디즈니 유명 영화 피아노 앨범 (강추~)
옹~~ 이거 듣고 나서 넘 좋아서 (계속 요즘 밤에 틀어두고 있네요) 빙글러 분들 좋아하실 것 같아 공유드려요. 밤에 기분 울적하실 때 들어도 좋고, 아이 자장가용 들으셔도 좋을 것 같고, 남자친구/남편과 분위기 낼 때도 좋아요. 잔잔하면서도 약간은 익숙한 멜로디들이 기분을 차분히 up 해주네요! 꼭 들어보세요~~~~ (두가지 버전 첨부했어요 둘다 좋아요. ) 1. Disney Piano Collection for Studying, Concentrating, Sleeping RELAXING PIANO 1.Snow White Medley 0:00 2.Cinderella Medley 03:05 3.I See The Light / Tangled 06:55 4.Out There 10:27 5.Reflections 13:07 6.True Loves Kiss 16:35 7.Steamboat Willie 19:17 8.Minnie's Yoo Hoo. 21:43 9.A Smile and a Song 23:18 10.The Second Star To The Right 25:11 11.Littel Mermaid Medley 29:10 12.Beauty and the Beast 38:28 13.Arabian Night 41:10 14.Proud of Your Boy 42:20 15.A Whole New World 44:52 16.Color Of The Wind 47:36 17.Someday 51:12 18.Go The Distance 54:14 19.When She Loved Me 57:13 20.Magical Moment 01:00:24 21.Season Of Heart 01:04:02 22.Do You Want To Build A Snowman 01:08:19 22.For The First Time In Forever 01:12:00 23.Love Is An Open Door 1:15:37 24.In Summer 01:17:18 25.Let It Go(Original Arranged Version)01:19:01 26.Bella Notte Original Orchestra Arranged ver 01:23:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7dkf... 27.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Original Arranged ver. 01:27:00 2. Piano Collection - Full Album (Disney) RELAXING PIANO by Hirohashi Makiko 이건 찾아보니 CD로도 굉장히 많이 팔렸는데, 유튭에 올려있더라고요 :-)! ㅎㅎ 그리고 이 두개 디즈니 피아노 앨범 말고도 아래 보너스로 추가했어요! 그것도 보세요. CD1 01. Beauty and the Beast (From 'Beauty and the Beast') (0:00) 02. Someday My Prince Will Come (From 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs') (04:15) 03. Alice in Wonderland (From 'Alice in Wonderland') (07:49) 04. La La Lu (From 'Lady and the Tramp') (12:28) 05. Winnie the Pooh (From 'Winnie the Pooh') (16:05) 06. The Second Star to the Right (From 'Peter Pan') (20:09) 07. Colors of the Wind (From 'Pocahontas') (24:31) 08. Reflection (From 'Mulan') (29:02) 09. Once Upon a Dream (From 'Sleeping Beauty') (33:38) 10. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From 'The Lion King') (38:13) CD2 01. Let It Go (From 'Frozen') (42:01) 02. Part of Your World (From 'The Little Mermaid') (46:36) 03. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (From 'Cinderella') (51:24) 04. When She Loved Me (From 'Toy Story 2') (56:01) 05. Go the Distance (From 'Hercules') (01:00:37) 06. If I Didn't Have You (From 'Monsters, Inc.') (01:04:28) 07. It's a Small World (01:08:20) 08. I See the Light (From 'Tangled') (01:11:33) 09. A Whole New World (From 'Aladdin') (01:16:09) 10. When You Wish upon a Star (From 'Pinocchio') (01:20:40) 3. 쇼팽, 모짜르트, 베토벤 등 유명 피아노 음악을 모아둔 BEST Collection 기분이 멜랑꼴리 할 때 꼭 듣는거에요. 요건 보너스로 추가해봅니다~