kpop album reviews
kpop album reviews
Kpop Album Review: Sunggyu's 27
I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for this. Sunggyu's first album is still my favorite Kpop-related album of all time. 01. 27 02. 너여야만 해 (The Answer) 03. Alive 04. Kontrol 05. Daydream (Feat. Borderline : TABLO & JW) 06. 답가 (Feat. 박윤하) 01. 27 Woollim makes the most epic intro songs ever and 27 is no exception. 02. 너여야만 해 (The Answer) This is so deliciously Nell inspired that I can't handle it. It sounds like every Nell song that I love with the extra flare that is Sunggyu's flawless voice. Basically, I am so in love with him and this song that it isn't even funny. 03. Alive This isn't my favorite song off the album, but please do yourself a favor and listen to these lyrics. I know that this will grow on me and will honestly probably become my favorite song on the album, haha. 04. Kontrol This is where Sunggyu's voice always shines. His vocals are so emotional and he is able to express loss and love so easily. This is one of my favorite songs off the album and I am so happy that it was made a single. As @PassTheSuga already mentioned, its pretty heart-wrenching, but I wouldn't have wanted anyone but Sunggyu to sing this. 05. Daydream (Feat. Borderline : TABLO & JW) When I heard that Sunggyu and Tablo were collaborating I nearly fell to my knees. Tablo and the rest of Epik High is actually the only reason I am really into Kpop. I heard that the label Tablo was on at the time (Woollim) was going to start a boy band so obviously I was curious. Turned out, it was Infinite. This actually reminds me of a few electro-indie Korean bands I listen to so I really like the feel of it. They went a little overboard on the autotune, but I can forgive it. And Tablo's rap....SWOOOOOOON 06. 답가 (Feat. 박윤하) Sounds like the perfect song for a melancholy mood on a rainy summer morning. I feel immediately relaxed by this track and can't get enough.
Kpop Album Review: EXO's Exodus
01. CALL ME BABY 02. TRANSFORMER 03. 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..) 04. MY ANSWER 05. EXODUS 06. EL DORADO 07. PLAYBOY 08. HURT 09. 유성우[流星雨] (Lady Luck) 10. BEAUTIFUL 01. CALL ME BABY I fell in love with this song the second I heard it. The 'call me baby' parts are stuck in my head all the time and I can't get over D.O and Chen's falsettos. Talk about swoon. Such a great track (though the rap isn't my favorite) 02. TRANSFORMER A little weak for a rap track but its alright. I love Chanyeol so basically anything he touches I can fall for, but this isn't really my favorite. Even Baekhyun's power vocals couldn't get me over the 'tick tick boom boom' thing. 03. 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..) This sounds like a track off of SHINee World, so it makes me want to curl up in my bed and sleep. It's a little boring, but perfect for background music. 04. MY ANSWER Stopped it half way through because two boring ballads in a row really aren't my thing. 05. EXODUS My toes were tapping from the first five seconds, this is definitely my favorite song off the album after Call Me Baby. Totally SHINee-sounding! 06. EL DORADO I don't think anyone understands how long I have been waiting for this song to come out. Ever since the EXO debut teasers came out and this song was featured I knew this was my jam. Granted the chorus is totally weird, I can already feel this growing on me. You just can't deny that background beat - so catchy. 07. PLAYBOY Oh my GOD. This is my song. The beat, the water, the whispery voices, Chen's VOICE, I just can't. Good work SM, this is right up my alley. 08. HURT Another good background music track. The beat is great but something about it just really bores me. 09. 유성우[流星雨] (Lady Luck) Alright who else giggled at the first few seconds?! Once they got over the rap/growling this is such a good song. This is so catchy and just the right tempo. I am obsessed. 10. BEAUTIFUL I was really hoping this would be like a Peter Pan or 365 track but this works too! The random saxophone hidden in the mix is a nice touch too. It has a really strong summer morning feeling. Great way to close off the album!
Kpop Album Review: Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake
01. Ice Cream Cake 02. Automatic 03. Somethin' Kinda Crazy 04. Stupid Cupid 05. Take It Slow 06. 사탕 (Candy) 01. Ice Cream Cake I can't say it enough: I love this track. The layering is insane and I don't know if they'll be able to pull off the harmonizing live, but the studio version is amazing. It's creepy but poppy but spunky but sweet? Basically, I fell in love with this song the second I heard the chorus. 02. Automatic This song took me two or three listens to get into it, but I am so glad that they promoted this. It really shows a different side of them (similar to Be Natural) and highlights their vocals. The styling in this video is atrocious in my opinion, but overall I like this track. 03. Somethin' Kinda Crazy This track isn't really anything special but I like the beat. Its just a little too annoying to be good background music and not exciting enough listen to to get pumped up. Probably not ever going to listen to this again. 04. Stupid Cupid It has the same attitude of Miss A's Goodbye Baby and I dig it. My head was bopping the second the beat kicked in. There is a little too much going on in the music for my taste but so far this is my second favorite song after Ice Cream Cake. 05. Take It Slow Ah, old school bubble gum pop. Got to love it. This definitely was a Backstreet Boys song in a former life. Not bad but nothing special. 06. 사탕 (Candy) Yooo auto-tune! I actually don't hate the intro? Especially because the producers chill out with the stupid electronic sounds and let the girls just sing. This has got to be the 3rd best song on the album?