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dying extensions
So unfortunately I don't have pictures of the actual process but it basically the same as dying your own hair. anyway one day I was very bored so I decided to have fun with dying hair except I didn't want to dye my hair or my extensions. In the past I would go to sally to buy design lengths 14 inch 2 piece set (they are two 1 clip extensions) for 11 dollars. The only problem they only have a small selection of dark brown red blonde pink and believe blue I maybe wrong bout that one. Also another thing these 2 piece set by design lengths are much better quality of hair and made better then the full set which I just find weird. back to the topic of this post it was disappointing that the color selection was so small and that it only came in 14 inchs but I made that work. I decided to dye them on the package it say do not dye but since it's real hair it's fine. What I used two packages of design lengths blonde 2 piece extensions. Revlon black, burgundy, and light red hair dye. cookie pan tin foil (to dye extensions and wrap the extensions in when waiting) plastic bags (covered the cookie pan in the bags first then covered with tin foil because we use it cook.) left on for about 20 mins or longer. I kept an eye on hair to see if everything was ok. After 20 mins it looked fine so I washed it out then used the after conditioner and blow dryed. I only did an ombre effect on one of the extensions the rest are dyed black I'm super excited todo this again any questions just ask.
design lengths extensions review
I bought these extensions at theend of October it's now March. I got 18 inch blonde frost real human hair. they did not give me the grams which was very disappointing. When I first opened them I absolutely hated them but as I wore them more and more I liked them more. They were way to straight like I have straight hair and it was straighter then that. It was very hard to blend but after a couple weeks it looked lot more natural. pros -the clips rarely fall out you have to to be really yanking on them or yanking at the one clips. -matched my hair. -since they don't fall out you can basically do anything in them. cons - shed like no other - can not hold any type of curl for a long time I couldn't do anything to them till 2 weeks ago - don't last long it was getting really bad in January and I never used heat on them. I've only used heat once and that's when I waved them. - can't wash with out ruining them.(dry shampoo and spray bottle with water) - extremely thin I honestly wouldnt buy these again but there not to horrible but they suck after a while I would recommend it too ppl with thin hair that want to try out extensions for the first time. like I said there decent. Right now I'm waiting on my order from vpfashion I'm extremely excited for tho getting them in at end of the month. first picture is from today (the black is four 14 inch extensions by the same brand they come in a 2 set for 11 dollars I bought them blonde and dyed them I'll make another post about it) second photo is around the time I first got them I can tell there not as blended and look more straight then my hair. I was so hard to make them look normal in the beginning. (the red is the same as the black but I didn't dye them) last photo is from today when I brushed my hair. There was a small pile on the floor to.....