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How to remove makeup stains from clothing
How annoying is it when you do your makeup and then pull on a shirt and look down and there is lipstick or foundation on the shirt? UGH. I feel your pain. I seem to never remember to put on my clothes before doing my makeup. And when I do remember to do my makeup after I put on my clothes, I decide to change outfits. Don't worry, I've found some great tips for the best ways to help remove the makeup stains. Foundation stains? Use shaving cream. Yes, I'm very well aware that this sounds absolutely absurd, but apparently it works. Put a little bit of shaving cream on the area where the foundation is to help remove the stain. After a few minutes, throw the shirt in the washing machine and wash it like you normally would. Foundation stain is conquered. Lipstick stain? Use hairspray. If you accidentally get lipstick on your favorite shirt, don't fret. Spray some hairspray on the area (make sure the shirt isn't dry-clean only). Let the hairspray soak into the fabric for a few minutes. Dab the lipstick stain with towel or napkin and then throw the shirt in the wash. Mascara or eyeliner stain? Use Pine-Sol. Yes, another weird trick. Pine-Sol (or Lestoil) is usually used to clean floors, but the product works really well at removing stains from clothing, especially grease or oil stains. If you happen to get mascara on a shirt or your pillow, dab some Pine-sol onto the fabric as a pre-treatment. Let it sit for a few minutes and then throw the fabric in the wash. The mascara stain should come right out. Maybe one day I'll learn to put on makeup after I put on my clothes and take my makeup off before I get undressed. Until that day, this card will be here to help us all out at removing those pesky makeup stains!