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Awake (Jin One Shot)
Alrighty I'm finally posting after the new update...I was waiting till they fixed the things I didn't like but it doesn't look they are gonna fix it anytime soon. here is the next story in my BTS one shots. Rap Monster Jimin V Suga "Why are you breaking up with me?" He asked "I'm sorry...I just think it's for the best." I said trying to hold back my tears. "That's not an answer, do you not love me anymore?" He asked. I nodded. I wasn't actually going to say I didn't love him. I loved him more than anything. "I can't believe you. I love you and you just throw me away?" I was on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry." I said and turned and walked away. I wasn't going to let him watch me fall apart. I didn't want him to see me get destroyed so I left him. I didn't make it far before he ran up to be and hugged me from behind. "I'm know you really do love me, I'll wait for you. I know you'll come back." He hugged me tight as a tear escaped my eyes. He let go and started walking away. I didn't turn around. "Please don't wait for me." That was the last thing I said to him. It's been 2 weeks. I've stayed locked inside ever since. I didn't want to risk anyone seeing me. I had missed my chance to save myself and now I had to pay. I avoid the doctor at all costs and that's why they couldn't catch it in time. I was told I only had a month to two tops to live. I was walking down the hall and fell to my knees coughing. I started crying. Noone could help me I was a lost cause. Thinking of Jin made me cry. I missed him and hated the idea of never seeing him again. I stood up and walked to my room. I grabbed my phone. Jin had called. He must have sensed something. I stared at the picture displayed and threw the phone. The tears fell harder, I picked up anything close to me and threw it against a wall watching it shatter. "Why did this happen to me!" I screamed out picking another item up and throwing it. I realized what I had broken was a picture of Jin and I. I walked over and started picking up the glass shards. I was still crying. "Jin." I cried out and ended up cutting myself on a glass shard. "Shit." That caused me to stop crying. I stood up and walked to the bathroom and washed my finger and put a bandaid on. I left the bathroom but leaned against the frame. I was really sleepy all of a sudden. I took a few breaths and rested my head against the frame. Then I fell to the ground. JINS POV I was running to her house. I didn't understand what was going on with her but all that I heard was enough to make me go see her. Even if she didn't want to see me. I couldn't give up on us. I got to the door and it was locked. I used my key and entered. "(y/n)?" I called out but heard nothing. I made my way towards her room and that's when I saw her lying there on the floor. "(y/n) are you ok! (y/n)" She wasn't answering. I quickly called 119 and they rushed her to the hospital. They hooked her up to some machines. "Doctor how is she?" I asked "Not so good." "What's wrong with her?" I asked "She has cancer. We caught it too late so we couldn't treat it. She had an estimated of 2 months to live." "What?!" "Right now it's all on her to wake up." "Are you saying she is in a coma and has cancer?" "That's what I'm saying young man." "Can't you do a surgery while she's out to remove the cancer cells?" NORMAL POV I opened my eyes and realized I was still on the floor. It was morning. I guess it happened again where I passed out randomly. I stood up and went into the kitchen. Jin was there. "Jin what are you doing here?" "Why wouldn't I be here? We are married ya know." He smiled and walked towards me. He quickly wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine. "How'd you sleep?" He asked "I fell asleep on the floor." I said raising an eyebrow. "That's funny." He laughed. "You slept next to me all night." He said letting go and going back to the stove. What happened? I swear I'm still sick. "Jin I have cancer. " I stated bluntly. "You used to yea. But then you got a surgery and thankfully it hasn't come back in 3 years." What is going on? "Mommy! Hae won is being mean to me." a little girl came running up to me and wrapping herself around my leg. "Tattletale!" A little boy said walking into the room. "Hae won stop picking on Mi cha." Jin said "Mommy hold me please!" Mi cha said holding her hands up for me to grab her. I lifted her up. She had the perfect mixture of Jin and I. Did I really survive Cancer? "Mommy what about me? I'm the baby" Hae won said. I smiled and picked him up along with Mi cha. "My cuties." I walked over to Jin and kissed his cheek. "I love you." He said smiling. "I love you too." I took the kids to the living room and we played together until