Vegan Air Travel Tips
Vegan Air Travel Tips
United Vegetarian Meals: Great Experience!
Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence in the community recently, but I have just returned from an incredible visit to Seoul, South Korea where my older sister and her family live. I have always been a fan of bringing my own food for flights, but I am pleased to say that I didn't have to crack open any of my snack bags on either leg of my journey thanks to United's Asian Vegetarian meal option. **There is a Strictly Vegan option - my Asian Vegetarian meal did come with a side of yogurt and one meal came with paneer (Indian cheese)** Apologies for the lack of pictures, both flights were dark since ideally passengers should be sleeping the entire way (10-12 hours is a long time to be sitting in one place, so sleeping is my favorite way to pass the time) Here are the meals I was treated to on my San Francisco --> Seoul and Seoul --> San Francisco flights! 1st meal: Basmati rice with chick peas and tomatoes with a side salad, almond cookie, and cup of fruit (slice of watermelon, half an orange) 2nd meal: Na'an, rice, and sauteed spinach with a roll and vegan spread. Side salad and fruit again! 1st meal: Basmati rice with lentils and na'an (yogurt was also provided on the side for our vegetarian travelers!) Snack: Apple sauce and tomato, cucumber, and lettuce on a roll 2nd meal: Pasta with a simple tomato sauce, side salad, roll, and vegan spread! (Brownie that was provided was not vegan) Again, this was the Asian VEGETARIAN option so not everything was vegan - be sure to get the Strictly Vegan option :) All in all, I had a wonderful experience with United from the food to the crew to the music selection and will definitely be flying them again! Also be sure to request more than 24 hours in advance so that the airline can be sure to have your meal ready for you on your flight and always bring back up food just in case!
Five Tips for Vegan Travel
Vegan Backpacker has been a great resource for me as I started my adventures as a vegan. Here are five great tips that are easy to follow to make sure you have a stress free and enjoyable trip! 1. Make a List of Places to Eat Resources like Happy Cow, Trip Advisor, and even Yelp can be total life savers when it comes to vegan travel. As fun as it is to be spontaneous and not have a plan, your life will be much easier if you have a few for-sure places in mind rather than wandering the streets hoping to find vegan eats! 2. Connect with Other Vegans This step is different for everyone. There are cases where you can find local vegans (there is even a specific CouchSurfing group for vegans and vegetarians!) or just connecting with vegans you know before you go. For example, my dear friend and fellow vegan had just traveled with her family to Spain and was able to give me great recommendations I could trust for my own trip! 3. Carry a Food Stash You know the drill. Have a little emergency lunchbox of nuts, fruit, granola for whatever comes up! There is nothing worse than being a cranky, hungry traveler. 4. Know the Local Lingo I found this card ( extremely helpful and a great example of how to be a responsible traveler. There are many places where veganism is completely foreign, and you can't expect everyone to understand your diet. Be prepared!!! 5. Make it Easy for Others Don’t walk into a regular restaurant, cafe, bakery or supermarket and ask a staff member to point you in the direction of their vegan options. Don’t expect people to even know what vegan or vegetarian food is. Make things easy for them by asking if they can customize a menu item that’s almost vegan. For example, ask for cheese to be removed from pizza, pasta or a sandwich. If you’re in a bakery, don’t ask if a loaf of bread is vegan, ask if it contains or has been glazed with milk, butter, eggs, lard or any other animal product. Remember, you are a guest in whatever country, state, or town you're in!