The Soundtrack to Life
The Soundtrack to Life
Most Played Playlist Challenge
A new Soundtrack to Life challenge from @MattK95 and @Taijiotter. Most Played songs playlist. I have alot of songs that I play alot of so I'll break it down into different groups Mamamoo Most Played songs 1. A Little Bit 2. Taller Than You 3. Piano Man Vromance Most Played songs 1. Already Winter 2. She 3. Bing BAP Most Played songs 1. Save Me 2. Back In Time 3. Warrior B.I.G (Boys in Groove) Most Played songs 1. Taola 2. Can you hear me 3. Hello There are so many songs I love that I listen to over and over but these are my favorites out of my most played. What did you think of this playlist? Did you hear new songs? Let me know in the comments :) @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever @jessicalnichols @VKookie47 @PandaSoapy @SassyMaknae @KellyoConnor @Miichi @thePinkPrincess @JinsPrincess86 @ArmyOfKookie @ARMYStarlight @Dabaesaplayer @jespinosa1546 @ArielaPicazo @4dalientae @MadAndrea @SugaOnTop @Ercurrent @BulletproofV @TaehyungKey @Ligaya @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia @Exoexo @Jiyongixoxo @Rhia @StephyBAP @Clovershadows @KpopGaby @DenieceSuit @MichelleIbarra @AimeeH @VixenViVi @JohnEvans @MorganElisabeth @BBxGD @GDsGF @PrettieeEmm @solodaywithB1A4 @krin @VeronicaArtino @PassTheSuga @StephanieDuong @herreravanessa9 @saraortiz2002 @katiems @SaraHanna @amobigbang @KpopandKdrama @ninjamidori @BangsterLife @PrincessUnicorn @VatcheeAfandi99 @BelencitaGarcia @tazneemhinnawi @StefaniTre @SimplyAwkward @elainarenea BABY Mod Team: @StefaniTre @AimeeH @Helixx @JiyongLeo @CrystalBlunt @JohnEvans
07.2016 | My Most Played Songs!
I'm about to reveal my most played songs on my playlist! Thanks to @mattk95 and @Taijiotter for the challenge. Just a heads up, I listen to a mix of K-pop, Mando-pop, and C-pop so don't be surprised! My favorite genre is r&b, alternative rock, and pop. Don't be surprised if you find songs by the same artist. I hope y'all enjoy the songs or discover something new. 1. Gun - Going Home (ft. Mad Clown & Gummy) This song is still fairly new but I've been playing this song on replay at home. I was first attracted to the piano arrangement but I fell in love with Mad Clown and Gun's rap duet. Gummy's voice just made this my new favorite Leessang production. Perfection! 2. Leessang - Tears (ft. Eugene of the Seeyah) I'm a big fan of Leessang's production. My weakness is good beat and music. Gary's off-tempo rap, Eugene's soft voice and Gil's husky note is an interesting mix. I think this song did justice to their vocal range and personality. 3. Rosie Yang & Ryan Yu - Why Not Love No particular reason. I found this through a drama I was watching and couldn't stop listening to it! 4. Jay Chou - I'm Not Worthy One of the classic piece of Jay Chou. Maybe I'm stuck in the early 2000s music era. I can't seem to get tired of this song even though he came out with countless tracks after this album. FYI, he's known for being very poetic with his lyrics here's a brief translation of the first two sections of this song (so you know what I mean): "This crowded streetis filled with many people with secrets There is fog on the glass and whose past has been hidden" 5. Jung In & Gary - Bicycle This song never gets old! Jung-in's voice is super unique and can't skip it after listening to her voice. This summer I've been jamming to "Bicycle" while traveling. I'm never too old for a good-old hip-hop/rap song. :D 6. G.E.M. - Like You This is actually a remake of a popular song by Hong Kong band, Beyond. I refrain from comparing the two because the vibes are totally different but both are wonderful in their own way. This version is more vibrant and upbeat, which makes it a great go-to song for a long commute. 7. Khalil Fong - Love Song This is the closest you'll ever get to rhythm and blues in mando-pop. I'm big fan of Khalil Fong's taste in music and his soulful voice. Out of all his albums, Wonderland is my favorite especially this song. It's pure and simple. 8. Lee Rong Hao - Li Bai This singer has only been in the show biz for two years but has made many popular hits. It's refreshingly to see an artist who plays his own instrument and sing-along. 9. Stephy Tang and Alex Fong - My Dearest I think I can go on and on with my list but I'll end it at top 9! They were real couples that date for a decade but they recently ended their relationship. Which is extremely sad as a long time fan, so I've been re-listening to their duets. I guess this one was the most played. What are the tops songs in your playlists? @biancadanica98 @BluBear07 @EmilyPeacock @PrettieeEmm @AlyssaGelet818 @JustinaNguyen @katiems @JamiMilsap @MandyNoona