Fit Latinas You Should Know About
These Latinas are hitting it hard at the gym and beyond. Not only are they cultivating their bodies, they are cultivating their stories. Each woman has a story to tell about her journey, her body, and her strength. Massy Arias Arias is a health coach from the Dominican Republic and has a very large following on Instagram -- nearly 2 million! She is known as Mankofit on Instagram and she's has inspired many young women. She was born in the Dominican Republic. Her fit journey began as a cure for her depression. You can read more about Arias here. Michelle Lewin Lewin is a fitness model and she has a body to die for! She was born in Venezuela. She had been modeling for several years and she really got into fitness. When she began to stack muscles on her curvy body, she was receiving modeling requests from fitness magazines. She has is also a NPC bikini competitor! Lyzabeth Lopez Lyzabeth is all about holistic health. What does that mean? Well, holistic health is all about the health of the whole person (body, mind, spirit, emotions.) She is Venezuelan and is the creator of the Hourglass Workout™. Chadyd Also known as Chady on Instagram, is a fitness cover model and a two-time Pro Bikini World Champion! Whew, that's one impressive woman. She didn't always have a lean body -- she once weighed over 200 pounds. Angela Borges This Brazilian bombshell is a fitness model and a wellness athlete. She grew up very thin, and she was teased for it. Through her hardships, she found fitness. She has won several titles, including being an overall twice champion for the Brazil Arnold Classic. You can also check out her Instagram here. Rosa Acosta Acosta is a woman of many talents, but she was first known as a very talented ballerina. In the past, she had suffered from anorexia, but she has found strength. From the Dominican Republic, Acosta has been receiving a lot of hype recently for her impressive body, modeling career, and television appearances.