to your surprise, but the hardest part of the whole ordeal was the fact that you were now living alone in a foreign country. When your boyfriend of over a year and a half accepted a job offer in Seoul and asked you to join him, you were skeptical at first. After mulling it over, you thought maybe it was time for a new adventure. Everyone warned you that it was a mistake, but your heart wouldn’t let you listen. It wasn’t long after you moved to Seoul that you realized everyone was right. The guy that you thought you knew and loved wasn’t really who you thought he was. It took finding him in bed with another woman to make you realize the truth. After his profuse apologies and trying to make it work, you decided it wasn’t worth it and you ended things with him. Luckily, you had been able to get a job and that was helping to distract you from everything, but when you weren’t at work you were at your apartment alone. There was only one option to battle the loneliness, and that was to get a pet. After doing some research, you found that there was an animal shelter just a few blocks from your apartment, so one day after work you stopped by. You didn’t know what to expect when you arrived, and you didn’t even know if you would actually get a pet, but as soon as you walked inside you knew you were at the right place. Immediately you saw a number of cute dogs and cats ready for their forever home. You noticed that at the front of the shelter there was a woman around your age. “Hi, I’m Soo Young. How can I help you?” The young woman asked. “Hi I’m Y/N. I’m looking to adopt a pet.” You told her. “What kind of pet are you looking for?” “I’m thinking about getting a cat, but I don’t know what I will want until I see it. As long as it’s friendly and doesn’t mind cuddling, I will be happy.” You said with a laugh. “Okay, well let’s go take a look and see what we can find you.” Soo Young said as she stepped from behind the counter, to start the tour of the shelter. As you walked along through the shelter you saw lots of cute animals, but didn’t see one that spoke to you (as crazy as that sounded, even to yourself). Just when you were about to give up, you walked past another room of animals. “What’s in there?” “Those are the animals that have been too difficult to find homes for.” “Can I take a look in there?” “Of course,” Soo Young responded. As you entered the room, you noticed that there was another person in the room. “Leo this is Y/N, Y/N this is Leo. Leo volunteers here sometimes.” “Hi Leo, nice to meet you.” You say in greeting. The only response you receive is a brief nod and cool stare from the most handsome guy you had ever seen. Before you can say anything else, he had returned his attention back to the animal he was playing with, as though he hadn’t even noticed you in the room. You continued to walk around the room looking at the animals. As you walked around, you couldn’t help feeling the stare of piercing eyes on the back of your neck. Suddenly, you came across the cutest cat that you had ever seen. He was a tiny orange tabby cat that was missing one eye. “I want to adopt him please.” You told Soo Young. “Are you sure? He has been here for a while and no one has even considered adopting him. We have plenty of cats in perfect condition, why don’t you look at them again.” “No thanks,” you responded. “I want this cat. Even imperfect things need love.” Since Soo Young could tell she wouldn’t be able to talk you into adopting another cat, she got you started on the paper work. After filling out the adoption forms and picking out some cat supplies, you picked up your new friend who you decided to name Simba, and headed home. The trip to the shelter proved to be very successful. Not only did you get a new pet, Soo Young had also invited you to volunteer at the shelter a few times each week if you were available, which you had quickly agreed to. It didn’t take you and Simba long to bond and before you knew it whenever you were at your apartment, he would be right by your side. You were very happy with Simba and couldn’t wait to start volunteering at the shelter. The Tuesday after you picked Simba up, you went to the shelter for your first volunteer shift. Soo Young had you play with the animals, make sure they were groomed, feed them, and help to clean out their kennels. As the weeks passed, you and Soo Young became good friends. Although you enjoyed your time at the shelter immensely, there was one thing that bothered you. That was the mysterious Leo. You noticed that he was also there on Tuesdays, but he had yet to utter a word to you. You had tried to talk to him several times, but in response you only received cold stares. Honestly, you thought he might have had a problem with you, but he wasn’t much better with Soo Young. Although he barely talked to you two, his demeanor towards the animals was completely different. He was tender and loving with them, and every now and again you would hear the most beautiful voice singing to them. As time passed you couldn’t help but notice that your feelings were growing for the beautiful and mysterious stranger. You had decided that you were going to get closer to Leo and make him talk to you, at least once. One day, when you were alone with Soo Young, you decided to question her about Leo. “Why does Leo never talk?” You asked her. “I don’t know. The owner of the shelter brought him in one day and said that he would be helping out here. I asked the owner why Leo never talks and all he said was that something happened to him but they didn’t know what. He’s good with the animals and likes being here so we don’t really ask any questions.” “Oh, I see.” After that the conversation about Leo ended. Shortly after you had the conversation, that only made you more curious about Leo, you started to head home. Before you knew what was happening, you felt a hand clamp over your mouth and you were pulled into a dark alleyway. “Give me all of your money and you won’t get hurt.” Came the deep and raspy voice of the scary man who had taken you. As quickly as you were grabbed, you were released when another imposing figure came into the alleyway and started to beat your attacker. You were frozen in fear, unsure of what to do, when you noticed that the person who had come to save you was Leo. Soon you noticed that your attacker lay on the ground unconscious, as Leo was on top of him, unrelenting in his defense of you. Although the person in front of you was not the Leo you knew from the shelter, you knew not to be afraid of him. Eventually, you were able to move from your frozen position of fear to pull Leo off the attacker and call the police. The police arrived quickly after you called. As they escorted the attacker away, you told them what had happened and how Leo had saved you. Shortly after your statement was given, you were allowed to leave. “Thank you for saving me.” You said to Leo. You were hoping for some response, and only got a slight nod in return. You looked down and noticed that Leo’s hands were cut and bruised from his fight with the attacker. “Why, don’t we go back to my apartment so I can take care of your hands. It’s the least I can do since you saved my life.” You told Leo. You could tell he was hesitant to go with you, but you grabbed his arm and led the way. You entered your apartment and led Leo to the living room. As you went to get your medical supplies to take care of Leo’s hands, you noticed that Simba made a beeline directly to Leo’s lap. “If you don’t want Simba on your lap, feel free to push him off. He loves sitting on people, but if you don’t push him off quick enough, he will be sitting on you for hours.” You say to Leo, as you sit down on the couch and grab one of his hands. As you start to clean the cuts, you hear Leo speak to you for the first time. “No, it’s okay. I miss Simba.” You were taken aback by the sound of his voice, because you had never heard a voice so soft and beautiful. You definitely didn’t expect it to come from him. “What do you mean you miss Simba?” You asked, hoping to keep the conversation flowing. “He was my favorite animal at the shelter. We are a lot alike. I miss him, but I can tell he is in a good home, so I’m happy.” “Well, he obviously misses you too, so you can come by anytime to visit.” You tell Leo. After your brief exchange, you fall into a comfortable silence as you finish cleaning and bandaging Leo’s hands. As you go to put the medical supplies away, you hear the door to your apartment open and close, and you knew that Leo had left.

Meant to Be: Chanyeol One Shot

This is my entry for @SarahVanDorn's EXO Fan Fic Contest. Tagging EXO Mod @Tigerlily84 and Mod Support @PrincessUnicorn and @AimeeH Genre: Fluff Word Count: 1500 “Hi Yifan” you said into the phone. “I know you are busy but I thought maybe you could take a break. I got tickets to that art exhibit, I was telling you about the other day, and thought maybe you would want to go with me.” “I really can’t today, and anyways you know I’m not into museums.” said your boyfriend of two years. “Do you know what today is?” You asked. “Wednesday” was the only response you got. After several months of being practically ignored by your boyfriend, you weren’t surprised by his answer, but you also couldn’t help the rising feeling of disappointment that you could feel in the pit of your stomach. “After two years, you would think you would remember your girlfriend’s birthday, but I guess that’s just too much for me to expect.” “Oh sorry, I forgot that was today, maybe we can celebrate this weekend.” Yifan’s go to response whenever you brought his lack of attention in to focus, was to apologize and try to make it up to you, but it never really worked. You couldn’t help but remember all of the missed dates and after months you were done. “Forget it, why are we even doing this anymore? I know you are busy but I’m not asking for much. All I ever want is an hour of your time every now and again, on the rare occasions that I do get to see you; you make it obvious you would rather be anywhere else. I’m done trying so hard to make this relationship work and I’m done with you.” You honestly were hoping that he would at least try to get you to rethink your decision to end the relationship, but you weren’t shocked when he agreed that would be for the best and hung up the phone call. You definitely never imagined that you would be spending your 25th birthday breaking up with your boyfriend. And the thought of spending the day alone, wallowing in self-pity, did not excite you. Just as you got yourself prepared to spend the day watching sappy romance movies, eating junk food and drinking wine, your phone went off. You looked at the caller ID to see the name of one of your best friends, Chanyeol. Yifan had introduced you to Chanyeol, when they were in the same band, but it didn’t take long for you and him to become great friends. It was as though you had known each other forever. When Yifan left the group, you assumed you two would grow distant but nothing actually changed between you two. When his schedule would allow, Chanyeol would always try to hang out with you. Over the last two years you had spent more time with your friend, than you did with your now ex-boyfriend.

