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Final Season of Glee Begins: What to Expect
Well, after many thrown slushies, inappropriate relationships and over-the-top musical extravaganzas from high school hallways to New York sidewalks, our time with Glee is coming to an end. This show has been up and down for me - but something about it kept me coming back. Probably the musical performances, because I kind of lost interest in the plot. After the terribly tragic passing of Cory Monteith, I think it was inevitably hard to come back to how things would've been. But they've done a great job of pushing forward with alternative storylines, and now the adventure is coming to an end. The final season starts tonight! Vulture has a great article on what to expect from this final season: "With Corey Monteith’s untimely death just before season five began filming, Glee's endgame underwent a shakeup. Reportedly, a Monteith-inclusive season six would have focused on Finn reuniting with Rachel in Ohio. Now the season looks to place Rachel into the role of Glee Club reviver, with Sam likely playing some part, since he’s fully embedded in McKinley, too. As far as couples, there's Kurt and Blaine, naturally. Brittany and Santana, who wrapped filming on the season earlier than many of the other characters, look to get their own happy ending, and other favorite pairs will at least get cursory moments as Ryan Murphy ties a big bow on his teenage musical." Somewhat inevitably, I suppose, the attached trailer shows that Lea Michele will at some point be singing "Let It Go!" If you follow the attached Vulture link, they also have a recap of where we're at in the story and where the current characters are at. I'm actually pretty excited to see how things end!