Live Match Reports
Live Match Reports
CONCACAF Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Alajuelense-Montreal
Tonight, the Canadian Cup Champions and MLS side Montreal Impact try to become the first Canadian side to ever reach the CONCACAF Champions League Final, and first MLS side to do so since the 2010-2011 Real Salt Lake squad. From Costa Rica, the Impact with a 2-0 aggregate lead after the first leg will look to secure a final birth. In 2009 the Impact held the same lead after a 1st leg at home only to lose 5-4 on aggregate to Santos. 1' - Here we go. Underway! Not an Impact fan but the MLS could benefit from a Champions League Finalist! Go Impact! 5' - Montreal forward early. They want that 3-0 lead and I can't blame them but they have to be careful not to get caught here. 7' - Shot from about 30 yards out skips along the turf and on goal but inches wide. Early scare for Montreal. They gave him the space, inviting the shot on there. 12' - McInerney showing his skill there, helping to move the ball forward for a throw deep in the Alajuelense end but it's wasted. 14' - Free kick for the Impact is pumped into the box and McInerney is there in front of his man but he lofts it over the goal. Should have done a lot better. 16' - Soumare REALLY late to the tackle but the Alajuelense players have been trying to make things look worse than they are. Good refereeing is quelling that thankfully. Free kick is put into the box but cleared. 18' - Evan Bush is warned by the referee for time wasting. Really bruh? It's the 18th minute. At least wait until the second half. 19' - Scramble in the box as the ball comes in. It ricochets around before the keeper grabs it. McDonald for Alajuelense comes in real late and steps on the keeper, albeit he couldn't avoid him. He's booked because he was late either way. Very very scrappy game so far. 22' - All Alajuelense the past 10 minutes. 24' - Alajuelense are just quicker all about the park. The throws ins are quick and calculated. Montreal have no ball control and it could and will burn them if they can't take the pace out of this game. 26' - Alajuelense almost pull one back as a ball is taken from the bi-line into the mixer and is headed just wide. 29' - Free kick for the Costa Rican side and it comes in but the attacker takes a tumble the referee has no interest in. About 1 hour to go. 30' - Alajuelense take a free kick very quickly. Evan Bush is beaten as he's out of position but it's cleared off the line. Replay shows Evan Bush got a hand to the effort. 31' - Replays show Soumare had a slight tug at an opponent's hair. What the hell mate. This is the semi-final! The LAST thing Montreal needs is for you to throw it. 34' - Alajuelense with a free kick 22 yards out and right by the semi-circle. Really nervy moment. Free kick is rifled on goal but Evan Bush makes a class save that parries it away. Top, top save. 36' - Montreal finally with the ball forward and it's headed behind the lines. Piatti can beat with pace but he takes the ball first time and it's miles wide. 38' - Costa should be off here. Piatti and Costa were fighting for the ball in the corner when Costa stamps on Piatti. It's a blatant stamp too. Replay shows three stamps! THREE! And the player puts both hands on the next of Piatti. HOW IS HE ON THE FIELD STILL?! HOW?! Not even a yellow given. 41' - Another Alajuelense free kick this time 25 yards out and it's put over the bar. Game could get very ugly. 42' - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Montreal settle the play before a one-two on the touch allows a cross to come into a box with no defenders anywhere near the front of Jack McInerney, who pumps it past the keeper. Alajuelense 0-1 Montreal Aggregate: 0-3 HUGE advantage for Montreal now. 43' - Kick off and a foul. Free kick deep in the Montreal zone. Alajuelense get their 1st corner of the match. A hand ball ends play. Oduro was booked for the foul earlier. 45' - Two minutes of stoppage to be played. Half-Time Alajuelense 0-1 Montral Aggregate: 0-3 Massive goal for Montreal. 1 away goal, 3 in total with 45 minutes between them and the Champions League Final. 46' - 2nd Half underway and starts with another Alajuelense free kick. This is 19 yards out, right near the line of the box. Free kick is a beauty of a kick. We're level. Alajeulense 1-1 Montreal Aggregate: 1-3 Pablo Gabas the goal scorer. 50' - Montreal come down the field and fire off a shot from 18 yards but it's over. 53' - How was that not a foul ref? Going to ground when he doesn't have the ball? 54' - Alajuelense are all over the attacking third of the pitch. Even though they still need 3 goals, I feel like the lead isn't safe. 60' - It's all kicking off now. Alajuelense corner is put off the under part of the bar and it bounces over the line. A scrap ensues but Alajeulense have the lead. Alajuelense 2-1 Montreal Aggregate: 2-3 Montreal have to go a half hour now with only 1 more goal to give. Gabas now with a brace. 64' - Montreal give away another free kick. The stadium is loud now. Really nervous if your a Montreal supporter. I know I'm nervous. 67' - Alajuelense within inches of drawing the aggregate level. They get a cross in to a trailing man who rifles it against the advertising boards. 70' - Jack Mac is subbed off after he's booked as is an Alajuelense player. Gabas has a go from 35-40 yards out and it just clips the top of the netting. 71' - Replays show Jac Mac received a yellow for punching an opponent. Not like full power punch, but still one with malice. Should have been red. 72' - Montreal come down the field and Romero is found after three passes across the box only to take the ball inside that puts the keeper on his feet before powering it home. Alajuelense 2-2 Montreal Aggregate: 2-4 76' - Alajuelense fans throwing things onto the pitch, a lot directed at Evan Bush. There's a fine if I have ever seen one. 77' - Fans now throwing things at the linesman. 