breakfast then the kids went with Tae for the evening. We spent another hour together before heading to bed. I cuddled into him and he kissed my forehead one more time before we said goodnight. *Beep Beep beep * Oh that annoying alarm. I groaned and opened my eyes. The room was different. It was white. I turned my head to my right there was no Jin. I sat up quickly and looked around. I was in a hospital bed. "Jin?" I said out loud. I looked around and all of a sudden the curtain moved. Jin was there. "Oh (y/n) thank god your awake." He said hugging me. "What happened?" "You passed were in a coma for a few days." "Oh." "Also I know about the Cancer." He said causing me to look down. "Oh." "Why didn't you tell me?" "I....I didn't want you to watch me die." "(y/n) I will never watch you die." He place his lips on mine. "But I have cancer." I pushed him away slightly. "You might be cancer free now." He smiled "That's impossible." "While you were in your coma I convinced them to do the surgery. It went amazing. But they want you to have a check up to make sure it's gone." "But they told me they caught it too late to be able to do anything." "Well I'm very good at convincing people to do things." I ended up staying in the hospital for a few more days then they let me go home. Jin stayed with me because he was still worried. After my first check up when they said I was still cancer free Jin propose to me. I quickly said yes. FWD>>>>> It's been a year of no cancer and we finally had our first child. We had a baby girl, we named her Mi cha. When Jin asked why I chose the name I said I had a dream about our children's names. It wasn't long before I was pregnant again and that one we found out would be a boy so we picked the name Hae won. To think that my dream really did come true made me happy. Alrighty this took me forever to copy and paste...but I finally did who's next to be updated? only 2 left. 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Bangtan's Bitch - 3
Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content 29th July We did it. Jimin and I went public this morning and since then the media has blown up. I was chilling at my dorm with Jimin when an alert popped up. 'Mack earns the new name of Bangtan's Bitch' I glanced at Jimin, who was too engrossed in his video game to notice, and opened the article. 'Mackenzie from Plendis Entertainment is now dating Park Jimin just a day after the split with Namjoon was reported. Hardcore fans came up with the name considering the multiple relationships she has had with BTS members. Some fans are even starting bets as to when the two will break up and who she will go for next.' Media doesn't get to me, I made that pretty clear. This one...... This.... I'm sorry, this one was different. It hurt. Okay, it stung like a massive needle being pierced through my skull and heart at the same time. It killed. "A-are you alright babe?" I quickly shut off my phone. "No-nothing" "Let me see" he easily took my phone from my hands. I was too emotional to clench onto it properly. Stupid Y/N, I hadn't closed the tab. "Bangtan's Bitch?" He yelled dissatisfied with the stupid name, "How dare they?!" "J-" tears were forming at this point "See what they did to you!" "It's okay I ca-" "I know you say you can deal with it but you obviously can't deal with this. It struck a nerve" I numbly nodded, sobbing quietly. "It'll be okay, I'm here" He cradled me in his arms as my phone almost blew up. ~5 messages from Squishgi~ ~3 messages from Taeddy~ ~2 messages from Hopeok~ ~a missed call from Namonster~ ~a message from Prince Jin~ ~6 messages and a missed call from Kook the monster~ The last one almost made me choke. Let's take this one step at a time. ~from Prince Jin: OMG they had no right to call you our bitch. You are more like our princess than anything. Stay strong Mack.~ ~from Hopeok: Bitch huh? You aren't in the slightest. Don't worry~ ~from Hopeok: you can talk it out with me if you need to. Always here~ ~from Taeddy: Bangtan's beach! Bangtan's Bitch? Beach! Bitch?~ ~from Taeddy: ok maybe that joke was a bit uncalled for but I hope it made you laugh~ ~from Taeddy: call me if it gets too much, you're too precious to be hurt~ Heh, at least Taehyung made me smile. ~From Squishgi: I swear... Calling you a bitch, uncalled for. Don't even waste your time on those stupid reporters~ ~from Squishgi: I hope Jimin is doing a good job to calm you. If he isn't I will be over there in a flash, I promise~ ~from Squishgi: M, please tell me, are you okay about this whole thing? I can help you if you aren't~ ~from Squishgi: tell you what, you can come by mine whenever, I've fully reloaded on ice cream now and it's your favourite~ ~from Squishgi: anyway, bitches are female dogs and dogs are loveable, just like you. Maybe see it that way even if it's hard for you to think postively.