Kim Hyun Joong allegedly facing criminal charges of assaulting his girlfriend
"An acquaintance of “A” said, “The two have been dating since 2012. After May, there were several instances of problems with women, and in the midst of that, he [Kim Hyun Joong] severely assaulted her ['A'].” The site of the alleged crime is reported as Kim Hyun Joong’s apartment. In May of this year, “A” reportedly was hit and sustained bruises to her face, chest, arm, and bottom, injuries diagnosed as requiring two weeks for full recovery. In July, the situation worsened, the violence escalating to a fractured rib, and “A” was given a diagnosis of requiring a six-week recovery. Yet another acquaintance of “A” stated, “For the last two months, it was a repeating cycle of assault, apology, and forgiveness. However, the situation kept getting worse, and she ['A'] eventually decided to press criminal charges.” Currently, “A” has finished giving her first testimony, and submitted documents proving her romantic relationship with Kim Hyun Joong as well as medical reports documenting her injuries. Kim Hyun Joong has yet to be questioned, but reports say he will be summoned for testimony soon. Kim Hyun Joong’s agency KeyEast stated that they are looking into the situation, and will release a statement after confirmation." The above has been published in Dispatch following the news that former SS501 member and star of Hallyu drama ' Boys Over Flowers' Kim Hyun Joong abused his girlfriend of two years over a two month period from May to June this year. At the moment it is still alleged and neither Kim Hyun Joong nor his agency has come forwards with a statement so we will have to wait and see...but either way, it doesn't look good. ㅠㅠ