79' - Lazy defending from Montreal. Really lazy. Alajuelense have pushed numbers forward and the Impact have just let them waltz, 4 of them to be exact, into the box and set up a goal. Alajuelense 3-2 Montreal Aggregate: 3-4 85' - Alajuelense get a ball into the box that's just beyond the foot of their striker. The Costa Rican side need 2 more to advance with 5 minutes of normal time remaining. 90' - 4 minutes of stoppage time to be played. 90' + 2' - Free kick for Alajuelense right at the corner of the 18 yard box. Remember they need 2 goals to advance here. It's into the wall and out to the midfield. 90' + 3' - Alajuelense come back down the field off the free kick and a strike from 20 yards out find the back of the net. Montreal only lead by away goals now. Alajuelense 4-2 Montreal Aggregate: 4-4 Full-Time Montreal didn't do it the easy way, but they did it. Montreal are the first Canadian team into the CONCACAF Champions League Final. It was an ugly game. 2 players should have been off, many more booked, the fans threw everything they had in their possession at Evan Bush, but at the end of the day Montreal will play for the CONCACAF Champions League Final!
[11th-Jan-15] Live Card: Manchester United - Southampton
A top 4 clash sees the Red Devils of Manchester United try to hold off a pressing Southampton side who could leap-frog them with a win. 1 - Underway and Clyne has an early chance but the shot goes wide of the far post. 4' - Southampton look the hungrier side so far. We're in for a cracker. 7' - Manchester United on the attack as Di Maria whips in a wonderful cross but no one's on the end of it. 12' - Lot of back and forth here but the defending is squashing every chance the edge of the two boxes. 18' - Fair play from Valencia. Gardos comes on for Alderweireld who pulled up with an injury. bit of confusion and a scrap to restart play but it's sorted and off we go again. 25' - Game has a real chance of boiling over here. Really rough tackles flying in. 27' - Southampton win a corner here thanks to Wanyama. A ball comes to the back post but it can't be put on goal. 32' - Manchester United are forward here and Di Maria tries to settle it down before it's cut back but right into the feet of the Southampton defense. 33' - Manchester United win a corner after a nutmeg from Valencia. Di Maria takes it before it's cleared out to touch for a throw. 35 - Bertrand goes into the book for a sloppy challenge on Valencia. Just bowled him over really. 37' - Really poor game. Both teams have yet to register a shot on goal, and only have 4 in the game combined. Really boring state of affairs here. 38' - van Persie looks to have handled but it puts Di Maria in but his cross back to van Persie is right at the keeper. 41' - van Persie puts a shot on that's just blocked before a scramble is swallowed up by the Saints keeper. Best chance of the match for either side so far. 45' - Di Maria has a god from distance but it's wide of the near post. Literally nothing in this game, I'm struggling to watch this. 1 minute of stoppage to be played. 45' + 1' - Surprised Rooney wasn't called ofr a foul for charging over his man but the play is offsides and we're at the half. Half-Time Manchester United 0-0 Southampton This is incredibly boring. Both defenses are cancelling each other out and it's just making it 90 minutes of the ball changing hands in midfield. 46' - Back underway. Would love to see Southampton win this but it needs something this has been dull. 49' - Another corner for Southampton. They've come out the better side this half so far. It's headed well wide from Pelle. Goal kick. 52' - Maybe some life to this game as Southampton press deep into the box but the shot is blocked. Manchester United come back on a counter but it's defended away. 53' - Manchester United with a free kick 35 yards out and it's put in but Jones's header goes over. No quality in any finishing here from either side. 61' - Ander Herrera is on for van Persie here. Nothing much else has happened to be honest. 65' - van Persie was booked as well back in the 56th. Still nothing doing. 66' - Tadic is on for Elia for Southampton. 70' - GOAL! BIG GOAL! Pelle is slotted in on the right post and he strikes it but it comes back for Tadic who has slotted it home for Southampton. Manchester United 0-1 Southampton 71' - Tadic took his shirt off during the goal celebration so he's been booked for it. 73' - Fellaini is on for Di Maria. Poor decision in my opinion but he we go! Wild finish in store. 75' - Pelle's booked for a challenge on Mata but honestly I didn't think there was anything in that. Unlucky. 76' - Carrick is booked for a challenge and Southampton looking for a second to kill the game. 78' - Big cross runs across the face of the Saints goal but no one can get on the end of it. 80' - WOAH. Blind's cross comes in for a Mata who has broken behind the defense but he skies it. Massive chance. 83' - Let me give you all a stat to show how poor this game has been: Southampton's goal is the only shot on target by either side in the 83 minutes that have been played. 87' - HA! Fellaini actually being called for a foul while contesting the ball. I must go play the lottery now. 90' + 1' - 5 minutes of stoppage to be played. 90' + 4' - Southampton close to taking the 3 points here. Full-Time Manchester United 0-1 Southampton The Saints are third. Very dull match but well done to Southampton. Really amazing year we're in for this year. Premier League football is so unpredictable, even when it's not at its best.
