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9 Smartphone Camera Tips For Taking Better Pictures
Do you want to take better pictures with your smartphone's camera? There are a only a few things to know in order to improve your photography with your smartphone camera and most of it has to do with understanding what your phone's camera can do best! 1. Get Close Up Smartphone cameras really shine when you get close to an object. The camera does surprisingly well in macro-like settings, you will surely get a good amount of detail. For a super macro shot, put on drop of water on the lens and make sure it stays there! 2. Crop, Don't Zoom You are going to have to come to terms with the fact that digital zoom in smartphone cameras are just awful. Your best bet at a zoomed in image is to crop a full framed one, otherwise you will be left with a noisy blurry mess. 3. Edit, Don't Filter All a filter does is put some transparent color on top of your photo. If you really want to be unique, don't use the same filters everyone else is using! Instead, make the edits yourself with the editing options. 4. Don't Add Fake Blur And if you HAVE TO add fake blur, make it subtle. Selective focus doesn't instantly make your photograph better, and often times it distracts from the photograph itself. Save yourself the time and stop worrying about selective focus, or learn how to do it in camera! 5. Pick A better Camera App Since we were talking about editing, I might as well bring up alternate camera apps. Instagram is not end all be all, I edit photos outside of instagram and upload them without editing in Instagram. For the best results look for a program that has more editing options. My favorite right now is VSCO cam. 6. Ditch The Flash They are bright, the color temperature is usually terrible, and they usually don't even accomplish the primary duties of a strobe (which is freezing the action in frame). Do yourself a favor and try to avoid using flash if you can. 7. Keep Your Lens Clean There is only so much you can do to protect the tiny little patch of glass that your lens uses, especially through all the wear and tear phones get subjected to. The lenses are made to last and they are really tough, but just make sure you aren't leaving grime or dirt on the lens. Your images will come out so much sharper! 8. Make A Book! There is a big disconnect that happened when we started taking so many digital photographs. We hardly ever get to experience holding a photoalbum anymore. Put a book together and make something special, I'm sure you will appreciate it! There are lot's of online resources for these types of books. 9. Remember the Rules of Photography This seems like an easy one, but I found myself making mistakes early on. Remember that the little thing on the back of your phone that takes pictures is still a camera and can still be treated like one. It doesn't matter that the images aren't as high quality, you can still practice the general rules of photography when taking pictures if you want your mobile photographs to shine!