Birthday Wish

The birthday boy Taeyang inspired me to write my first fan fic! I hope you all enjoy! To the world he was Taeyang an international superstar in one of the most popular boy bands out of Korea, Big Bang, but to you he was Dong Young-Bae, your goofy, caring and wonderful best friend who you had known your whole life, well since you were five years old. You still remember the day you first met, as though it was just yesterday. The moment that would change your life forever occurred on a beautiful summer day while you were playing at the neighborhood park. You were playing on the slide with some of your friends, when you accidentally fell off scraping your hands and knees, which caused you to immediately burst out crying (back in the day you were a bit of a baby). All of the other kids started to laugh at you, which only upset you further, when a new kid whom you had never seen before approached you. From your position on the ground, you remember looking up into the friendly face of a boy with a big goofy grin. “I’m Dong Young-Bae, I just moved to the neighborhood,” he said introducing himself. “Are you okay?” he asked. You never would have guessed that moment would lead to the start of a lifelong friendship. It wasn’t long after that day in the park that you two became inseparable. Even after 20 plus years of friendship, you going off to University and him becoming an international superstar, you felt as though nothing had changed. No matter where life took you, you always had each other. You spoke on the phone or Face Time almost everyday, and when your schedules would allow you would fall back into the same old habit of getting together to each junk food and watch trashy TV shows. Over the years, you had spent so much time at the dorms with Young-Bae, that his brothers referred to you as the honorary Big Bang member. Although you valued your friendship with Young-Bae more than anything, you had made the realization that you didn’t want to just be friends. You were in love with him, and had been in love with him for almost the whole duration of your friendship. Tonight was that night you were going to confess, you just hoped it wouldn’t ruin the most important relationship that you had. When you and Young-Bae were thirteen you started a birthday tradition. You would sneak to each other’s house a few minutes before midnight on the night of the birthday, with a cupcake and candle, so you could sneak in one last wish on your birthday. This was when you would give your gift as well. Thinking back on all of the years that passed since the tradition started, you don’t think either of you had missed a birthday. That is why you decided that tonight, on Young-Bae’s 29th Birthday; you would use this tradition to confess your feelings for him. His group mates had all decided to throw a big party for him at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city of Seoul. Although, you knew it would be a fun party, you didn’t know how you would be able to sit through the party, since you knew you would be a nervous wreck. After spending the whole day baking Young-Bae’s favorite cupcakes, chocolate with chocolate frosting, and beautifying you head off to the party. You get to the party and are blown away by how beautiful the restaurant was, the boys did a great job prepping for the party too. There were decorations everywhere, tons of people, and great music playing throughout the venue. After taking a scan of the room, your eyes land on the birthday boy himself. As you looked at him you could feel the butterflies in your stomach getting worse then they were, because of course he had to look even handsomer on his birthday than he does any other day of the week. You approach him and give him a big hug and wish him a happy birthday. “Thanks Y/N, I’m so glad you are here finally, now you can come and mingle with me, I feel like I don’t know half the people here”, he said to you as he took your hand to go chitchat with the other guests at the party. Although you try to help him out, because you know he hates that sort of thing since he is so shy, it is hard for you to pay attention to the conversations at hand because of the built up nerves for your confession that you can’t help but keep thinking about. Luckily for you the night flies by. Before you know it, everyone has had dinner, speeches for the birthday boy have been made, and the official birthday cake has been cut. After spending what seems like hours on the dance floor with Young-Bae and the boys, you look at your phone and realize it is 11:55 pm, time for you to take the biggest risk of your life. “Young-Bae, come out onto the balcony with me, I have a surprise for you,” you say as you pull him off the dance floor and into the refreshing spring air. Once outside, you marvel at the beautiful view of Seoul and the beautiful man who is standing next to you. You turn to Young-Bae with his special birthday cupcake, with one lit candle in your hands. “I know you already made a wish on your birthday cake awhile ago, but you need to make one more before the clock strikes midnight, it’s tradition” you say. Young-Bae complies with your request with just a minute to spare before midnight. “What did you wish for?” You ask him. “No wait, don’t tell me, if you tell me it won’t come true. You have to pinky promise me that when it does come true, you will tell me.” “Okay, I promise” Young-Bae says as you two intertwine your fingers in an actual pinky promise. “Now, it’s time for your present, but you have to close your eyes and wait, I have to go get it,” you tell him.