[11th-Jan-15] Live Card: Arsenal - Stoke City
On this Sunday morning Arsenal host their bogey team, Stoke City at the Emirates Stadium as they try to put themselves back into the Champions League places. 4' - Rosinski with a close chance there. Trickled it wide. 6' - GOAL! Sanchez puts in a beautiful cross that finds Koscielny and Arsenal are quickly up 1-0 here. IT's almost as if Stoke we half-heartedly defending there. Arsenal 1-0 Stoke City 11' - Stoppage here as Debuchy looks to have taken a knock. Didn't look like much put he was pushed off a ball going out at the byline and tumbled a bit. 13' - Looks more serious as Debuchy's been subbed out. Stoke with a free kick in the attacking third here but it's comfortably cleared away. 16' - Big chance. Bit of a scrap in midfield before Sanchez wins the ball and an advantage. He finds Oxlade-Chamberlin on the reverse side who shoots from 18 yards out but it trickles just wide of the far post. 17' - They're just actually stretchering Debuchy off now. 19' - Monreal cross is put out for a corner. Nothing comes of it. 20' - Arsenal get the ball wide on the attack here before Sanchez cuts it back for Giroud from 16 yards out but a quality save from Begovic denies Arsenal a second. 23' - Stoke are having trouble dealing with Arsenal's midfield pressing. Really can't hold onto the ball for any period of time. Wonder what changes Mark Hughes will make at half-time. 26' - Borjan wins a free kick here right on the edge of the box but now near the byline. Arsenal not using Szczesny. Free kick is cut back but Walters skies it. 28' - Arsenal corner. Cazola takes it but Crouch gets it away. 33' - GOAL! Fabulous goal. Sanchez wins the ball in the attacking thid before a give and go allows him to run into the box from the near post. He fakes cutting in towards the centre before slotting the ball with his right foot right under the near post. Brilliant run frmo the Chilean. Arsenal 2-0 Stoke City 39' - We're going to have a lot of stoppage for the first have as an Arsenal defender, I can't see who at the moment, is receiving treatment on the pitch. Looks to be a gash right on his eyebrow but I can't confirm. 40' - It was Monreal receiving treatment and after about a 4 minute delay we're playing again. 45' + 3' - We're playing 5 minutes of stoppage. Stoke concede a corner here that they clear away. 45' + 4' - Sanchez finds Oxlade-Chamberlin who fires from 23 yards out. It's high and half-time is right on the doorstep now. Half-Time Arsenal 2-0 Stoke City Stoke need pace in the squad as they're just on the back foot to everything so far, including defending. 46' - Stoke have made two changes including bringing Sidwell on to start this second half. 49' - GOAL! This one's in the book. Arsenal free kick 18 years out goes through the legs of the wall and just squeaks into the near post. Sanchez again the scorer. Arsenal 3-0 Stoke City 52' - Wollscheid is booked for a tug on the shirt of Sanchez. 56' - Arsenal comfortable with giving Stoke more possession and the game;s in a bit of a lull now, but that's to be expected with Arsenal 3-0 up here. 58' - Stoke free kick from 21 yards out is shot wide of the left post. 61' - Arsenal win a corner and Cameron is booked for a pull back on Sanchez from earlier. Corner is cleared before Arsenal put it out for a goal kick. 63' - Half-chance for Stoke. Ball comes in for Crouch at the near post that he puts inches wide of goal. Keeper might have had it anyway but you've got to ask the question of the man. 64' - Crouch tries a sliding challenge that takes out his man and the big forward is booked. 67' - Oxlade-Chamberlin with a one-two with Cazorla who does have a hard angle and just puts it off the top of the bar. Theo Walcott is coming on for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin. 73' - Ozil is finally back from injury and is the final sub for Arsenal here as he's on for Giroud. 77' - Stoke have some good play as Ireland puts it into the box that Crouch flicks on for Cameron. He puts it into the net but it's called back and rightly so for offsides. 80' - Ha ha ha ha ha what a muppet! Sanchez puts in Walcott all alone but he slots it miles wide. Sanchez laughs it off but he's probably ready to choke the man. Sanchez could have had a go, grant it from a slightly tougher position only to give up his chance at a hat trick for Walcott to make it 4-0 but he shanks it! 86' - Ozil gets the ball down the right but it was a hard angle and he puts it no where near on goal. 90' + 2' - Just the two minutes of added time. Arsenal have the three points sealed. Full-Time Arsenal 3-0 Stoke City Done and dusted. Stoke didn't look like playing at all today and Arsenal took easy advantage of that. Very very straight-forward win for the Gunners.
