marshalledgar's Collection Vingling Around
marshalledgar's Collection Vingling Around
Open Fridge "Challenge"
This is my fridge. It's on Vingle in response to @Rodiziketan's Fridge Challenge, which you can see by clicking here. On the right side is the fridge part. The left side is the freezer. Fridge: In the door is where all the dressings, condiments and marinades go, along with random oils and fats, such as butter. In the crisper compartments there is no shortage of fresh vegetables like Swiss chard, broccoli, radicchio, carrots, Mexican green onions, bok choy, spinach and kale... In the dairy compartment there are all types of cheeses, though mostly it consists of havarti and provolone, with blocks of parmesan, sharp cheddar and asiago. There are fresh eggs, hard boiled eggs, whole milk, almond milk, juice, water, beer (that I don't drink) and leftovers galore! Thawing in the Target bag are three small cornish hens that I will be crockpotting later this afternoon. The freezer has Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches (160 calories each!), compost, chicken, hens, pork, ground turkey and shrimp. WHAT YOU DON'T SEE: The fruit bowl on my counter containing apples and clementines...there is a basket for my garlic, shallots and onions. Oh, and a bag of heirloom potatoes for the hens I'm cooking today. There's also a beautiful parrot orchid at the window that was given to me by a friend over the weekend. This morning I was up early and was feeling like a bad boy, so I put on my mom gear and had my favorite French Toast breakfast at IHOP. While I love homemade French Toast the best, it's always so nice to be served rather than make it yourself. However, if you're going to make it yourself, CLICK HERE TO MAKE THE BESTEST MOST PERFECT FRENCH TOAST YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN YOUR LIFE!