~ All reassurance now came the hardest part... Jungkook's messages. ~Bitch huh? Well you certainly aren't all of Bangtan's bitch~ ~Maybe that came out wrong. They might have not used the right word but at least it shows you're close to us. Quite close indeed ;)~ ~God I need to phrase this well. I assume that the rest of the boys have sent you reassurance and 'you can come to me' texts.~ ~I don't want to knock it but we are all here for you, bitch or not~ ~which you aren't but I'm trying not to be cheesy like the rest of them~ ~but yeah, I doubt you'll need it but I guess I can be there for support~ 6? All the others that actually fully cared about me sent less than that so why had he sent me 6? I showed all the messages to Jimin and he laughed. "Yeah I got at least one message from each of the boys too" I read his messages. He had 2 from Tae, one from Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok, 3 from Yoongi and 5 from Jungkook. I asked him to show me the messages but he refused to for some of them, especially Jungkook's. What was this? Why did all the boys seem so protective of Jungkook when it came to you? Hope you guys enjoyed!!! Tagging: @tiffany1922 @CallMeMsDragon @Saeda1320 @AdeleLynn @Animezkpopgirl @Mavis2478 @Jaysbae13 @milcalopez963
First Love (Suga One Shot)
Alrighty here is another one shot for you all. Rap Monster Jimin V "Dude Yoongi is looking fine today." My friend said causing me to turn to see. He was looking good. "Hi (y/n)" He said as he walked by. "I still don't know how you got him to acknowledge you exist." My friend said still watching Yoongi walk away. "I don't even really know." I smiled. I have had a huge crush on Yoongi since the first time I saw him. I don't remember when but one day he started talking to me, and I was so happy. "Dude I bet he is great in bed." I looked at my friend. "Dude!" I said glancing around. "Keep it down." I didn't want anyone to hear what she was saying. "Don't tell me you wouldn't tap that." My friend said. "Of course I'd want to, but it's not like he's going to just walk up to me one day and be like, 'Hi, (y/n) wanna hang out?' I mean he has alot of girls wanting him." I said looking at the ground trying to hide my blushing face. "But if he did?" "Of course I'd jump at it no questions asked." I laughed. The rest of the school day went by real fast. I was walking out the door when someone grabbed my hand and pulled me back. I turned around to see Yoongi. "Yoongi what's up?" He had never done this before. "I wanted to talk to you." He said with a smile. "Ok?" "Not here, let's go into this room." He pulled me into an empty classroom. "Yoongi?" He finally turned to look at me. "I was wondering if you would want to hang out tonight?" He asked and my jaw dropped. "What?" "Do you not want to?" "No I do, I'm just shocked that's all." "Why are you shocked?" He asked smiling. "Because we don't really talk besides saying Hello." "Well we can change that." He said and grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the school. There were several looks given our way but he ignored them all and kept walking. We ended up at his house. "Wow this is really nice." I smiled taking it all in. "It's ok." He said throwing his backpack on the ground. He then walked out of the room and then came back in. "You coming in?" He asked with a laugh. "Oh yeah." I followed him into the kitchen. He pulled out some food and offered some to me and started snacking. "Do you wanna see the rest of the house?" He asked taking a sip of his drink. "Sure." His house was big and pretty. "This is my room." He said opening his door. "Wow a lot cleaner than I thought it would be." I took a step in. It smelled pretty good too. "Hey (y/n) I have a question." He said and I turned to face him. "What's that?" "Well I heard something about you and I wondered if it was true." He took a step closer to me. The look in his eyes did two things to me. The first was excitement the second was fear. "What is that?" I asked taking a step back and bonked into his bed and ended up falling onto it sitting down. He kept coming closer until he was right in front of me and then he lowered his head and his lips hovered over mine. My breath caught in my throat before he smirked and pressed his lips to mine. His hand went up to my cheek and pulled me closer to him to deepen the kiss. I kissed back. I had always wondered what it would be like to kiss him and here I was getting to. He started to crawl on top of me and I moved back. Was this really going to happen? I never in a million years thought he'd actually try to have sex with me. Boy did he know what to do. He started fiddling with my belt and I grabbed his hand. "What?" He asked looking me in the eyes. "Wait.." I