Exercise inspiration
Exercise inspiration
10 Best Yoga Poses for Sleep
Will we never stop learning about the health benefits of practicing yoga? Yoga is proven to lower stress levels and help manage anxiety. It can even combat restlessness and insomnia! So next time you're looking for a natural sleep aid to get a great night's sleep, try these soothing pre-bedtime poses! Easy Forward Bend Fold your body forward at the hips, and place hands and forearms flat on the floor. Sit on a pillow if that's more comfortable. Standing Forward Bend Stand with your feet a few inches apart and reach for the ground, bending your knees as much as needed to relieve any strain. Sway gently from side to side, and let tension melt out of your legs. Child's Pose From a kneeling position, fold your body forward, placing hands and head on the floor. This is maybe the most comforting yoga pose ever. Plow Pose Holding this position for 1-5 minutes can help you fall asleep easier. Lay on your back, and lift legs over your head until they touch the floor behind you. Place hands on back for support, or press them flat into the ground. Legs Up The Wall Another pose that you can hold for 1-5 minutes to promote relaxation. Put your legs up flat against the wall, resting your head on the floor or on a pillow. Corpse Pose It's got a creepy name, but it's really quite relaxing. Straighten your body as much as possible, aligning your hips and shoulders, with your arms at your sides. Focus on your breathing – inhale good energy, and exhale the stresses of your day. Supine Spinal Twist Start on your back, bring your knees up towards your chest, and then let them fall to one side while keeping your shoulders and opposite arm flat on the floor. It'll give you a nice, comforting back stretch. Seated Spinal Twist It combines a gentle back stretch with a sense of relaxation. Cross right leg over the left and hug it to your chest, then look over your right shoulder while keeping spine straight and strong. Reclining Butterfly Lie on your back, bring your feet together, and splay your legs out in a diamond shape. You can place a cushion under each knee if it's more comfortable. Place your arms above your head as shown, or let them rest on your belly. Left Nostril Breathing I don't pretend to know why this works, but some people swear by it. Close your right nostril with your thumb, and take five to ten deep breaths through your left nostril. By now, you should be relaxed enough to fall asleep! Vinglers, has meditation or yoga ever helped you fall asleep? Meditation has worked wonders for me, but I'm excited to try some yoga next! {Source}