[9th-Nov-14] Live Card: New England-Columbus (MLS Eastern Conference Semi-Final 2nd Leg)
In what seems like a dead leg, the Columbus Crew will look to overtake a 2 goal deficit and 4 away goal threat as they travel to Gillette Stadium to take on the New England Revolution. Refresh occasionally for updates. 1' - New England with a shot early that's not too far away. 3' - Columbus win a corner it. Play eventually comes out to the top of the box for a half volley from Columbus but it's wide. 5' - Columbus with another shot from distance but it's saved by the keeper. 8' - Columbus has started the better side but one good finish from New England would pretty much send them through. 11' - New England seeing more of the ball now. If Columbus want to believe they can do this, then they need to score and soon. 16' - Only one shot in the next five minutes and it was well high of the New England goal. 19' - Davies makes a run down the right and manages to put the ball on goal but it's from a hard angle and right at the Columbus keeper. 24' - Columbus wins a corner and New England almost make a mess of it but manage to win a goal kick. 26' - New England with a free kick forward here after Jones was taken down. It amounts to nothing. 28' - Columbus pump two crosses into the box before New England counter. The Revs are dispossessed on the counter and Columbus charges down field but the ball has too much pace and runs out for a goal kick. 31' - Columbus are playing more scrappy, more desperate. They're needing a goal every 20 minutes right now. 32' - New England bring the ball down the left before switching play. They are dispossessed in near the edge of the box. 34' - MASSIVE CHANCE. A ball from the right touchline comes in and settles right to the feet of the Columbus striker who manages to settle it for a free shot on goal but it's saved out to touch. Columbus needed better finishing there. 35' - Another chance for Columbus. Ball from the left finds the striker who is just in front of his man. Attempted re-direct is about a foot wide. 38' - MASSIVE CHANCE! Another ball on the floor from the right for Columbus straight to the striker but he gets it caught in his feet and it's cleared. Should be 0-2 right now. 43' - Ball on the left comes down and it's 50/50 but the Columbus keeper makes a mess of it. Davies on the right of goal wants it after it's settled at the byline. The first cross comes straight back before it's lofted softly to Nguyen who SCORES. Consider this tie over. New England 1(5)-(2)0 Columbus 45' - Crew pressing high allow New England to run, this time on the right. Davies gets free in the box just wide of the right post as he puts it on goal but it's into the side netting. Crew look defensively lost. 45' + 1' - Columbus get a good look but Shuttleworth makes a great save to deny the Crew. Corner is brought into the box and the men in yellow get a free header on it but it's just over the bar. Half-Time New England 1-0 Columbus Analysis: They say it's not over until the fat lady sings, but she's warming up her voice. New England are better on the break, better with the finish, and better on defense. It will take a miracle for the Crew to advance now. 46' - Back underway here. Columbus now need 4 goals to advance. 47' - Revs bring possession down the right before a cut back find Nguyen. He finds the keeper though. 48' - MASSIVE CHANCE! New England bring the ball down again before a shot from the cross just goes wide. 49' - New England with a shot from distance that had some movement on it. It's cleared by the keeper. 51' - Columbus are capitulating here. The keeper sends the ball right to a Revs midfielder who slots left to an open man. The ball comes across and is put on the goal but the keeper just manages to stop it. Revs are all over the goal. Columbus are flat. This tie is over. 53' - Columbus win a corner but it amounts to nothing. They win another corner after some more play but nothing doing from that one either. 55' - Revs on the counter here. Ball from the right is curved into the corridor of uncertainty straight to Goncalves who buries the chance. If you didn't think it was over before, it's over now. Fat lady and all. New England 2(6)-(2)0 Columbus 59' - Columbus get a ball across the face of goal but no one's on the end of it. The Revs will face the New York Red Bulls next round for the Eastern Conference title. 60' - It's all kicking off now. Revs keeper is down and looks proper knocked out. The keeper slid into the ball and grasped it and it looks like the trailer leg cause him in the head. RED CARD! COLUMBUS TO 10 MEN. Don't think it was a red card. Booking yes. Red card no. 65' - A Columbus shot from outside the box forces a good save from the New England keeper. 69' - Columbus win a free kick here on the right hand side. It comes in for the back post before a wonderful, looping header finds the corner. New England 2(6)-(3)1 Columbus 75' - Subs abound now. Columbus & New England making changes. 76' - In all honesty don't even ask me why I'm still watching this game. 78' - Revs have the ball now. They slowly bring it forward and after a wonderful turn from Kobayashi, Bunbury is in alone on the left side and SCORES. New England 3(7)-1(3) Columbus 82' - Jones is off for New England. He's been immense since his arrival this year. 86' - The difference between the two teams in terms of quality is black & white. Meram sticks a leg out onto the back of the Revs midfielder. He's booked again this match and is off. COLUMBUS DOWN TO 9 MEN. 90' + 1' - Revs are using possession to run the clock now. They've been impressive. Another chance falls to them a minute later that the Columbus keeper has to save. Revs have completely deserved their spot in the conference final. Full-Time New England 3(7)-(3)1 Columbus Analysis: Columbus had to throw numbers forward but they could not defend their goal worth anything as they conceded 7 in 2 games. New England are not to be taken lightly by anyone now.