tried to move away a bit. "Oh I know.." He got up off of me and walked over to his desk. I scooted back and sat up. He came back to me but held something out for me. I reached out for it. It was money. "What the hell is this?" I asked "Money, you want to get paid first don't you?" He said as he started to move back to me. "No! What are you talking about?' I asked "It's ok to ask for money when sex is given." " this what you wanted?" I was starting to get teary eyed. "I thought that you do this often?" He asked. I quickly got up and threw the money at him. "I'm not some slut who gets paid to have sex with guys. To think that I actually wanted to have sex with you, even if you didn't like me like I like you." I walked out the door and went home. When I got home I cried. I never thought Yoongi would have been like that. The next day at school it sucked. I could hear the gossip. "(y/n) I heard you and Yoongi had sex yesterday!?" my friend was bouncing off the walls. "We didnt." I said in a dull tone. "What do you mean you didn't the whole school is talking about how you two did it and he even gave you money." "What!?!" I screamed having everyone look at me. "Yeah the rumor started this morning." "I'm going to kick his ass " I said and stormed off to find Yoongi. He was hanging by the lockers by our class. "Min Yoongi!" I yelled out and he looked at me then turned away. I ran up to him and pushed him against the locker. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked "I'm waiting for class to start." "You jerk how can you spread lies about me!" "What are you talking about?" He finally made eye contact with me. "The rumor that we had sex and you paid me." "I didn't spread anything, I swear." "Why would he spread rumors about you when he likes...." his friend didn't get to finish his sentence because Yoongi covered his mouth. "Whatever." I snapped and walked away. Who was the one spreading this rumor if it wasn't Yoongi. That's when I heard it. I walked past the girls bathroom when I heard a few girls. "Ha that will teach her to try and catch Yoongi's eye." "Did we really have to go this extreme Jess?" "Yes, because Yoongi wouldn't want to be with someone who is a slut and gets paid to have sex with them." "Well then why is there a rumor that her and Yoongi had sex?" another girl said. "It's just because they left the way they did." "But look at him now. He is staying clear of her." The door to the bathroom opened. There was Jess, the most popular girl at the school with her two best friends. "Oh (y/n) I heard the rumors, I didn't know you did that kind of thing." She smirked. I was on the verge of hitting her but before I even moved my hand someone took it in theirs. I looked over and saw Yoongi there. "Yoongi what are you doing here?" Jess asked. "I'm checking on my girlfriend." He said staring at her. "Shes your girlfriend? Are you paying her for that?" She smirked. "No, and if you don't stop with these rumors I'm going to destroy your popularity. " He said and pulled me away. I tried to rip my arm away from him but he wouldn't let go of me. "Yoongi...stop.." He didn't listen. He finally stopped when we got into a room. He let go of my hand and turned to face me. "I'm sorry about yesterday but I had to see if it was true." "Why? You just wanted an easy lay?" "No! I wanted to know the girl I liked wasn't a slut." "Just because of a rumor? Why not just ask me?" "People lie, it was easier to do what I did." "That's just crazy." "Well like I said I was proven wrong. I'm just glad you aren't like the rumor said." He moved closer to me and I instinctively stepped back until I hit the door. "What are you doing?" I asked He quickly pulled me into a hug. "(y/n) do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked pulling back a bit. I guess my face made him wonder what I was thinking. "You did hear that I like you right?" I nodded "Good so be my first and only love since I know you like me back. " Again I just nodded and then he pressed his lips to mine. So many things were running through my head but when he pulled back the first thing I thought was. Dang I got real lucky getting my crush to like me back. I smiled and hugged him tight as he hugged me back laughing. Alrighty what do you think??? Who should be next? 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Bangtan's Bitch- 2
