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Geeky Gift Guide
Geeky Gift Guide #5: Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack
"3, 2, 1, let's jam!" Wow, I get so pumped just thinking about that opening bar to "Tank!", the Intro song for Cowboy Bebop, which is my #1 favorite anime EVER. One of the biggest reasons that it's my favorite is its genius incorporation of music into the action choreography and in the structuring of the story. Each episode has a musically-themed title that jives with that point in the story or with the characters in that episode. The music is of fantastic quality and cuts across many different genres and time periods. Now you might understand why the Cowboy Bebop Original Anime Soundtrack Box Set is one of my favorite Christmas presents OF ALL TIME. I have enjoyed it so much since I received it several years ago. The main act is Yoko and the Seatbelts, a fabulously talented band that wrote and performed a lot of the music for the show. One of my favorite things about the soundtrack is that there are bits of Japanese dialogue from the show sprinkled here and there. Jet's voice always gives me a shiver! Here's the info on this box set edition: "This limited edition 4-CD set contains all 96 tracks that appeared in the 5-CD set. Each disc is nested in its own tray which is housed in a digipak cover which opens like a book with 2 discs on each side. The discs are imprinted with color images of Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed. The set also contains a booklet with lyrics in both English and Japanese." Disc 1 1. Dialogue, 2. Tank! (TV Edit), 3. Dialogue, 4. Want It All Back (clavinet hater version), 5. Sax Quartet, 6. Dialogue, 7. Encore un Verre, 8. March for Koala, 9. Dialogue, 10. Felt Tip Pen, 11. The Egg and You, 12. Dialogue, 13. Pot City II (Yab's Dub), 14. Dialogue, 15. NY Rush, 16. Dialogue, 17. Fe, 18. Piano Black 19. Dialogue, 20. Spokey Dokey (alt. take), 21. Forever Broke, 22. Dialogue 23. Road to the West (with rhythm), 24. Dialogue, 25. Meteor, 26. Dialogue 27. Digging my Potato, 28. Dialogue, 29. Rain (demo version), 30. Dialogue, 31. Green Bird Disc 2 1. Dialogue, 2. Cats on Mars, 3. Doggy Dog II, 4. Doggy Dog III, 5. Dialogue, 6. Piano Bar I, 7. Give and Take, 8. Dialogue, 9. Cat Blues, 10. Dialogue, 11. The Singing Sea II, 12. Dialogue, 13. Elm, 14. Waltz for Zizi, 15. Dialogue, 16. Kawaisou na Faye, 17. Farewell Blues (alt take), 18. Dialogue, 19. Words That We Couldn't Say, 20. Dialogue, 21. Space Lion, 22. Waste Land, 23. Dialogue, 24. Goodnight Julia, 25. Space Lion Disc 3 1. Dialogue, 2. Go Go Cactus (guitar version), 3. Dialogue, 4. Too Good Too Bad, 5. Dialogue, 6. Eyeball, 7. Dialogue, 8. Amusement Park, 9. On the Run, 10. Dialogue, 11. 23 Hanashi, 12. Dialogue, 13. Don't Bother None (long version), 14. Dialogue, 15. W0 Qui Non Coin, 16. Kawaisou na Faye, 17. Call Me Call Me, 18. Dialogue, 19. Memory, 20. Adieu, 21. Dialogue, 22. See You Space Cowboys Not Final Mix Mountain Root, 23. Dialogue, 24. Blue Disc 4 (tracks 1-9 are live)(*bonus tracks) 1. Tank!, 2. Rush, 3. What Planet is This?, 4. Too Good Too Bad, 5. Bad Dog No Biscuit, 6. Call Me Call Me, 7. Mushroom Hunting, 8. The Real Folk Blues, 9. piano solo, 10. Ask DNA, 11. SF Game Center, 12. Rouya, 13. Old School Game, *Sasurai no Cowboy (Tada Ed Aoi) *Miwaku no Horse Riding *Sasurai No Cowboy (Inu To Utau Karaoke) It's a bit of a splurge, but it's totally worth it - especially for die-hard Cowboy Bebop fans. See you, Space Cowboy...
Geeky Gift Guide #4: Firefly Board Games!
I was so delighted when I went to browse the game section of Barnes and Noble the other day and found these super-sweet Firefly-themed versions of some of my favorite board games! If you follow my Screen Time collection (, you may know my love of Joss Whedon's too-quickly-cancelled space cowboy scifi series Firefly - and the follow-up movie, Serenity. I always suggest it as a good TV marathon session! ( Any Whedon or Firefly geek in your life will appreciate getting this version of either Clue or Yahtzee. I know I would! Even better if paired with a TV box set of the show. Shiny! (That's "awesome!" in Firefly-speak) 1. CLUE: Firefly Collector's Edition - $39.95 Description: River has been betrayed to the Alliance! Now with CLUE®: Firefly Edition, help the Serenity crew to discover who is working with the Alliance, what they used to betray River and where on Serenity the kidnapping took place. Was it Inara with the Med Kit in the Engine Room? Or Mal with the Leather Necklace in the passenger dorm? Solve the mystery and save River! Includes: 9 custom metal tokens representing the items used to betray River: 6 Shooter, Vera, Teapot, Wrench, Dinosaur, Torn Book, Med Kit, Leather Necklace, Blue Gloves. 6 Suspect personality cards with custom gameplay: Inara, Jayne, Mal, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee. 9 custom made board locations: Cargo Bay, Bridge, Galley, Engine Room, Sick Bay, Passenger Dorms, Mal's Room, Jayne's Room, Zoe and Wash's Room, Inara's Shuttle. Rumor cards featuring 6 suspects, 9 rooms and 9 weapons, 6 custom movers, Custom scoring pad, rules. Ages: 9+ 2. YAHTZEE: Firefly Collector's Edition - $49.95 Description: Roll your way to victory and defeat the Alliance with the Firefly Collector's Edition of YAHTZEE. Includes a replica of Serenity with the cargo bay as the dice cup and custom dice colored after the engine itself. Includes: Collectible Serenity dice cup, Custom translucent orange dice, Custom score pad, pencil, rules. Ages: 8+