[1st-Nov-14] Live Card: Salt Lake-LA (MLS Western Conference Semi-Final 1st Leg)
The final live card of the evening sees the 2013 Western Conference Semi-Final re-match between Real Salt Lake & the LA Galaxy. Refresh regularly for updates. 1' - Underway at a very windy Rio Tinto Stadium. 5' - Keane off a throw in finds space but it's right at Rimando and the MLS all time leading keeper for clean sheets has it. 8' - Slow start to the game. LA have a bit of building play but they are dispossessed and the attack is over. 11' - Salt Lake with an effort from distance close to goal and put over for a corner. It's knocked down but put wide on a good chance for Salt Lake. 15' - Beltran almost has a howler as he almost gives up possession before LA gain in the midfield and charge down for a corner. The wind is really affecting this game. The corner comes to nothing. 17' - Going to be running about a minute behind now. We lost power for a second and it took a minute to get the route reconnected. 19' - Donovan settles a lob that he almost heels onto Keane who would have been all alone but the Salt Lake defense is just a step ahead of the play. 21' - Real win a free kick that comes into the box and is kicked out before it's brought back in and headed just over. 23' - Galaxy get very lucky. Plata was in alone but it's flagged down for offsides. Replay shows Plata was actually onsides. 25' - Salt Lake with wonderful movement forward on the left for a cross that's just put behind for a corner. They take the corner short but the play is intercepted by LA and cleared. 30' - Tackles are flying in and it's all going off. Plata thought he was fouled but it looked fair enough. He then makes another run that is flagged down for offsides, this time correctly. 31' - LA now on the attack as Donovan's shot wins a corner. They play it short in a 1-2 before the cross goes over everyone. 37' - Salt Lake with a huge chance that's saved and the rebound De La Garza puts his body in front to just pull away from goal. LA come down the field and it's ruled offsides but the replay shows that was onsides. Salt Lake comes down the field and the LA keeper plows over Plata but Plata's called for the foul. Looked like it could have been a penalty. Brilliant game so far. 41' - Donovan with a searching run on the left is onsides and cuts it back for a good chance for Robbie Keane but it gets stuck in his feet and is cleared. 43' - Real with a chance now as they bring the ball down to the edge of the box near the left post where Morales has a go but it's just over the near corner. 45' - No stoppage to be played. Half Time Salt Lake 0-0 Los Angeles 46' - Back underway. Salt Lake with it on the left before cutting back to Plata who puts it on after a deflection but a WORLDLY save from the LA keeper keeps it scoreless. 49' - LA with the ball bring it forward before Salt Lake break up a pass that looks like it was handled but the ref says no and it's cleared. 51' - Salt Lake win a free kick in a very promising position. IT's put into the mixer but the keeper clears. LA comes down on the counter but Keane takes it too far to the byline and Rimando handles his cross. Salt Lake counter and are fouled 32 yards out. Gonzalez is booked for the challenge. 52' - Beckerman fires the free kick but it's well over. 60' - Both sides struggling with the wind now. 62' - Real bring the attack down the left but Plata's cross is right at Penedo. 65' - LA bring play down to their left now with Donovan picking up a loose ball and running to the byline but his cross is swallowed by Rimando. 67' - Wingert fouls Zardes and is booked for the occasion. 69' - Keane goes down in the box but the ref gives nothing and Salt Lake on the break get Plata in space on the right post but Penedo makes another world class save. He's fouled after the save and the attack for Salt Lake is over. 73' - Salt Lake pump the ball in on the follow up to a free kick where Beckerman gets a head on goal but wide. 74' - Real with a free kick and a chance in the box on the run but it hits off the back of Gonzalez and out for a throw. 75' - Real again on the attack before a cross from the right is out for a corner. The corner goes towards goal with the wind but Penedo clears it. 77' - Rogers is booked for a foul near the touchline. 78' - Real on the attack again on the left but Plata's cross is taken by Penedo. 81' - LA on a counter before Rimando snuffs a cross. Both teams still with full subs remaining. 82' - Real with attacking play on the right but the cross is again held by Penedo. 84' - Free kick from about 40 yards out is caught in the wind and blows towards goal. Penedo at full extension gets a hand to tip it out for a corner but it looks to have taken something from the keeper. He gets back on his feet. The corner comes out to Holland who through traffic just whistles it wide. 87' - First sub of the match as Husidic is off for Gordon from the LA camp. 90' - Penedo has to make a find save after a ball drops to Morales that he puts towards the far post. Beckerman gets a touch from the corner but it hits the side netting. Full Time Salt Lake 0-0 Los Angeles Analysis: Penedo deserves his man of the match award with 6 saves. Salt Lake were the better side and have the slight advantage going into the 2nd leg now. They looked better on the wings but LA looked quick on the counter. LA did not throw enough numbers forward when countering and that led to them not generating anything more than the 1 shot on target
[1st-Nov-14] Live Card: Columbus-New England (MLS Eastern Conference Semi-Final 1st Leg)