Your perspective Pairing: ??? Warning: mature content July 28th So I messaged Yoongi first with a simple, ~cheers. Don't worry I'm fine thanks~ and then moved onto Jimin. ~Yeah sure, what were you thinking of doing?~ An immediate reply, I got an immediate reply from him. ~Park maybe. Just a nice wander round a park with Park Jimin ;)~ ~okay sure~ ~I'll pick you up tomorrow when's best~ I quickly checked. The studio was booked from 3 and so a good hour and a half with him wouldn't hurt. ~half one~ ~yh that's fine see ya~ I decided to go with denim dungarees (but the short ones rather than the long ones) and a lilac shirt underneath. I was in the middle of sliding on my black converse when there was a knock. These were the same converse that Namjoon bought me for my birthday, which was the day before he asked me out. July 20th. Ah memories. Anyway, I got to the door in time to see a bright smiled Jimin standing in inky blue jeans and a white shirt and with a random logo on it. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded in return and we headed out. It turned out to be a private park at the back of the Big Hit building so neither of us needed masks. "Maybe I should have bought a mask" "Why?" He asked. "I'm not sure Big Hit really appreciate me around you guys." "They are... alright with it I'm sure. As long as we are fine, they are" "Thanks ChimChim" Conversation flowed until he unwisely chose to bring up Namjoon. "Namjoon's been alright you know" "Yeah? So have I?" "You're not bothered?" "Why should I? It was a mutual break up! He's fine and so am I" "Macky, you can tell me if-" "No, I'm fine. No, I don't regret it. No, he didn't hurt me or abuse me or whatever. I'm absolutely fine!" I'd had enough of that for the time being. The situation was fine so why was he so concerned over it? "That's fine it wasn't what I was going to say but-" "Then what Jimin? I don't see why you should be that bothered, what else is there to say about-" "I like you" His voice was quiet but I still heard. "You like me?" My tone changed from ranting to actually considering the fact that he liked me. That must have been why he was concerned. He was wary because he lovingly cared about me. Sweet Chim. "I do. I didn't want you to be weirded out if I told you while you were dating him but I also didn't want you hurt I just-" tears where in his eyes at that point so I stopped him. "Chim. I'll go out with you if that's what you want" "You'd- only if you want it too?" I nodded. He was a great guy and we are close so why the hell not? I've got nothing to lose. I loved him as much as I loved the other members I've dated. I'm not a bad person for accepting his offer as I truly found him attractive and he would make a great boyfriend. We were about to head back into the building as Jimin was going to drop me off at the studio until a shadow stopped us in our tracks. Jungkook. "Number 5 right Mack?" "What does it matter to you? What does my life matter to you?" Luckily, Jimin knew to stay quiet. "Suppose it doesn't, my members just must all be idiots." That's when Jimin spoke up, "idiots? You're the idiot here!" "And why's that?" I asked before Jungkook could. There was a short silence. What was being implied? That he was the idiot for not going out with me? Kinda sweet if that was what Jimin was implying! "I don't have time for this" Kook sighed, "you two aren't going to last, let's face it. I know you too well Mack" I glared at him as Jimin led me past him. We weren't having any of his negativity on his part. "Don't listen to him Macky. He's got problems of his own, trust me" I just smiled and we carried on. Jimin called a taxi and we happily sat in the back. We sat as close as we could to one another, our hands locked together. "When do you think we should-" I knew what he was getting at, for god's sake I've done it on more than one occasion. Going public... "Tomorrow? Or we could keep it a-" "Secret? Really?" "It depends whether the companies allow it and considering the comeback we have to be careful" "Now you put work first" he sighed "Look" I lifted his chin up with my other hand, "work is work, you know that and unlike what Kook thinks, it'll be ok." His hand released from mine and stroked my thigh instead. He really couldn't wait to get his hands on me. He was as eager as Hoseok was. "Tomorrow or never Macky" his sincere voice along with his cute smile made me agree. When we arrived at the studio, he suggested that he stayed inside. I understood it, controversy rules. Instead, he kissed me before I opened the door. Our first shared kiss, nice. His lips were so soft that I didn't want to leave them. I decided to get out when his hand made its way down my dungarees. That was enough for now Mr Park, you'll have to wait. The studio crew were happy to see me but that was mostly because I was recording the new song today. It ended up taking half an hour for me to get used to the lyrics and then another hour for me to get the right notes. Let's just say I was there until 9, yet again. Hope you guys enjoyed!!! Sorry it wasn't uploaded on the day, I wasn't feeling too well. Anyway, Tagging: @tiffany1922 @CallMeMsDragon @Saeda1320 @AdeleLynn @Animezkpopgirl @Mavis2478 @Jaysbae13 @milcalopez963