The 8 types of steamy K-drama shower scenes
Shower scenes. Those two words alone are enough to get fangirl pulses racing. Any true K-drama fan knows that a shower isn't just somewhere to scrub your armpits--it's where handsome men go to brood without the hindrance of pesky things like shirts. In honor of the many shower scenes, let's look at the different K-drama shower styles: 1. The mirror brood Ah, the mirror brood--a K-drama classic. How's a man to know that he's sad if he's all alone? Good thing he had that mirror installed! (from Boys over Flowers and Miss Ripley) 2. The shower flex Everyone knows that casting song Seung Hun = shirtlessness, so can we drop the pretense that these scenes have anything to do with the plot? "No, I always flex every muscle in my body when I shower! I swear! It helps me clean out all of the nooks and crannies in my six pack!" (from My Princess) 3. The PG shower Dear alien, you may have adapted well, but here on Earth, we use towels after we get out of the shower. Then again, I guess we can't have our imaginations running too wild, can we? (from My Love from another Star) 4. The selfless shower If you're gonna take a shower, you might as well take a shower outside, where you can share the wealth with the rest of the world. It's really an act of charity, you know? (from Heirs) 5. The Titanic re-enactment There's steam, there's glass, there's a hand print--what better way to distract yourself from lady troubles than to reference a scene from your favorite doomed romance? (from Family's Honor) 6. The equal opportunity shower Men aren't the only ones who need clean armpits and clear heads! Recent dramas like Miss Korea and Emergency Romance prove that women can use the occasional shower brood, too. 7. The "I'm not crying" shower If your head is already wet, no one will notice your tears, right? (from History of a Salaryman) This drama also featured another round of mirror brooding: Watch: A shy, nerdy young woman wakes up in the bed of a prince in Last Cinderella. 8. The fangirl fodder Fine, he took his shirt off. Happy now? (from You're Beautiful)