The third of four live reports on the day sees an in form Columbus Crew take on a transformed New England Revolution in the 1st leg of the MLS Eastern Conference Semi-Final.. Refresh regularly for updates. 1' - Underway here from Columbus. Who will win this match to give themselves the advantage? 3' - Columbus with a corner early but it comes to nothing. 5' - New England with a chance on a ball that runs across the face of goal but it's cleared by the Columbus defense. 10' - Columbus has had the opportunity to march into the New England half but they can't seem to string enough quality together to link up a shot on it. 12' - Harsh foul on Higuain there. 14' - Revs building the attack here before lofting a ball out to end their display. 17' - Fouls on both ends are ending promising runs. Game was lively in the opening 5 but has since been a little stale. 18' - New England with a chance! Play on the right is brought between two defender and into the box before a back heel cut back give the Revs two shots towards goal, the later of which deflects wide. Resulting corner dissipates before the Columbus counter is bundled over. Goncalves is show the yellow for New England. 22' - Davies has a pop from the edge of the box but the Columbus keeper has it. 24' - New England attach builds on the right but is again dispossessed and cleared by the Columbus back four. Midfield collapsing back onto the ball well too. 26' - Columbus win a dangerous free kick here. It's about a yard too high and the chance is over. 28' - Wonderful back heel touch puts Columbus in the box with a look but it's swept behind. Corner is not cleared very well and a howler from the defender gives Columbus a chance before it's behind for another corner. It's cleared before Columbus re-take possession and come back down for a shot THAT HITS THE BAR! My word that was a real chance. 30' - Revs back up field and a back heel of their own allows a chance on the far post but the curling effort is too high and wide. 34' - New England win a free kick about 35 yards out, it's whipped in between the lines and no one picks up Davies who has all the space in the world to place his diving header. He doesn't waste it and SCORES! Columbus 0-1 New England 39' - Columbus have won a corner on the left side after some run with the ball. The goalkeeper is fouled on the resulting play, wasting the chance. 43' - Ball's been traded a bunch in midfield but the Revs finally get a break on the left going with Jones running in towards the box, winning a corner. It's cleared but not before some rough play gifts a freekick back to New England in the attacking third. 45' - Another corner for New England is cleared. 1 minute of added time to be played. Half-Time Columbus 0-1 New England Analysis: Columbus has had some promising play but New England are worth their lead. The ball into the box from the free kick was one asking to be scored with, especially after Columbus failed to mark Davies. Columbus need more pace in the midfield. 46' - Back underway here. Columbus need an answer to not going into the 2nd leg a goal and away goal down. 49' - Schoenfield had a go but it takes a deflection and into the New England keeper. Goncalves in the resulting play commits and ugly foul. He is VERY lucky not to be off here. 50' - New England win a free kick at the edge of the box. A chance here to really grab this conference semi-final by the throat. 51' - Tierney winds up and fires and SCORES from the free kick. New England flying here. Columbus 0-2 New England 54' - Revs have the ball deep but surrender it and Columbus is on the break before it's ended in the attacking third by the defense. Open game here. 57' - Tackles are flying in before a chance for Columbus is cleared. They've won a corner. 59' - The corner was cleared out before a shot from the defender hit the ref and was cleared. 63' - The Revs are pressing very hard, very high up the pitch and Columbus just hasn't had an answer. 64' - Columbus pressing on the right get a ball in the number 10 lets rolls through to Meram who has a wide open net and SCORES. Columbus on the board now. Columbus 1-2 New England 67' - New England win a free kick that they pump into the box but the Columbus keeper has it. 69' - Jimenez is off Gehrig is on for Columbus. 70' - Columbus have a chance here but the attack is lost and the Revs are on the break. Nguyen is into the box and after some lazy closing down by Columbus he puts a shot on and SCORES. Surely lights out now if Columbus can't find another goal. Columbus 1-3 New England 71' - Francis was booked for the play leading up to the goal with an off the ball foul. Columbus come down field and win a scrappy ball before getting a shot on the near post but it's saved. 73' - Francis is off for Anor for Columbus here. 74' - New England swap Alston for Rowe. Good game form Rowe. 75' - BIG chance for the Crew to be in on goal but it's flagged down as offsides. 79' - Wahl is off for Arrieta and Columbus have made all subs but it's too little too late as a New England counter allowed Davis a lot of space to place a shot, which he does INTO THE FAR CORNER from 20 yards out. This tie is pretty much over. Columbus 1-4 New England 82' - New England have put Mullins in for Davies and still have 1 sub. 84' - Columbus have a free kick from 22 yards but it's off the wall. The corner results in a loose ball in the mixer but it's cleared. Columbus bring it back and win a free kick towards the touch that is grasped by the keeper. 87' - Columbus brings the ball forward and the man goes down in the box. That looked a certain penalty. Refereeing has been slightly dodgy but that was a penalty not given. 89' - Revs make their final change. Diago is on for Nguyen. 90' - New England have a corner here in the final minute of regulation. It's taken short but they win a free kick on a foul. 4 minutes of stoppage time to be played. 90' + 3' - Columbus forward and a cross goes off a hand. PENALTY GIVEN TO COLUMBUS. Replay shows it's the right call. 90' + 4' - Higuain SCORES from the spot. Also, Anor was booked earlier but I must have missed it. Columbus 2-4 New England Full Time Columbus 2-4 New England Analysis: Columbus are down but not entirely out but they will feel hard done by this. New England deserve their win but not 4 goals and I feel Crew fans will gripe, deservedly so, that the Revs had a 12th man in the referee. The Revs played good though, and they really pressed in midfield. Columbus lacked pace and were shocking on the defense. Revs have 1 hand on a Conference Final berth.
