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6 Things I learned growing up an introvert
1. People love to talk about themselves. They might even like you more than others because you let them talk about themselves so much. As long as you ask questions about them, people appreciate you keeping quiet and allowing them to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Just try to make sure you aren't bored and you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. 2. You will become a good listener, but you will get older and you might become tired of no one ever asking about you or your feelings. If you're like me you'll grow out of your extreme introvert side and will tell people how you feel regardless of them asking - sooner or later. 3. Some people will think you are a huge bitch. You're quiet, you must be judging everyone and you must hate us because you have nothing to say to us. That makes some people uncomfortable. That's okay, I'm relaxed, I'm listening... and I probably am judging you, some of you anyway. 4. You will have a broader perspective. With all of that time you spend listening to others you hear a lot of sides and opinions. If you're like me, you'll be more neutral on topics such as politics and things people can argue about. The world will be more shades of gray for you instead of black and white, which can be frustrating but also great for getting along with all types of people. 5. People will call you mysterious. Because they have to work for information about you they think you're a big puzzle but really all they have to do is ask. Often there is no burning urge for me to be that obnoxious girl that wants you to know her life story - I'll share it if makes sense in the moment. There is a lot to what makes a person the way they are. I often learned I much more appreciated those that asked questions about the world around them and those that didn't - I wasn't interested in anyway. 6. Your will often be attracted to those that complement you. I don't mean those that tell you, you are beautiful (although that definitely helps). I mean those that are the opposite of you. Now that you have fully experienced one side of life you want a glimpse of the other. Those that can show you what you are missing out on are exciting. They feel like they complete you - because like Aladdin said, they "can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid".