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Korean 101: Food with Miyazaki!
Miyazaki's films ALWAYS make me hungry so I thought, if I want to talk about food words, I need to use Miyazaki gifs ;D Below are some easy food words to remember: Ramen 라면 (ra-myeon) *note: if you're talking about Japanese ramen you pronounce it more like 'ra-men' or 라멘. Korean ramen is often spicier :D Fried Eggs 프라이드 에그 (sometimes spelled 후라이드) (peu-ra-i-deu e-geu) Just "Eggs" 계란 (gye-rahn) Fried Things 튀김! (twee-gim) You can get almost everything fried!!! I would suggest the following (of course, dipped in a bunch of ddeokbokki sauce!) Fried sweet potato - 고구마 튀김 (go-gu-ma twee-gim) Fried shrimp - 새우 튀김 (sae-oo twee-gim) Fried squid - 오징어 튀김 (oh-jing-eo twee-gim) Fried pumpkin - 호박 튀김 (ho-bak twee-gim) Stew 찌개 (jji-gae) Usually served in black stone pots literally put over a fire and served to you still boiling hot. DO NOT TOUCH THE POT OR YOU WILL BE IN SERIOUS PAIN XD Soft Tofu Stew - 순두부 찌개 (soon-doo-boo jji-gae) Kimchi Strew - 김치 찌개 (kimchi jji-gae) Soy Bean Paste Stew - 된장찌개 (dwaen-jang jji-gae) Bread 빵 (bbang) Toast 토스트 (to-seu-teu) Sandwich 샌드위치 (saen-deu-wi-chi) Lunch Box 도시락 (do-shi-rak) Similar to a Japanese "bento" these usually have rice, a meat, and lots of sides like kimchi^^ Watermelon 수박 (su-bak) Fruit 과일 (kwa-il) Let's eat!! (without tears in our eyes...) 먹자! (meok-ja) Who else is hungry now lol *cries*