[1st-Nov-14] Live Card: Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund
Struggling Dortmund face their toughest challenge to date as they travel to beaten league leading Bayern Munich. Refresh regularly for updates. 1' - Underway here. 5' - There's not much in this. Really slow start. 6' - Robben on a 1-2 lays a shot on goal but it's put over the bar by the Dortmund keeper. Corner coming but it's cleared. 8' - Should have been a booking for Muller. Very high studs, waist high. Wasn't a rough challenge but you can't bring your boots up that high. 9' - Kagawa lays a brilliant ball off for a trailing Dortmund striker who hits the post and goes out with it. Fabulous football. 10' - Marco Reus with a chance now as he brings it onto his right foot but he roofs the chance. 13' - Chance falls to Muller who can't get on the end of the ball cleanly and it goes out wide of the far post. 16' - Chance runs from the middle to the left for Muller who runs a ball across the face that Robben keeps in and chips back to Muller. His bicycle kick it right at the keeper. 21' - Kagawa is Dortmund's best player so far as attacks back & forth break down. 27' - Play has stifled here but Bayern have a corner. It goes over the goal and Dortmund take possession. 31' - Counter attacking genius! Reus on the end of a ball helped along by some good play from Kagawa and the Allianz Arena is stunned. Bayern Munich 0-1 Borussia Dortmund 35' - Immense play from Bayern. Gotze leads Robben into the box who slots a ball that is just ahead of Muller. The ball comes back over and a header just tries to creep into the box before it's parried away. The following shot from the parry is directed wide. 37' - Alonso takes down a midfielder from behind and is booked for his efforts. 38' - Robben sends Muller in but the save is made with the left hand to deny Bayern an equalizer. 39' - Ajern Robber from 8 yards doesn't hit it first time and jukes right then left before shooting wide! Corner to Bayern but it's headed wide. 44' - Bayern win a corner of Muller's play on the right side here. It's cleared. 45' - 1 minute of stoppage to be played here. Half-Time Bayern Munich 0-1 Borussia Dortmund 46' - Dortmund have made a change to try and stop the runs being made by Robben. We're back underway here. 47' - Alonso with an early shot on goal this second half but a deflection puts it right at the keeper. 51' - Ball comes in from a cross that settles to Lewandolski but it's save on his shot from 10 yards. The resulting corner is cleared. 54' - Good ball for Muller on the left runs him into the box. he goes for goal himself and it deflects out for a corner to which nothing comes of. 58' - Bayern with most of the play right now as a ball for Robben just runs through to a tumbling keeper. 59' - Kagawa makes a lovely turn on a ball and goes for goal but doesn't miss by much. 62' - Pizcezch holds onto Lewandolski and is booked for his efforts. 64' - Amazing ball into the box for Bayern from the right and an unchallenged Bayern centre-half gets his head to it but it goes wide. 67' - Bayern have a free kick that's put on goal but it's over and wasted. 70' - Bayern have made a change. Ribery is on for Gotze after Dortmund won a corner. Neuer grabs it. 71' - Kagawa comes off in Dortmund's 2nd change as Ribery puts a ball through that deflects to Lewandolski who SCORED. Bayern Munich 1-1 Borussia Dortmund 80' - Back and forth here but not much action on either goal. Is there a winner in this? 84' - Robben gets into the box about 9 yards out but his shot is blocked out from the Dortmund defense. 85' - Ribery gets his strip tugged and goes down in the box. PENALTY TO BAYERN MUNICH. 86' - Robber to take the penalty. SCORES Bayern Munich 2-1 Borussia Dortmund 90' + 1' - Good chance for Dortmund here. They win a freekick 40 yards out. 90' + 2' - The free kick leads to a corner. Neuer grasps the corner. Full Time Bayern Munich 2-1 Borussia Dortmund
[1st-Nov-14] Live Card: Stoke City - West Ham
The opening live card of the weekend sees 4th place West Ham enter the fortress of the Brittania Stadium to play Stoke City. Peter Crouch and Phil Bardsley are suspended for Stoke while West Ham face forwards Zarate and Sakho, the later of which has scored 6 in 6 premier league games, doubtful due to injury. Refresh regularly for updates. 1' - Underway here. Zarate is on the bench for West Ham. Charlie Adam on the bench for Stoke. 2' - Stoke had a corner early but it came to nothing. 5' - West Ham with possession in the attack third before Winston Reid over-kicks it and out at the byline. 6' - Moses had a decent go from long range but it's over the bar. 10' - Stoke with a good chance after Cresswell was caught forward on the right side. Stoke cut the ball back before Collins blocks an effort on goal that allowed Adrian to grab the loose ball without challenge. 14' - Song wins the ball in midfield and the break is on for West Ham but the ball into Valencia was too heavy. 16' - James Collins with another block and West Ham look to break after a threatening Stoke attack but the cross goes right to Begovic. 18' - Reid's taken quite a knock here. He's trying to walk it off but it looked a heavy one. Stoke with a corner that is cleared. 20' - Downing has not been in this game and West Ham look like they're struggling a bit with the 4-2-3-1 employed today. They've been using the 4-4-2 Diamond the past 7 weeks. 21' - Stoke have a ball that runs across the face of goal but Diouf can't get on the end of it. 23' - Reid looks like he's coming off as he's down again. James Tomkins is warming up for West Ham. 27' - West Ham a threat forward now as Downing lays a 1-2 for Song before skying the chance. 33' - Stoke has had two runs down the right side, this time a shot comes in that deflects off a few bodies before Moses bundles it into the net. Stoke City 1-0 West Ham United 35' - Zarate should come on at half-time and West Ham back to the 4-4-2 Diamond. This is not working for the Hammers. 38' - Sidwell has a dig from 30 yards out but it's wide. Stoke hungrier at the moment. 43' - The passing from West Ham has to be better too. Just poor from the Hammers. Stoke come down with a chance but it's cleared before another effort from long range whistles wide. 45' + 2' - Cameron gets a ball to Diouf who just shakes off Collins and is in alone but Adrian makes a fantastic save. Half-Time Stoke City 1-0 West Ham United Analysis: Victor Moses is playing West Ham out of the park. 4-2-3-1 is not working and will need to change. Downing should go back into the hole behind the 9. Zarate would be a good addition, possibly for Amalfitano. 48' - We're back underway but it's Carlton Cole who replaces Amalfitano. 49' - Stoke had a corner but it amounts to nothing. Valencia is down after being taken out. Should have been a foul easily but it's not given. He's okay though. 51' - Alex Song is not having as good a game as I've been used to seeing him. Stoke have picked right back up where they've left off. 53' - Stoke won a free kick in a dangerous area but the effort was right at Adrian. 54' - Stoke threatening before the attack breaks down. Valencia puts it past Sidwell but it fouled to stop the run and Sidwell is cautioned. 56' - Walters runs down the right before lofting the cross in. Diouf capitalizes. The Britannia is just a tough place to play. Stoke City 2-0 West Ham Untied 57' - Moses runs down the left and has a chance but puts it just wide of the far post. West Ham look awful. This has been a disappointing afternoon. 58' - Valencia in the box with a try but it's over. Corner given but no one is near it and Stoke are on the counter. Jenkinson dispossess the attack. 60' - Downing on the right after winning the ball. He lofts a ball in that Valencia makes a diving header on AND SCORES! West Ham are back in with a shout! Stoke City 2-1 West Ham United 63' - Stoke on the counter passing the ball up and down the box before it centres to N'Zonzi but Adrian makes a great save. Corner coming but it's cleared. 65' - West Ham have more life but they need a little more quality in order to equalize. 66' - Collins runs through Bojan and is booked for his efforts. 67' - Stoke deep towards the byline but is dispossessed and West Ham break before a deft deflection gives the ball to Begovic. Nolan to come on for Noble. 70' - Stoke win a free kick in the attacking third here. It comes into the box for Diouf who wins it and puts it inches wide of the far post. 72' - Play on the right from Downing and Jenkinson win a corner. A lot of shoving in the box going on. Ref is telling off Cole & Begovic. The corner is out for a throw. It comes back across twice and it lays for DOWNINGGGGGGGGGGGG! WEST HAM LEVEL! Stoke City 2-2 West Ham United 75' - Still 15 minutes in this. Been a cracking game. 76' - Valencia goes for goal from 30 yards out and misses wide but not by that much. 77' - West Ham have woken up. Song drives forward but it comes back. Ball pops out to Valencia off a defender but Begovic puts him off for a goal kick. 79' - Trading possession in midfield now. Tackles are flying in, it's all going off here. 80' - Bojan with an effort on goal but it's right at Adrian. 81' - Stoke have a corner here. Game is wide open. Bojan is off for Charlie Adam. 83' - Adrian with a great save after Cameron slots it just wide but it's ruled a goal kick. 86' - Walters fouls Adrian pretty hard here. Should be a booking there was no play or look on the ball, he just barges into the keeper. No booking though. 90' - Back and forth. 3 minutes of added time to play here. The smash & grab is on. 90' + 2' - Corner given to Stoke here. Shawcross has a go but it's blocked. Song gives the ball away and Stoke are coming back. Full Time Stoke City 2-2 West Ham United Analysis: Stoke were the better side but West Ham's goals were quality. It was overall just a cracking game of football. West Ham remain on their unbeaten run but will probably slide a spot or two in the table.